Dating is always a pleasant experience. But will Luxurydate provide you with fair services like other websites?


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What is LuxuryDate: Who Runs It?

LuxuryDate is a dating website claiming that its primary aim is giving a high-quality dating service to the ones who visit it. However, we have grounds to tell that it is not true at all. Luxury Date is something between common dating and sugar dating scam website.

The site is focused on dating for almost all categories of people and tries to catch as many users as possible. However, though is has an interracial dating option, there is no gay dating, which was pretty surprising for us. This is not common for sugar websites.

If you want to contact the admins of this site, use the contact data below:

Company name
Company Address
Riga Feraiou, 9, Lizantia Court, Flat/Office 310, Agioi Omologites, 1087, Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone number
E-mail address
[email protected]

Trying to find their detailed contact data, such as phone number or e-mail was pretty hard. Luxury Date would always ask you to use their integral link to contact them.

But what about the dating features themselves? It is time to start one of our most detailed reviews!

Starting A Review: Main Issues Of LuxuryDate.com

Our first visit to LuxuryDate was a bit amusing. The first impression was nice, and it was hard for us to recognize the scam at first. As sugar dating is not the best option, we wanted to make sure whether we can recommend the site to online users.

We decided to check Luxury Date before registration, and saw that the landing page was rather poor. A short template of a dating page, which gave us simply nothing. Looked like a cheap screenshot of some verification video.

The main page of Luxury Date asked us for our preferences. It makes no sense because it is just a link to start the registration. The funny part was when we mentioned the dating “options”. Join, communicate, and meet. Great options, no doubt, but the site described it as too simple. Novice dating users would believe that high-level dating is just that easy. 

Now, it is time to dive deeply into the work of this site and tell you about the registration process, trial plans, private photos, poor features, credits, fake profiles, scam methods on LuxuryDate, and how all that ruin dating fundamentals.

The Registration Process On LuxuryDate

The registration process was a real challenge on LuxuryDate. At first, we thought that everything would be pretty simple because there was only one tab for registration. By the way, it is free.

Here we could see:

  • Preferences;
  • Nickname;
  • E-mail;
  • Password;
  • Age;
  • City.

We completed everything and were ready to start our dating journey on this sugar dating site. But no. It was impossible. At first, it seemed like something went wrong, and we came back to see what exactly. And it was the password issue. We never faced such a problem on any dating website before. 

We decided to overthink the idea of password creation for websites. And only when we used almost all the possible digits on our keyboard, we were able to register. Free, but too complicated for sugar websites.

So what? you may think. First of all, it is bad for inexperienced users, who create simple passwords to have a convenient experience. Usually, the ones who are looking for sugar dating don’t like that much to fill.

Secondly, it is dangerous. It looked like Luxury Date was asking for a more complex password to match it with our e-mail, which was really suspicious. We almost gave up and wanted to use our main password, but, thankfully, we tried the other option. The first impression was already ruined. So when you fill all these fields with your personal details, you have to be really careful, because even this registration can turn into a total fraud.

And what about the fake profiles of members on this dating website?

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Fake Profiles: What Can They Offer?

When we only entered LuxuryDate, we noticed that the profiles of members looked OK. But the scamming features of this sugar site appeared soon.

First, Luxury Date profiles look cheap. Photos of women, which don’t look like the ones on dating sites, tell that LuxuryDate has nothing in common with luxury. However, each restart of the main page gave us more and more profiles, and we saw that most users are women in bras and bikinis. If you are looking more for sexual contact, it is be OK, as this dating website suggests a lot of private photos as well. But those looking for dating first may really get traped.

The descriptions of pictures were full of sexual desires of members too. That didn’t look like there was at least one single real person. When we visited profiles of users to explore some useful info, we found just the gallery full of secret photos of members. Some of the profiles of women had “Verified” mark, but we saw no verification videos or casual pictures to make sure that users profiles are real. There is nothing similar to a sugar experience.

