Don’t take paid memberships on the My Lusty Wish online dating portal for granted — you will lose all the cash then for insufficient dating here.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

MyLustyWish.com Review Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

If you are searching for a sex dating platform, My Lusty Wish ensures you have come to the right place. With only needed contact details from end users, it is possible to create different kinds of couples apart from man-woman — it is also designed for individuals with lesbian and gay sexual orientation. This web doesn’t have any severe age-related restrictions, but only adult members can try its casual hookups in the terms of trial memberships and premium subscriptions without the immediate need to cancel those.

Created by the Norfex Services LTD organization, this website is mostly oriented toward the American audience. It is not a problem to encounter real people from other countries as well.

Company Name
Norfex Services LTD
Floor 5, 115a Msida Valley Road, BRK 9024 Birkirkara, Malta
+1 (800) 918-7304
[email protected]

Trying to figure out whether a target site is an insufficient dating website or not is a very expensive report. Don’t hesitate to meet negative comments on your own, but we suggest an easier and more efficient path. With the help of this informative lusty wish review, you will see how many fake profiles are on the web and if it is a subscription rip to cancel. Let’s get straight into the system’s analysis.

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services

The main page is average in terms of its information about trial membership and VIP subscriptions. Users can immediately try its free registration to start chatting with the most beautiful women on the website. On the contrary, we recommend that soon-to-register enthusiasts use their mobile phones or other gadgets to check the quality of accounts and profile pictures of other members. We saw some suspicious signs that signify the high risk of fake profiles on the domain and chats with bots or operators instead of real women.
But first things first. Keep reading to see whether negative reviews on insufficient dating are fraud or not.

Registration at MyLustyWish.com Review Dating Site

The registration process on this online dating portal won’t challenge end users, regardless of their skills and experience. Although its performance is a total paid membership, initial access to the domain is the only thing without a price tag. Despite the fact that this procedure won’t let you understand whether it is an insufficient dating website on the internet, it comes in handy to decide how worth it is.

Overall, your free registration will start with the following:

  • Be ready to highlight your age, location, and sexual interest for casual hookups, as well as your name and password.
  • The system makes you think that it verifies the incoming profiles of end users. It requires your contact details like a valid email address. However, our team received advertising content mostly.

After checking the abundance of negative reviews, we must admit that the registration process is truly well-organized and causes no problems. Is it lifesaving? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with the My Lusty Wish dating site with its very expensive reports on dating girls on the internet.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

After you choose a trial membership option and get a chance to encounter the most beautiful women on the My Lusty Wish dating platform, there is no need to prepare yourself to meet negative comments. The communication flow is expected to be user-friendly, flirty, and naughty — well, at least at first.

The more time we spent checking premium subscriptions on My Lusty Wish, the more we had to deal with insufficient services:

  • The chances to encounter real people are way higher during your trial period. Then the system adjusts its interface to catch registered members in the subscription rip off trap for a long.
  • Our team didn’t only receive messages with fake photos, but its members also had to deal with fake accounts with random stolen information.
  • They do know how to activate automatic renewal for payments on the web but don’t bother making their on-site conditions more convenient for other members of the community.
  • The main page is pretty lacking in details and makes users wonder what is going to happen next. Before we did start chatting with the first woman on the domain, we visited the account settings and answered some questions there. Since we created a few profiles, we had a chance to compare what type of woman the system considers gorgeous for our needs. It coincided in 100% of cases, no matter how divergent pieces of information we provided.

As you can guess, our experts were far from being satisfied with their dating membership on the My Lusty Wish scam site.

The Cost of Membership

There are quite a few reasons that make us consider this company interested in a subscription rip off to cancel only:

  1. First of all, it is extremely complicated to check the pricing policy of the My Lusty Wish site before free registration. We had to deal with the unstable performance of the platform and sometimes switch on the VPN service on our browsers to make things work properly.
  2. Secondly, this organization preserves the right to alter its pricing policy, both trial membership and paid membership, at its earliest convenience and without prior notice. Considering the automatic renewal of the service packages, it is clear how great this rip off is.

The price of the trial period is discounted, but you still have to pay. Members cover the subscription cost in any case, even if their membership takes a few days. Users create their accounts for free, but there is no chance to apply its features without paying a certain price. Unfortunately, some members lost thousands of US dollars before they managed to cancel their subscription on the My Lusty Wish dating site.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Having analyzed different reviews, we can define one huge similarity between them. Whether people decide to go for a trial membership for free or test a paid membership, they neglect reading the company’s details about its policies. In this MyLustyWish.com review, we would like to emphasize how pricey this mistake might be:

We are not responsible for your interactions with other users of the Service or how other users of the Service will use Personal Data you make available to them. [This online dating site] doesn’t undertake any background checks on, or otherwise make efforts to verify the identity or character of, Service users.

[MyLustyWish] does not warrant timely, secure, error- and interruption-free provision of chat/app services. We expressly disclaim any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

Source: https://www.mylustywish.com/c3RhdGljUGFnZS9wcml2YWN5cG9saWN5bXlsdXN0eXdpc2guY29t

The Conclusion from Our MyLustyWish.com Review

This scam dating site and norflex services aren’t worth it. No matter how many paid reviews might appear, there are too many reasons to cancel your subscription and forget about it — an expensive trial period with automatic renewal, fraud terms, and policies, as well as plenty of fake accounts and messages.


  • Norfex Services LTD offers hookup dating solutions, but it is a total scam. After our MyLustyWish.com review, it is better to cancel your membership there.
  • Dating on the domain isn’t legitimate because of too many scams on it. We suggest canceling your subscription rather sooner than later.
  • In this MyLustyWish.com review, we have discovered several types of scams. Dating here is dangerous for your mental health and cyber security and comes with significant monetary losses.

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