What we found out about Luvcougar — see the results in our unbiased review on this dating site — it’s a total scam.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Brief information about the Luv cougar dating website

Luvcougar is a dating website for cougars looking for their adventures online. It belongs to Porticato media ltd and offers the best cougar women to young men. It looks like a paradise for those looking for cougars but let’s see if everything is as smooth as it claims. 

Members: young men and cougar women

Activity: around 3,500 new profiles daily

For whom: straight men who want to meet older women, gay and lesbian members

The site is only 4 years old, it was founded in 2018. It is a part of a network of many other dating sites. There are no open or sexual pictures on the front page of this cougar dating site. 

Company name:
Nwms Center 31 Southampton Row, Office 3.11, 3rd Floor
Zip Code + City:
WC1B 5HJ London
United Kingdom
[email protected]

Scroll down this Luvcougar review to learn everything about the benefits and drawbacks of this site for cougar dating. 

The details of our luvcougar.com review

New members on this cougar dating site can quickly get into a trap. Luvcougar’s offer and profile pictures seem solid. A lot of pictures can be seen right on the homepage. Everything looks very tempting. Members have an impression they can use this dating site for free even. Let’s see what exactly is behind this picture.

The registration process on Luv cougar

You sign up for Luvcougar for free. The process takes less than a minute. You only need to fill in five gaps. After the trial period, the most interesting things happen. The Terms and Conditions of this online dating site do not mention anything about fake chats. Our experience was different though and this is why we decided to write this Luvcougar review. 

Once you have an account on this dating site, the operator gets in touch with you. By all means, you will be inclined to start chatting online. The registration and trial period are not enough to meet someone. This site isn’t trustworthy. Their scheme is very tricky and here is why. 

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Fake profiles of women

The operator of this site is popular for a fraudulent activity online. The company is based in London. It takes its users into a trap. The operators of the dating site create members profiles and communicate on their behalf. Maybe we are wrong and not all of them are fake but even if there is one fake profile with photos that belong to you do not know whom, this can be considered a fraud.

We did not meet any genuine women. You cannot watch a profile video of members and make sure you are talking to someone real. All of them make you prolong your subscription as soon as possible. We are more than sure that online cougar dating site creates members’ profiles and makes you spend money. We did not manage to discuss any real date with any of the members from Luvcougar although we used more specialized criteria for our search. 

How much Luvcougar costs

This is the most interesting question because the prices of Luvcougar are not specified on its homepage. We had to search deeper to write this review. Here is what we revealed. For three days after registration, you have a trial period. Then, you update your account automatically. Keep in mind if you do not cancel your trial, it will be renewed automatically and you will be charged for a monthly subscription.

Here are the pricing plans of this online cougar dating site: 

Trial-Plan: Trial Membership
$0.99 1 Day
$7.00 1 Week
$59.97 1 Month
Trial-Plan: Premium Membership 1 month promotional price
$29.98 1 Month
$59.97  1 Month (casual price)
Trial-Plan: Premium Membership 3 months promotional price
$32.45 3 Months
$64.90 3 Months (casual price)
Plan: Premium Subscription
$59.97 1 Month
$64.90 3 Months

These are Luvcougar pricing plans. Keep in mind almost every plan is recurring and if you do not cancel, you will be charged automatically even if not using this dating site. Better cancel your account on time if you do not want to pay forever. All these cougar singles will pretend they cannot meet you for now but you should keep paying on the site to be in touch with them until they meet you but it never happens. 

Luvcougar Terms and Conditions

Just like most dating sites, Luvcougar has very lengthy and not clear terms. You should read them carefully if you are not going to be trapped. 

For instance, we have found this in their Terms: 

We do not check for criminal records or conduct background or identity checks on site users.” “This site is a social networking site for individuals over the age of 18.

Source: https://www.luvcougar.com/c3RhdGljUGFnZS90ZXJtc2x1dmNvdWdhci5jb20=

It means that Luvcougar is not even an online cougar dating site. It doesn’t verify its members after registration, doesn’t bear any responsibility for fake photos or location, and doesn’t interfere with your communication with anyone in case you suspect a fake account. You automatically pay for social media! 

The conclusions of our review on the Luvcougar dating site

Luvcougar is a complete scam. It can create a fake account of any cougar member and communicate on their behalf. It claims serious connections with a cougar single, however, it is not even a dating site. In the Terms and Conditions of Luvcougar, it is clearly mentioned that the site doesn’t bear any single responsibility for its profile pictures or members. They do not have any background checks on its members. 

Every cougar lady we met on the site before writing this review was just the site’s account that sounded more like a chatbot. Such cougar members may say they live in your location but they are not even humans. This dating site seems to operate those accounts and make you spend money.

Luvcougar mentions in its Terms that it is just social media for entertainment purposes. Their mobile site works well but there is no app. All subscriptions are automatically renewed and canceling them is quite a problem. 

Hopefully, this review about the Luvcougar dating site was helpful. Before you get an account on this dating site, remember you will hardly meet a real cougar lady here. None of those cougar singles is interested in any kind of relationship or dating. This site is a scam! We do not recommend the Luvcougar site for dating a cougar or even friendship. It is fake and very expensive! 

If you did not find enough information in this luvcougar.com review and want a quick overview of Luvcougar, read the following frequently asked questions and see if they will help dispel your doubts or concerns. 


  • Luvcougar is a cougar dating website. Such dating sites offer contacts with mature women to younger men. The Luv cougar site is not just for straight younger men looking for older women. It is also for LGBT singles searching for cougar dating. Is luv cougar free? No, it is not. You must purchase a premium subscription to use it.  Although the Luv cougar dating site seems to be quite decent from the very beginning, it is still a scam. Many new members comment on facing fake profiles on this site. The results on this website are equal to zero. 
  • According to Luvcougar’s Terms and Conditions, that dating site can use your information for its purposes. If you accept the Terms and conditions, then, most likely, you are going to face a scam. A lot of other members comment about non-genuine profiles of women and fake pictures. Although a lot of women claim to live in your location, you never meet them. The Luv cougar site uses photos of people to attract men and incline them to buy a paid membership.
  • Yes, the Luv cougar dating site is a scam. The site for cougars is not free. You can only sign up for free. To send messages, it is necessary to have a paid luvcougar account. The scheme is very tricky. When you have a trial membership, other members seem very genuine. They encourage you to try private chats. Naturally, you have to pay for them. In the process of communication, nothing happens. The operators seem to control Luvcougar fake profiles and make you spend more and more. Those older women promise a lot but never meet you. Members must pay more for their account again and again, to keep talking. Their pictures are most likely also fake. Those women are not real and maybe even they have never talked to you. Everything on the Luvcougar online dating site is an illusion for the sake of one goal — to rip you off. 

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