Mycasualcontacts is an insufficient dating website operated by Meteor Interactive B.V. that cannot be recommended to other users due to its scam activities.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who is Mycasualcontacts.com for and who owns it?

The site claims to have a mission so that members can find people for casual dating and casual contacts with the match by their location. The online service has been in operation since 2020, so it is rather young. There are all kinds of members here, including people with unconventional views. The dating site is suitable for members of traditional, gay and lesbian sexual orientations. Age is not important, the main thing is to be of legal age. Nevertheless, in terms of age, most users are 35-55+. The majority of them are from the USA. You can use the service both from your computer and from your smartphone. 

The owner has decided to hide his name, so we only know general information about the site: 

Company name:
Meteor Interactive B.V.
Savannahweg 17
Index + City:
3542AW Utrecht
[email protected]

You can use this data to send messages to the support service addressing certain questions. However, don’t expect a response since the company has a low rating. According to the comments of former members, the support service does not solve users’ problems. 

Review details Mycasualcontacts.com

If you read the reviews on the Internet, you can see a lot of disappointed users. This one more time proves the need to analyze or read the reviews. According to other members’ opinions, the site’s operation is based on a scam. And, indeed, this is not the first project by Meteor Interactive that has a negative rating. In reality, users want to see the site with an honest approach and the profiles of real people. The main purpose of this company’s project is not to allow people to find a person for casual dating and casual contacts, the company is only interested in making cash. 

There is not even an opportunity to have experience in online dating because there is no single account of a real person. You can send messages but it makes no sense to communicate with bots. As a result, women and men only waste their energy because the analysis revealed many flaws that a reputable website should not have.

The registration process at Mycasualcontacts.com

Registered members, according to the site, have more privileges and opportunities while looking for casual contacts. They can contact other members on this dating site, use the functionality, post images and watch any account of other users. But these services, unfortunately, are not free, so you will have to pay for every move at the Mycasualcontacts site.  

If you want to register, it does not take much time, because there is no detailed process for filling in the data. All you have to do is fill out 10 boxes with personal information and create your password. You won’t have to confirm any information or verify your identity. Another point is that the site does not take responsibility for the safety of the data and holds an irresponsible position. Because of this, there is a fake account, fake photos, fake casual contacts and no real people who want to go for casual dating.

The site can pay for positive consumer reviews to at least somehow correct the situation. This suggests that the scam will continue and there will be no change. In addition, fake profiles are already widespread and take up most of the website. Experienced members never proceed with registration and messages because they do not want to waste time.

For experience, you can compare the registration process on a popular and trusted platform, and on this website. Then you will see a huge difference, and you can understand that it is not worth registering here even at the initial stage. Identification verification should not be skipped because the platform should not feature fake pictures. But here it is even stated in the rules that all information about members is fake.

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Fake Profiles Questionnaires

How legit the site activities are is not even a question anymore. The predominance of scams is evidenced by a large number of professional, carefully selected photos. Moreover, the fact that the profiles are fake is confirmed by the Mycasualcontacts website itself. The owner has definitely made this site a scam intentionally. Women and men immediately get the links to reach people with similar interests or places of residence when searching for casual contacts, and then messages are received right away. Any member will be delighted with the correspondence because the bot adjusts and makes it personalized. This is not a live person who wants to do dating but an employee account searching for a way to make money.

The disadvantage is that it is difficult to distinguish real profiles from fake ones. It’s almost impossible to see who wants to talk to make money because all the people in the photos are different. More than one review still confirms the fact that there are more fakes than real people. So it may seem to you that the contact has turned out very well but it’s only because professionals do their job. Internet dating is a really effective option but not with services like this. All the more so, the security and anonymity here is zero. There is still a chance that your data or photos will be disclosed on the Internet.

People should look different. It shouldn’t be a collection of super high-quality and professional pictures. Everything is done with the aim to entice more victims.

Cost of membership

Mycasualcontacts will not allow you to have casual contacts for free. Even for cash, it is questionable whether you can make real contact with anyone. This online dating site doesn’t even do the job that it charges money for. Members of this online website are offered to choose a plan, register, and replenish the balance regularly. No coupons and discounts are available. So there is no sense in looking for coupon codes. The lack of promotions and free trial plans is one of the reasons that the rating is low.

The owner set the following prices:

$22 - 10 coins
$50 - 25 coins
$96 - 50 coins
$175 - 100 coins
$330 - 200 coins

There is no auto-renewal in this plan. No doubt, with such prices we can’t say that services are almost free. And this website does not provide high-quality services. Therefore, before choosing a dating website, you need to pay attention to the prices. In this case, the owner of the dating site has surely set excessive prices so that the site is not worth using even for free. Even if you see a person that matches your preferences and requirements on the site, do not rush to deposit funds because fake profiles are prevalent. More than one review confirmed that even with such high prices, casual contact did not take place.

Mycasualcontacts terms and requirements

In addition to an online review, you need to read the policies and rules of the website. The dating site lists the following terms and conditions on its official web page

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment service and that (i) the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators.

The site itself claims that all the information on the site is fake and they are not liable for it. 

Other verified dating sites work only with real people. They make sure to carefully identify them and verify their data to avoid fake profiles. As experts, we have often encountered such scam projects, and the one discussed is, unfortunately, another one. If you type the founder’s name on the Internet, you will find even more negative reviews. 

The conclusion from our review of Mycasualcontacts.com

The review revealed that the Mycasualcontacts website and identical companies are engaged in scam activity. The negative online reviews are true as a lot of faults were found from high prices to fake profiles and photos. It is impossible for customers to have any kind of dating here, despite the fact that the site positions itself as a platform for people of different views.

If you are looking for a real dating site and casual contacts, it is better to read other reviews about such companies and find a worthy option. Don’t even register on such dubious platforms. This website wants to cheat, so all the information is fake. Sometimes reviews are worth listening to, especially if they are combined with the opinion of an expert who has performed a detailed review of the site. Don’t lose faith in casual contacts.


  • Mycasualcontacts is a dating website where you can look for casual contacts and correspond with fake people about sex etc. Meteor Interactive B.V is a company that offers customers contact with fake “customers” for you to send messages and pay for it. The Website is supposedly looking for like-minded people by location.
  • This dating website's activities are not legit because of the large number of fakes and cheats. You can read more about this in the terms and rules. No discounts and coupons are available because the project aims only at scams.
  • Yes, because earnings are based on the creation of fake profiles and pictures where bots communicate on behalf of good-looking people. These people may not even know that their photo is on this dating site. For more information, you can read another review.

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