It is a creative yet complete scam for people searching for naughty partners just to money grab you.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

One-NightStand.com Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

People are ready to pay a lot of money to talk to hot women on the internet. Although the initial start of such relationships is done in writing, it doesn’t reduce the passion that users experience on the One Night Stand website. You are free to join the website, provide correct information, upload gorgeous photos and start leading your best male sex life. The age gap between men and women on the website isn’t significant — the pool of candidates is advertised to be good.

The intellectual property and ownership belongs to The Perfect Match Limited
1, 6-ti Sptermvri St., 1st floor, office-1 1000 Sofia, BG
You can reach its operators at 33644631219, but it is constantly non-available
There is an online contact form on the official page of the organization. They promise to reply within twenty-four hours after the request is received, but it is a fake promise.

At some point of checking the landing page of the One Night Stand website, we understood that such promos did sound fishy to us — too much good isn’t good, too. Considering our previous experiences when we recognized scam dating platforms among beautiful and appealing webs, we have decided to determine the real quality of chatting with a woman on the One Night Stand dating website. Unfortunately, this service provider is another shameless company that doesn’t react to negative comments of its users. Stay tuned to find out more about this scam dating portal. Let’s get this research started!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at One-NightStand.com

Our team provides reviews on dating organizations that don’t seem to satisfy the basis needs of its customers — to build reliable connections between men and women through online messages in the chosend dating niche (sex dating, senior dating, and other categories). What about One-Night Stand? It is the right moment to check it out!

Registration at One-NightStand.com

As in the case with such dating sites, we had an opportunity to register for free. Apart from its simplicity, our team reviews no great features about the overall experience with the site — it doesn’t take an eternity to get responses from women, but those messages are full of mistakes and fake.

The approach to registering is strandard:

  • Customers create their profile and highlight their gender, whom they are searching for, and residence location (within the USA).
  • You pick up your username, add a secure password, and start browing on the site. At least, that happens with the rival domains. When it comes to the distinguished platform, it is enough to provide your preferences and adjust the profile later. You will immediately have access to the general view of the site. We weren’t able to send messages and other actions without a prepaid subscription.
  • It is possible to connect your profile with Google too.

According to the analyzed dating site’s policies, “one-night Stand reserves the right to delete the accounts of Users who have not subscribed by means of paid subscriptions in One-night Stand for the last 6 weeks or more.” In practice, the system might proceed with unauthorized charges of your card to prolong your paid subscription — we have seen several complaints of this kind.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

Based on our experience with the One Night Stand Site, local ladies don’t chat with registered men. They just lure them into staying on the site for more and make them buy credits endlessly. Any person can recognize when they get stupid questions and empty promises for proposals to hang out in real life.

It’s not out of the question to understand when people lie to you. When we chatted with a girl from Illinois, she didn’t know some characteristic aspects about this state and country in general, although they were common sense things for Americans.

Our conversations with cute women were completely disappointing. Who likes to engage in flirting with the site’s operators? It’s hard to say how much they receive from this ripping-off technique, but they aren’t enthusiastic at all. We came across lots of retouched photos, stock-free images, and some stolen pictures as well — there are such complaints in the customers’ responses about the company’s trustworthiness.

The Cost of Membership

To lead any type of interaction with females on the site like sending messages, you have to contact them after recharging your profile balance. The pricing plans are very expensive and non-recurring:

  • The cheapest offer goes for around three hundred dollars, and you get seventy-five coins only.
  • There are no trials, so you pay more and more. The maximum stake is two thousand five hundred coins for over seven thousand US dollars. It is a mammooth price and probably the biggest tag we’ve seen so far amongst fake service providers.

With so many negative reviews and fake profiles, we don’t recommend you waste your money and buy credits just to fool around with this service. Even for pure entertainment purposes, it hides too many hazardous features. Standard women’s responses and typical photos from the net won’t replace your money and free time.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

The One Night Stand Site doesn’t take any responsibility — this company rejects any form of liability. In turn, registered members choose this domain with hopes for high-quality service and customer support yet get nothing but complete fraud.

For more detail about the site’s professional scams, check some extracts from its terms and policies — these reviews will help you realize the insufficiency of this service provider in the industry:

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, You release the Company from responsibility, liability, claims, demands or damages of every kind and nature, known and unknown (including, but not limited to, claims of negligence), arising out of, or related to, disputes between users and the acts or omissions of third parties.

One-night Stand rejects any possible responsibility for any possible damage or loss as a result of encounters between Users or non-users generated by the use of the One-night Stand online web platform.

Source: https://one-nightstand.com/terms-and-conditions

They left empty promises to solve the issue when we tried to contact them to report fake profiles and finally ban them. This company’s operators just sent us lots of excuses and told us that their technical team would check the matter. What’s more, they offered a little discount to buy more credits. Basically, their intention was to lure us into spending cash for their credits.

The Conclusion from Our One-NightStand.com Review

Our team doesn’t find the One Nightstand dating site a reliable source for online dating experiences. Whatever age dating community you would like to join, your palette of prospective perfect matches will be limited to fictitious accounts, the users of which are impossible to hang out with and date in reality. Flirting with fake profiles isn’t pleasant as well. What’s more, we doubt that such a fraudulent site takes care of end users’ security and dating well-being. The final thought of this review is straightforward: our team doesn’t suggest utilizing the scam services of the One NightStand dating site.


  • A registered person expects to get what the company's name implies — perfect dating with strangers with no strings and full of pleasure. In practice, users encounter different types of errors, including chat offline notifications, and spend time, solving on-site issues and how to delete their profiles. It is literally beyond possible to withstand conversations with cute bots and the stupid questions they ask. Our team does consider this tactic scamming and fraudulent.
  • Staying with the One Night Stand website won’t be a benefitial decision for interested members. The reason for that is the fact that this is a review about a fake company with scam services. Girls reply to your messages, but registered women can steal and use the submitted information without your consent. The analyzed dating business doesn’t support its members at all and rejects all the possible liability, which transforms your experience with the One Night Stand dating site in an absolutely waste of time and failure. There might be women who suffer from fake accounts of male members of the site, but the ratio is significantly less compared to how many men suffer negative consequences. So our team issues zero credits of credibility and realibility to the One Night Stand company.
  • It is a complete scam dating site with numerous bots and operators that fool end users with no shame, but we can't say it is a new one. We determine the potential threat of chatting with any woman as an extremely high risk of being trapped in a subscription trap. There are multiple reviews of former users and experts like our team that confirm the inappropriate prestige of the site in the market — it is a scam solution and nothing more.

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