Purchasing credits on this dating site is a bad practice for your wallet — only a bunch of fake profiles at big money.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

MyPrivateFling.com Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Facebook and similar social media won’t replace the charm of top-notch dating websites, and you can find quite a lot of worthy domains on your browser even in the sex dating category. Your mail box will be stuffed with messages from other members — My Private Fling from Meteor Interactice promises great physical arrangements with real women. Anyone over eighteen can become a registered member of the chat and enjoy conversations with fellow users. So guys, what are you waiting for?

Meteor Interactive B.V.
Savvannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, the Netherlands, CC: 75034782
Staying in personal contact via emails is preferred.
[email protected]

Since you are still here, you already know the answer — the best decision is to double-check the site’s background and verify it is a worthy investment. You have come right on time to see whether this platform is created for genuine customer satisfaction or is another ripping-off strategy. Don’t rush into buying credits — here we go with our analysis of My Private Fling!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at MyPrivateFling.com

Challenge accepted! Meteor Interactive never stops surprising our team with its domains — we have already analyzed at least ten of sites from the organization. We were real users of those platforms and understand why other men are so disappointed. No matter whether we provided correct facts or fake pictures, it is Mission Impossible to visit the site domain and talk with a real woman.

It is as simple as ABC to contact fake profiles and access advertizing third-party links. We only hoped things might be different with My Private Fling. Stay tuned to see why this analysis will be synonymous to never-ending hell of fake messages.

Registration at MyPrivateFling.com

When we encountered fake reviews, which depicted this dating site positively, there was one trustworthy fact — you won’t have issues with registration:

  • It is a multi-step form on the main page of the dating site. This company doesn’t complicate things and offers the related details in a straightforward manner (unlike what it does in fake reviews about its own performance).
  • It is designed for straight couples mainly. You might contact another woman if you are a lady, but your chances to succeed will be limited.
  • Your date of birth, city, usernamen, email address, and password are important for the dating site.

It is hard to guess whether the dating site has fake profiles or not. There are no pictures of how texting or communication with fellow users will look like.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

Our team was forced to deal with different types of dating scams on the site. There are several details to pay attention to when you suspect your interlocutor to be a fake woman:

  • If you can’t lead a conversation when you get more data about her life, or she refused to have a video chat with you, it is a suspicious sign.
  • Fake members pretend to be someone else in 100% of cases. So we had to check whether the photos our partners shared were genuine. Unfortunely, our analysis results were extremely disappointing. Even if a woman sends great pictures, the heart icon will kill the mood — this dating chat is professionally operated, so it is scam for sure.
  • Any request to help her in need, feel free to ban her account. That’s not what women who know you for a little period of time should and can do.

The Cost of Membership

When you decide to try a paid subscription, it isn’t only a matter of trust. You have to be careful about what company you cooperate with and where you will pay your own money. If the target system lacks security and flexibility, a great number of credits interested parties will receive in return won’t value a lot. When it comes to My Private Fling, this dating site doesn’t care and keeps creating positive fake reviews about its dating service.

To contact fake profiles on the site, we had to purchase credits. Otherwise, it was impossible to reach fictional members of the community:

  • The cheapest package requires around ten US dollars for the dating site’s fantasy entertainment service. However, it is the most well-balanced in terms of the number of credits you get and the amount of money you spend — sixteen credits per sixty cents each.
  • To contact “real women” longer, consider spending money on bulk packages — three hundred tokens per dollar and one hundred per one and a half dollar.
  • Purchasing credits is a one-time and non-recurring process. However, it is possible to adjust the automatic renewal if desired — check this option in your account on any browser. This could have been helpful for small packages like three tokens per two dollars or four per two and a half dollars, but this dating site is designed for fake conversations with fraud or party fictional accounts, created by bots or operators.

Spending money with My Private Fling is super easy. To access fake messages and attached photos or other files, you have to pay. The number of credits the dating website needs isn’t equal for different features, so the degree of consumption will only increase over time. What’s more, horny women with fictional profiles do their best to avoid physical arrangements yet attract your attention to buying credits.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Tired of so many fake fictional members? Take it for granted — we were also extremely displeased to contact women and face another scam deal. The only real woman we knew was our colleague, who tested how fake or true-to-life reviews about the dating site were. Please pay attention to these abstracts from the website’s policies:

[The dating brand] reserves the right to suspend or prohibit linking to the Service for any reason, in its sole discretion, without advance notice or any liability of any kind to you or any third party.

“We are not responsible for repairing, or reissuing any credit or refund or any other sum.”

Source: https://www.myprivatefling.com/agreement

The Conclusion from Our MyPrivateFling.com Review

Trying to contact Meteor Interactive won’t solve your problems — they don’t care. Instead of chatting with women, we were in touch with fake profiles from fictional members of the community. If you want to really chat with gorgeous and not partly fictionalwomen, our team can suggest several great dating sites. This particular case is a total scam to rip off your money.


  • The My Private Fling online dating site is created for users who would love to have fun on the internet — easy-going and hot talks with gorgeous women at any moment. Unfortunately, this is another review of Meteor Interactive products, which proves how miserable its business approach is. Its representatives and dating websites are aimed at scamming real users through fantasy entertainment service, fake accounts, and annoying chats.
  • This dating website is an officially registered system, but our team doesn’t find any interactions with it safe and secure. Not only can your deleted data randomly pop up on the site later, but its operators don’t stop sending tons of messages from fake members and those of an advertising content. If we hadn’t created a special mail address for such reviews, it would have exploded from all the incoming misleading and fraud trash.
  • It might be complicated to understand whether sex dating on My Private Fling is worth it because of the abundance of fake reviews. Please take into account comments from former users of the site more — they show exactly why registered users don’t like this or that dating solution. Like other websites from this provider, the analyzed platform doesn’t secure its guys and avoid informing its registered members about important details without ambiguous phrasing. Because of so many fake messages and fake pictures from accounts marked with heart icons, our team can’t help but consider this online dating site fake.

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