Also, we recognized that everything was fake when we immediately received messages from 3 girls with the same words, asking to communicate with them. That is the worst that can happen to a fake sugar dating site.

The sugar babies members system, by the way, is also poor. You can try to unlock Luxury Date profiles, and that comes for free, you have to just send a request. But there is no chance like minded people would reply you. Even more, if you want to start dating and message members, the site gives you a chat window to open, which sounds great. But no, you cannot send any free messages to sugar babies, due to the fact that you have to buy credits. 

There are no trial plans to try chatting members, and you have to look for credits. So, what are the prices here?

The prices on LuxuryDate: what is wrong with them?

When we decided to buy credits, we saw that Luxury Date cost was enormous. Luxury Date offers its members only 3 packages:

$59 costs 100 credits
$169 costs 500 credits
$289 costs 100 credits

And that is a horrible cost even for sugar dating. There are no free trial plans, no other packages. And we couldn’t test chatting with other members at all. It was, probably, one of the most expensive reviews we had to conduct. 

However, we bought 100 Luxury Date credits and decided to start chatting with users. To our surprise, we got them to our account. And when we decided to explore the dating features here, we were really disappointed. Some female users ignored us, which made us conclude that chatting with like minded people was not an option here. And we still couldn’t watch photos of other users. 

The others started asking for some intimate content. Some women insisted too hard and made us feel really uncomfortable. And that is the very last thing people will do on some sugar website. That is not what you expect when you see Luxury Date cost.

That’s why we  had to pay more attention to their Privacy Policy. 

What does LuxuryDate tell about their responsibility?

The Privacy Policy of Luxury Date claims that this fake site takes no responsibility for the actions of other users. Luxury Date says:

Information you post on your profile will not be shown on publicly viewable web pages but may be shown to other logged in Luxury Date users, depending on your privacy settings. We’re not responsible for who reads this information or what others do with this information.

That was just incredible! Any person can steal your data! And Luxury Date doesn’t even hide it. You are free to see it on their website. 

For this reason, Luxury Date tells that the information is hidden from unauthorized users, who cannot visit the site at all. However, with a free access to an account, everyone can use our data. Including the fact that profiles are run by the admins of the site, we can claim that Luxury Date is able to use all the info we provide. For example, if someone sends an intimate photo to fake members, the admins of the site can simply start blackmailing them for enormous costs. 

Moreover, coming back to the registration process, they are still able to use your data to hack your mail and get your contact details from the account. So, Luxury Date is not about dating but about scamming and high costs. 

The Conclusion About LuxuryDate 

At first we believed the LuxuryDatesite was fully legit. However, when we dove deeper into the work of LuxuryDate, we came across a lot of fake profiles, fake services, fake messages, and plenty of poorly made features. 

The site is a scam, which requires a lot of your personal information, giving you nothing in exchange. No person here is real. Luxury Date has no responsibility and wants you to buy their extremely expensive packages for chatting fake female users. And if members buy credits for high costs here, they receive nothing precious or unique. Regular sugar chatting is not like the one on Luxury Date, accoding to our reviews.

However, LuxuryDate makes you pay for really poor services and poor profiles. And still, you will have a high chance of having your data stolen. That is too much of a cost. Even using this for free would be a mistake.

Here is our advice: if you want to have a high-level dating without any risks, avoid LuxuryDate. 


  • LuxuryDate is a scam dating website that requires a lot of your personal data to use for stealing your money. This site doesn’t give you luxury high-level services and has the only purpose: to steal money from the ones looking for love. The advice is to avoid it.
  • LuxuryDate provides no legitimate services. It is only used to scam fair Internet Users who are seeking a couple. The site uses sexual photos to encourage more people to work with them in order to steal all their data and money.
  • LuxuryDate is a scam site focused on the creation of an illusion of high-level dating, which provides no fair services at all. The website has poor fake profiles, a fake messaging system, and high payment requirements, which only leads to the loss of your money and personal data.

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