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MyLocalCrush Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Modern dating sites let enthusiasts meet like-minded individuals and enjoy long-distance communication. The purpose of Meteor Interactive B.V. is quite the opposite — they allure prospective users with multiple matches for everybody, regardless of their interests and dating purposes. In practice, we got to know only how irresponsible Meteor Interactive would be for registered members.

Meteor Internative B.V.
Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, the Netherlands, CC: 74034782
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Searching for sites to communicate with gorgeous women, free offers are appreciated. You will be able to register here for free, but other features are hidden from end users at first. Stay tuned to find out why we define the My Local Crush dating platform as a scam solution.

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at My Local Crush

Online dating sites for women and men are widespread, but there are several fake pages among them. My Local Crush isn’t the brightest sample of scam providers — they spent some time hiding their ill-minded intentions and fooling non-attentive and non-experienced customers. The purpose of this review is to discover what schemes the My Local Crush dating site has and help more interested parties avoid wasting cash here. Don’t search for freely noticeable and masked pitfalls on your own at the official page— this challenge has been already accepted by our team multiple times, and we are able to determine how exceptional dating sites’ services are in real life.

Registration at MyLocalCrush

One of the biggest issues with MyLocalCrush is that end users can’t review it without registration. That’s why such MyLocalCrush reviews are so precious — thanks to the practical experiences our team gets, you can be protected from being involved in fake chats and scam schemes. The analyzed dating website offers two ways — a standard registration or sign up with your Google account. We tried both methods to check how different the interface will be then. To avoid any issues, our experts used clean browsers and recently created accounts to eliminate the chance of data leaks as much as possible.

Here are a few unusual moments we would like to highlight:

  • The registration window isn’t brief and doesn’t let you check all the questions instantly. Our team had to make separate choices without knowing what inquiry would arise on the official landing page next.
  • One of the most hilarious questions during registration was the need to mention how tall we were. Although it isn’t a must-have field, it is definitely far from standard practice in the online dating market.
  • Such fields as password, user nickname, and actual email address can’t be skipped, but this practice is similar to other dating websites you might ever search for on the internet.

It will take ages before you have access to this format of internet dating, not to mention physical contact with fellow users in any form. One of our trials to register using random details failed since this type of dating websites requires email confirmation. For some platforms, it would be a positive sign, letting you create an account and know that the service provider keeps control over fake profiles. In real life, the Meteor Interactive B.V. company has another intention — to ensure they will get your valid email address to send multiple emails and promotions.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

Searching for something naughty nearby to have fun with? It is one of the dating sites that won’t come in handy at all. After registration, people don’t usually pay attention to what terms and conditions they agree to. But we did. It was the first alarming sign that signified how fake these services are — the presence of so-called fictional entertainers profiles or fantasy profiles. Only online dating is possible without physical contact with a target local crush. It might seem like notification about shy users, but the major goal of the distinguished dating site is the opposite.

The Cost of Membership

Standard dating sites enable registered real women and men to send free messages and upgrade their accounts by paying more to get access to advanced features. That isn’t the case with the My Local Crush dating site. This scam chat will ask for a monetary reward for each and every message sent:

  • There are several price packages. The cheapest price is sixty cents per message. For less than ten dollars, interested parties can buy sixteen credits. Our experts tried it in chat — this number is insufficient and makes registered members long for more credits. The more you need, the more you pay.
  • On the My Local Crush dating site, there are credit packages for twenty, fifty, one hundred, and maximally for three hundred US dollars.

We paid in US dollars, but the site welcomes other currencies as well. These non recurring payments usually charge extra from your account to cover the applied exchange fee. If there are any unused coins, they will simply expire. That’s why people who tried to save their cash by investing into the most luxurious package will lose in the end — it is a scam site, so there is no pleasure in sending messages to fake profiles.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Our team of experts has tried a few subscriptions to see whether the interface will change. We faced several popping-up notifications with offers to get more tokens to be able to contact more hot ladies. The dating site constantly shows other members’ profiles and keeps on intensifying potential user interest in exclusive chats. Although they don’t advertise sex services straightforwardly and claim their access to data isn’t full, it is just

confined to the sending, storing, retrieving, displaying, and/or modifying of images posted by other users on webpages under the participant’s authority.

For more detail, you can visit the corresponding section on the official page.

The Conclusion from Our MyLocalCrush Review

All in all, it is one of the worst dating websites to try to contact a lovely woman and send messages. Your effort will be just wasted. Not only does it take a lot of time to get acquainted with fellow chat members, but also this format of internet communication doesn’t complement talking for free. We literally had to pay for every presented feature at the dating site under consideration.

Otherwise, it was extremely limited. If you expect to see free and customer-friendly support, it isn’t the case either — regardless of divergent contact details, this page won’t let provide timely and useful replies to your messages and inquiries. Our team tried but failed to discuss more urgent and dispute matters with this fake chat company.


  • The main purpose of the domain is to let interested parties send messages and entertain themselves divergently. It is designed for any users around the world, but the major part of the target audience is from the United States. However, there are multiple fake women profiles with spam messages. The site is accessible via smartphones, tables, and other devices. Although its discreetness and credibility are highlighted on the official page, these are the most vulnerable features in reality.
  • This platform doesn’t seem to break any law, but its policies are far from fair and transparent. Instead of searching for your local crush, you will create a scam account for both men and women — not only you can be scammed, considering Meteor Interactive B.V. reserves the right to manipulate the provided user data in multiple ways.
  • In general, the functionality and design of the platform leave a lot to be desired, and we consider these characteristics suspicious on their own. Unfortunately, a lot of people assume they have internet connection issues. When it comes to sending messages to women, the response time was frequently instant. Our experts also found signs of automatical message creation — similar constructions and flirting lines among several fellow users. That is why the My Local Crush dating site isn’t considered a reliable platform to spend your time on, especially considering the high risks of cyber security threats.

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