It turns out that it’s impossible to find real users for casual dating on Lustseek. The site does meet the negative reviews.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who is Lustseek.com for and who owns it?

Lustseek is an insufficient dating website that includes interesting categories. If you are a swinger, gay or lesbian, then this option will work for you. Different features are only suitable for adults. People aged 35 to 55 and over are most present on the platform. This insufficient dating website was registered back in 2001, so it has been operating for a long time. Anyone over the age of 18 can register and see fake profiles, as became obvious during the analysis of this company. 

Also, you can contact support in the browser, as no mobile application has been created. They take their time answering questions because the company lacks an understanding of customer centricity. We have left Lustseek’s contact details below:

Company name:
Smoochy Brands, LLC, Turmalinas Ltd.
[email protected]

They decided to hide some contact details. If you have a problem or question that doesn’t involve a deposit or sign up, be patient. As for other issues, the site is not interested in staying loyal to its customers, so it can easily ignore users’ request. All the information about the features of this insufficient dating website can be found on the official page.

Lustseek: Review details 

This site only works through an Internet connection and browser. The ability to search for members by location appeals to many users. However, in fact, there are a lot of aspects behind this function. To use the full functionality of the dating site, we created an account. Many users report of getting a terrible experience that is not free. This is due to the shortcomings that we will discuss next.

If you want to rip off the dullness of everyday life, this is the right option, as bots on lust seek correspond professionally and entice users as much as possible. The fantasy of the creators is so boundless that messages and profiles can be non recurring. There can be a lot of promises in messages but no one will ever get a real date as the accounts are created by the site’s employees. We will consider this in more detail in the section dedicated to terms and conditions.

Lust seek does not offer any features for free, so only paid membership is possible. After you sign up, get your wallets ready.

Lustseek registration process

Lust seek is a site that promises that users can get casual dating right after they sign up. The registration form for the members is very short, so everyone can quickly indicate all the information. There are a total of 5 boxes where you have to enter your data. Fill out all the details but remember that this may be not safe. Such simple registration is evidence of a lot of fake profiles and pictures. Another clear disadvantage is that it has real identity hidden. Other members, including scammers, can easily enter the site and create fake profiles for their nefarious purposes. It also means that the private photos of the girls are also fake.

You must also pay attention to the fact that the internet pictures contain fake faces. That is, the person in the picture on lust seek will not communicate with you. The correspondence will be carried out by a bot or an employee.

It is worth adding that only after registration, real users can use private photos and private chats. The real identity in pictures is not verified either at the beginning or at a later stage. This means that the dating website is irresponsible about its reputation and customers’ safety. The recurring plan has operated for over 20 years. 

After registration, you get to the landing page. We advise that you start familiarizing yourself with all the details right away. However, do not believe in dubious messages and promises. It’s better to quickly realize it’s about a subscription rip off and run away.

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Fake Profile Questionnaires

Any account of other members on lust seek that texts you instantly will be fake. This is a scam method that works and allows the owners of such dating websites to make money. Different members may receive identical or very similar messages. The messages will be sent to get users to join the paid membership and get into subscription trap as soon as possible. Free membership is not interesting for the agency because there is no profit to be made from it.

Beautiful profiles that attract attention will haunt real people on lust seek. The secret is that such nice profiles are specially selected, so they look as beautiful as possible. If you see gorgeous girls, do not hurry because it is very likely that this is a fake profile created by the company.

The account is not checked by specialists for authenticity. Popular and reputable dating websites do not omit this important point. Anyone can get a membership of Lust seek because the site does not even check people’s age. Fake profiles are with real identity hidden. 

Cost of membership

You can find out all the details of prices and services on the landing page of lust seek. If you decide to get into the subscription trap despite all the disadvantages and availability of paid membership only, check out the prices and tariffs beforehand.

The trial period isn’t free: 

  • 1 Day costs $1
  • 1 month will cost you $30.

This is the only trial plan that is available on Lust seek. The settings are arranged in such a way that a user is automatically enrolled to further membership. That is, the money from the card can be withdrawn automatically after a certain period. Some people call it a subscription trap but it can be canceled. 

Subscription is also subject to auto-renewal:

$30 costs 1 Month plan
$120 costs 1 Year plan

If you don’t want money to be taken from you, stop payments because free membership is unavailable. 

These coin plans function without coupon codes, so you can’t save money on lust seek but wil just get into subscription trap. The landing page announces that members can receive messages about lucrative offers by email but after reading the review, you can understand that such messages are not true. Trial membership, although it seems cheaper, is not profitable and is created fir rip off.

Like the other rates, they do not provide true casual dating. This is due to the fact that fake profiles predominate on Lust seek. An expensive report and subscription do not guarantee success in the dating business. A subscription to lust seek provides no guarantees if the website itself is not reliable. Ways to cancel the subscription can be seen on the landing page.

Don’t listen to advice on the Lust seek site or believe that you will find members for casual dating. Better use the trial membership, which is available on other platforms.

Condition and terms of Lustseek

The site is rather successful when it takes effort to rip off members from real opportunities. We cannot advise taking part in such activities and buying a subscription because we pay attention to the terms and conditions:

Last but not least, you expressly understand, acknowledge, and agree that the Site may create and maintain some AI profiles on the website to keep a continuous level of interactions during low attendance hours. Indeed, some Users of the Site may be created by the Company and, therefore, the information, text, and pictures contained in these AI profiles do not pertain to any actual person but may be included for entertainment and educational purposes only.

That is, this dating site is not originally set up for real action, although it promises each member that by having a membership he/she can find his/her happiness. All nice words on lust  a scam, so even the trial membership is not worth the time spent. We recommend you cancel this subscription rip off.

The conclusion from our review of Lustseek.com

Lust seek offers expensive membership, which will only bring losses. Don’t be afraid to cancel these activities even if you have already registered. 

Any positive review does not correspond to reality, and any former member of Lust seek can attest to that. The dating will not work in any case, even if a lot of promises are given. This site is about regular bots, which do their job according to strategy. 

In addition to the negative sides mentioned above, there are security flaws. Not only that the platform does not take responsibility for any of its actions. The site also provides non-anonymous payment methods. That is, when making a payment, you have to worry about the safety of your money and personal information on lust seek. There is no privacy here. However, other decent and popular platforms take it as a priority. The main advice is as follows: If you don’t care about the fact that there are no advantages on this site, then you can use it. In the opposite case, cancel any interaction with lust seek even if you have a paid membership.


  • Lust seek is a site for insufficient dating where members of different orientations and views can browse through fake pages and chat with ai profiles. The creators offer not only casual dating but also other types like gay, swingers, or lesbian dating.
  • In the site’s terms and conditions, the managers of Lust Seek say that they do not take responsibility for the personal data left on their platform. This shows that Turmalinas Ltd. is an unreliable corporation with no actual person to talk to.
  • The site for insufficient dating conducts scam activities and takes advantage of the trust of inexperienced people. They use bots and ai profiles to correspond with users and charge money for nothing. There is only paid membership and this is another confirmation of the fraud.

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