Don’t know what dating sites to choose? The analyzed platform of poor rating is definitely an insufficient platform to send messages to other members.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

MySecretNeighbors Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Engaged members have a lot to say to the website owner, namely Meteor Interactive B.V. Despite the fact it is designed for hassle-free hookups and entertainment purposes, your effort is commonly a total waste of time. It isn’t because you send messages to other members and get no reply. The key factor is that the majority of content hosting concepts are non-fair, insecure, and non-versatile for potential users. The Meteor Interactive company is focused on gaining its own benefits instead of delivering high-end services as premium-class dating sites do.

On-site data is created by users individually, but the company under consideration has the right to manipulate it as they wish without customers’ consent. Just imagine how miserable our experts felt when they saw their photos were deleted and applied on third-party dating websites from the same dating service provider.

Meteor Interactive B.V.
Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, the Netherlands, CC: 74034782
Online contacts are preferred
[email protected]

When you try to use google-search techniques, the most popular dating sites will be ranked first. However, the on-feed position can be influenced by cheating approaches and non-transparent practices of gaining more website views and registered users. That is the case with My Secret Neighbor. Although the official page tells us that there are thousands of women’s profiles to explore, they are either fake or copypasted. In this review, we would like to provide a genuine and accurate description of what is wrong with the distinguished dating platform and why other dating websites will be much better for novice and experienced love seekers.

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at MySecretNeighbors

The landing page is pretty straightforward about what awaits interested parties at the My Secret Neighbors dating site. This company claims itself as a second-to-none and unprecedented platform for people who wholeheartedly desire to share their dirty secrets and play wicked games privately. Although both men and women can register, it is more oriented toward male users and their monetary investments.

Don’t hesitate to spend a few minutes of your time to find out about the phishing techniques of this dating app and why its “juicy” chats for contact are meaningless. Onwards!

Registration at MySecretNeighbors

We weren’t able to write messages to girls and check free features before the registration and login process. The analyzed dating website is in English only, but google online translation tools can also be applied. The key reason for them is the fact that there are not only Americal women registered. Although the form itself doesn’t offer any other city than within the country, we have achieved reviews of conversations with foreigners on the platform. It isn’t a rare case in the industry, especially taking into account the fact the owner brand is located in the Netherlands.

To proceed with registration and define whois who, it is necessary to submit the following pieces of data:

  • You have to define who you are and who you are searching for.
  • Defining your accurate date of birth is meant to be useful for match suggestions. However, this function is poor here — our profiles received only standard recommendations of hot and “bestseller” babes on the dating website.
  • You can search for randomly generated passwords or use your own selection of signs and letters. We strongly recommend avoiding the same login details for websites with an uncertain reputation in the industry.

We could sign up for free, so our team decided to create a few accounts to check whether there would be any performance differences. There is a common feature, which can be summarized in the following way:

  • On the one hand, you won’t feel ghosted in the My Secret Neighbors domain.
  • On the other hand, you will come across a high number of typical, plain, and non-interesting messages and bios that won’t help you succeed in your entertainment purposes.

Hot chat

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  • 6 chat girl
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Fake Profiles of Сharming Ladies

Our team was ready for unpleasant inconveniences, and issues started right away. We can’t help but consider the distinguished dating site a fake and scam website. Not only information gathered can be accessed unauthorized by third parties (there is no data about how it is protected), but also there are myriads of fictional entertainers profiles marked with heart icons. The latter signifies no physical contact is ever possible with such fake profiles in chat. It won’t even work for educational purposes because of its artificial and repeatedly-patterned dialog style.

The pictures of ladies are gorgeous, but a lot of them are overly retouched to distinguish “whoiswho”. Submitting any content and personal details is slightly restricted (the quality of files can be reduced). This also negatively influences your experiences. Compared to other dating websites we have ever reviewed, we can report multiple violations of registered users’ rights and constant trials of girls to provide their nude pictures for extra money.

Even if profiles have links to social media like Facebook and friends there, it doesn’t indicate their trustworthiness immediately. There are app technologies that can multiply accounts and diversify them drastically.

The Cost of Membership

My Secret Neighbors won’t be the most “generous” dating website in the industry. Whatever city, state, or country you live in, you will be able to register and pay for its services. But this online domain is oriented toward daters with American servers more. It is a bit complicated to briefly mention whois the main target audience in terms of age range though. You have to be no less than eighteen years old, but several profiles belong to customers in their twenties and more.

This domain has a pretty great chat notification system with popping-up messages, but the number of incoming emails will seem a genuine disaster in the long run. We tried to use different browsers and the conditions remained the same for our default country and other lands. On the contrary, their credit packages appreciate either extremely short or long-term contact with women. As you can guess, we had to try both ways — so we spent slightly more than one hundred US dollars to ensure this service is a scam site. Here is what they offer:

  • Three credits cost six US dollars.
  • For twenty dollars, you will get seven credits.
  • The next number of credits is twenty-five and costs two dollars per message.
  • For fifty-two credits, your pocket will be charged for one hundred dollars.
  • The next format is more advantageous — one hundred fifty dollars for one hundred and five credits.
  • The last option is the most attractive — three hundred credits per dollar.

Thanks to such free reviews, interested parties can make their searches for the right dating website more successful without spending their own money on extra details.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

This domain promises to respect end users’ mental health and well-being. However, considering how many naked and intimate photos we received even though one of our test profiles was a completely blank bio, it is hard to admit that their entertainment purposes are the only goals pursued. Whatever country you are in, it is still possible to access the platform via a VPN installed on your computer.

The text formatting in the terms and policies section is easier to grab and understand, compared to other websites from this provider. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make them fair. You will find a lot of negative reviews in the global network, including this one, where ill-minded contacts were caused by their staying non-aware of suspicious rules accepted by the brand:

… you give explicit permission to Meteor Interactive B.V. to process personal data. In particular, your race, religion, sexual life, political opinion, health, trade union membership, and criminal behavior are considered to be sensitive information, for which you expressly consent.

This scam company can share your browser information and so on — they

“… might share personal information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes” and “are not responsible for your interactions with other users of the Service and how they will use your personal data.”

Any person can freely access these chat rules, but there is too much information to discover. In turn, this behavior works in favor of the scam malware. No background checks before contact are done, which increases the probability to come across fake profiles and bots. For more data, visit their official site.

The Conclusion from Our MySecretNeighbors Review

During the registration at the Meteor Interactive B.V. site, interested parties rarely pay attention to what policies this organization offers. Unfortunately, this carelessness and paying zero attention to details result in huge losses. Our rating for the website is as minimal as possible — your list of contacts through the chat will be poor. Stick to our reviews and don’t have such solutions preferred to remain a successful dater online.


  • The owner describes this site as designed for daters with a passion for sexually intense texting and content exchange, but we can give a low rating only because of its hidden schemes and overwhelming mailing instead of a regular newsletter.
  • Despite the fact the owner is a legit company, they take money for scam deals. You won’t be able to enjoy conversations with real ladies, and neither we could. Fictional entertainers profiles only. phishing practices aren’t rare.
  • It isn’t the world malware chat in the world, but it is definitely annoying. Its pricing policies and behavioral patterns are suspicious, and there are multiple reviews with claims no backup services are provided at all. Yes, it is a scam.

Hot chat

  • 10 chat girl
  • 6 chat girl
  • 8 chat girl
  • 4 chat girl
  • 3 chat girl