Our team has checked the website and can say one thing - we do not recommend users register on this fraudulent scam platform.


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Mysensualmatch.com project: an overview

My Sensual Match presents itself as a legit dating site with a quality account design. It is intended mainly for single users who seek acquaintance on the Internet via a company such as Sensual Match. According to the main account page, the platform has 3 million other members worldwide. The age range is from 18 to 57. Male members prevail.

Sensual Match with hosting concepts is the reality of today. Usually, an Internet company helps people who are too shy and experience problems in personal communication with members. Mysensualmatch also promises members to help show their best features. However, all these promises remain just promises and have nothing to do with reality or at least talking to real members on the site. Yes, sensual match is just another fraudulent and phishing account offer. Learn the general information about this website in the table below.

Company name
Meteor Interactive B.V.
[email protected]

Keep reading our review to figure out the scam details of MySensualMatch.

Some details of our mysensualmatch.com review

It is believed that online dating is something trivial and one-time experience with other members. But you can look at the situation from a different perspective. Members expect that there are hundreds of thousands of users talking in sensual match apps at the same time. In order to find your soulmate here, you need to do serious work, view a huge hosting concept of profiles and photos, engage in dozens of dialogues, and regularly go on the platform for dates.

At this point we will disappoint you. Sensual match gathers users here who don’t need a serious relationship, it has fake profiles that only lure money out of naive members.

Unlike reliable online dating services offered by great platforms that explore human relationships, Sensual Match is a fake and not legit site. There is only cheating, and it gives registered members no ability to find a long-term relationship. Although every feature seems fine at first glance and physical contact is promised, the company turns out not a reliable and legit dating site in the end.

Registration at MySensualMatch

When registering, initially you need to make sure that the dating site is not a scam, and it is worth paying attention to the age of the site account. The longer a dating portal operates, the more likely it is to meet a real person or have physical contact with users. However, scammers can buy old phishing sites where the audience is not active. Also, the site should have real and responsive support service. 

The registration and relevant actions on the site should be free and paid membership should be applicable for advanced features, not the minimum functionality. There should be mandatory verification during registration of users on dating sites that promise serious relationships. MySensualNatch has none of the above.

Registration on the My Sensual Match free dating site is quite simple. You need to come up with a password and login, confirm the phone number, and fill out the questionnaire. After you registered, you will be able to send several free messages to girls and women.

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Fake profiles of ladies on mysensualmatch

From feedback and personal experience, we have seen a lot of dating fake profiles while preparing reviews of sites for adult dating. Such accounts are created by administrators and employees to lure money from clients. It looks like a woman is talking to men, and they are already engaged in a conversation. However, she runs out of free messages but she wants to continue chatting. After that, a man buys a package of messages, and the more messages in the package, the higher the price, although the price per message is cheaper.

Fake profiles registered on sensual match are not that easy to notice. Though photos are the same on all sites under different names and surnames, Mysensualmatch operators do their job skilfuly and lure users into the subscription trap. Women sweet talks make consumers lose their common sense so that they may not even notice that different profiles are sending the same messages in a row.

Cost of the membership

The more messages are in the package, the cheaper is the cost of one when dating online. For example, you can pay 16 dollars for 9 messages to contact members or 300 dollars for 300 messages. When you purchase 105 messages to send, the price for 1 message will be 1.4 dollars. Here is a list with rates from reviews:

$6; for a fee of 3 credits
$9; for a fee of 16 credits
$50; for a fee of 25 credits
$100; for a fee of 52 credits
$150; for a fee of 105 credits
$300. for a fee of 300 credits

Rates for paid membership on mysensualmatch are higher than for intermediate service accounts, but with an adequate flow of customers, Meteor Interactive B.V. can attain huge profits by phishing consumers every day. 

Even worse, you cannot use coupon codes if you prefer because there are no such perks. Just read carefully free reviews of other members to avoid ending up being cheated by fraudsters.

All in all, Meteor Interactive B.V. is a company that is clearly a dating scam that does not inspire belief, judging from other members’ reviews.

What about the terms of the website?

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that (i) the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators;


What does that mean? Fake chat operators of Meteor Interactive work for the corporation and try to increase the user’s expenses on the dating site services. They use registered fake profiles to disguise their real identity. They mostly pretend to be good-looking women to easily attract male users and obtain their payments as said in reviews. Now that you are warned, don’t let those bots fool you! In our opinion, you are wiser that that.

Mysensualmatch.com review: The bottom line

Communication on the Meteor Interactive web is no longer a sign of shyness – it is nothing but fraudulent communication with women and girls. When you select Mysensualmatch.com, you should understand that there is a huge number of online fraudsters operating as fake profiles and bots. Their only goal is to make you pay as heavily as possible and don’t let you recognize their scamming methods at the early stages of dating with “awesome” matches on the website.

Therefore, the users of MySensualMatch dating site shouldn’t be disappointed to learn that they will never meet real women using this platform by meteor interactive b.v. The website employees chat with gullible clients and solicit money from them, no other options are possible, as many reviews of the website claim. Moreover, your anonymity is under question as well since the website by meteor interactive b.v. is a truly insufficient site that lack the simplest protection mechanisms. All in all, we do not recommend this online platform for adult dating.


  • Sensual Match is a scam platform created by meteor interactive b.v that doesn’t let you find anyone real to talk to. Mysensualmatch.com is an adult dating website that offers only fake profiles and images to defraud customers with finances. No real partner is possible to find. Moreover, if you fave any problems while using the website, the support will hardly help you as they merely doesn’t care about customers’ mental well-being during their stay on mysensualmatch.
  • Having examined the documents available at the registrar, we can’t claim that the dating site operates officially, just like other websites of Meteor Interactive. That’s why there is no wonder that people are regularly scammed here. According to the terms of usage of the website, it can use your information for its objectives and if a member agrees to the terms and conditions, the personal data is likely to be leaked. Not a good choice for dating, believe us - your anonymity won’t be preserved.
  • Yes, the website is notorious for scam activities and paid membership that brings users no real dating but sky-high prices and disappointment. Operators contact members via fake profiles and customers spend a lot of money on each message to a registered user.

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