Only flirts is an insufficient dating website where the company operates system profiles of attractive women and men to scam its members. We recommend you avoid registering here.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Only flirts: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Performing the test dating websites search, it is important to understand your goal. For example, Take Two Digital Ltd is a company that created a casual dating site where informal members can meet. Other members to be who are not registered or full-fledged members will not be able to participate in dating. The company promises an unforgettable users entertainment experience. The objective of this site can briefly be formulated as “meet singles online”.

Company name:
Take Two Digital Ltd
12 Georgiou Saktouri street Taliotis court, Suite 202
Index + city:
8011 Paphos
[email protected]

This is all the data provided for users. Customers can use it for communication and addressing their questions but don’t expect a quick response. Their online chat is lacking and it seems that only flirts doesn’t care about its users at all.

Details of Only flirts review

Before you choose this insufficient dating website, you need to pay attention to the registration process, the quality of support service, honesty, security, and much more. Now let’s look at each factor in more detail.

If you meet negative comments about this platform or other websites, it is definitely worth understanding the reason for their appearing. For example, the company Take Two Digital Ltd. was accused of creating fake profiles. And this is true because fake profiles are really there, and bots communicate with customers instead of real members, be it ladies or men.

The system profiles are a great disappointment because physical contact with this approach is impossible. Such profiles should not appear on dating sites because they spoil the reputation of the platform and destroy the very purpose of dating. Other popular ad in-demand websites do not use such things and do not cheat their members in such a dirty way.

Only flirts registration process

There is free registration on the site. The system is designed in such a way that you can sort out all the nuances quickly. You can sign up by filling out the necessary information about yourself. There are a total of 12 fields that need to be filled out. You need to write your name, date of birth, and some more data items and come up with a password. After that profiles are connected to the common system and you can see other fake accounts.

After that, you get on the landing page where you can explore all the detailed information about the service. That is, sign up enables you to use all the functionality, although it is not free. Entertainment purposes seem ambitious at first, but in reality, it is disappointing to see a large number of system profiles. Such profiles are fake, so they do not carry any significance. Theoretically and practically you can send messages, but please understand the following: you correspond with bots that want to make you pay more and more.

Registration, although there are 12 steps, has no identification procedure. That is, the management does not check whether the person who came is real or if it is some kind of intruder. Thus, the platform does not care about its customers and reputation, which is rather unpleasant.

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Fake Profile Questionnaires

This site is young, so it could not attract enough good-looking women and men. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the company is engaged in fake and scam activities. Such websites usually do not function for a long time because they quickly collect negative feedback from former members. But they often change the name of the site, so check whether your insufficient dating website belongs to the group of scammers.

Inexperienced users can rarely notice right away that there are fake accounts and fake profiles of attractive women on the site, and their casual dating will never come true. The persons featured in the profile photos seem very attractive, but the actual owners of the pictures may not even know that their photo is on a dating website. It is better not to send messages to bots, as they professionally communicate and extort money very skilfully.

This is not a very expensive report and it seems affordable to everyone, so better read the review than fall into the trap. Do not believe other members, their pretty pictures and affectionate words, because they are not written on behalf of a real person.

Cost of membership

Users in more than one review claim that the prices do not correspond to the effectiveness. And indeed a company with such system profiles should not charge crazy costs for dubious services like these. The disadvantage is that they do not offer a few free coins, but only paid rates:

Tariff: Coins Purchasing (Paysafecard):

  • 12,000 coins are worth $440
  • 25,000 coins are worth $880.

Tariff: Coins Purchasing (Credit Card, Paysafecard):

  • 300 coins are worth $20
  • 900 coins are worth $55
  • 2,000 coins are worth $110
  • 6,000 coins are worth $220
  • 200 coins are worth $10.

There is no auto-renewal. Information about purchasing more credits is available on the site or in the chat room. There are no bonuses, discounts, or promotional codes. But it’s a shame that by paying that kind of money, users will never get the casual dating and other goals they are pursuing. The above figures are even frightening. It is not clear how the founders of the platform develop such prices since normal services are not offered.

Terms and conditions of Only Flirts

This dating website has very strange terms and conditions, which can be found in a relevant section. Here you can find the whole truth because the platform clearly outlines this kind of information.

Still, numerous reviews were not written for no reason because the terms and conditions claim as follows:

The Company operates system profiles (i.e. profiles connected to accounts which have been created by the Company and which are either operated by contractors of the Company who impersonate the persons portrayed in such profiles or by a system designed to interact with users) and expressly reserves the right to chat with users through such system profiles in order to enhance the users’ entertainment experience. Physical contact with individuals behind such system profiles is strictly prohibited.

This kind of comment does not match the promises that the company and the dating site itself are talking about. You could say that messages forwarding is irrelevant here. Fake information prevails over the real, which is why there is a lot of negative feedback. There are not even a few free coins for motivation or as a reward for active users.

The conclusion from our review of Only-flirts.com

The Only flirts site does not provide the possibility of casual dating but only gives promises. There are no cheap plans or services here, as the only goal of the site is to make money. Many accounts are created for the purpose of diversity and assurance of inclusion. In any case, the messages are written by professionals who use psychological and not only influence methods.

Members are not thrilled after such experience and take a long time to stay away from such dishonesty. A website has to work honestly, especially when it comes to dating. Only flirts does not take responsibility for your confidential information. It does not follow the usual rules of dating platforms and makes many more mistakes. The members are not happy about it, so the site is filled with negative reviews. Scams are not something that should prevail in the realm of relationships, dating, and matchmaking. Such platforms should be avoided, or you risk losing all your savings.

All signs indicate that only flirts is playing a double foul game. It’s trying to scam money instead of making money in a standard way. There are very few real human visitors, but there are many artificial profiles. In addition, the services are overpriced. Even on a decent and reputable platform, you should consider whether the communication is worth so much money. The site is too young and has no advantages. It does not report spam messages, so anyone can abuse you.


  • Only flirts is a site for people of all ages who are looking for casual or sexy dating. At first glance, the unobtrusive design and pretty pictures suggest that the site is normal, but in fact, the members should expect a scam. You won’t be able to meet singles online.
  • The site offers services of all kinds. This is not only standard dating but also frank dating. According to the terms of the site, it can use your personal information for its own purposes. That is, they are signing their own consent to the deception.
  • Yes, the method is to get paid for communication with fake people, seeing their photos and data. Members pay to communicate, but they get interaction with "perfect" bots. They can write a beautiful comment to make you get carried away with the person and buy more of their services.

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