See why Onlyflings casual dating site is a subscription rip off. Should you sign up or run away?


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

A brief overview of Onlyflings

Onlyflings welcomes you with a cute lady in lingerie right on its landing page. Most members are from the United States, however, you can find those from Canada, Asia, Australia, The Virgin Islands, etc. This casual dating site doesn’t seem to be restricted to any location (we tried different IP addresses). 

Company name:
Deniro Marketing LLC
400 R St., Suite 1080, Sacramento, California, 95814, USA
[email protected]

A lot of users review onlyflings comment about a scam and fake accounts operated by the site. While working on our review about this company, we also noticed it is an insufficient dating website and the details only prove it. We found too many fantasy profiles, some of them even use celebrity photos. It could be good for entertainment if it didn’t cost you so much money. 

Members: around 650,000 from the United States (93%)

Activity: 160,000 per week

Male/female ratio: 76% of women/24% of men

Keep reading this review, Onlyflings has a lot of surprises. Learn more about this dating website right now. 

Onlyflings details

Onlyflings is a dating website, on the landing page of which there is a woman in a very revealing outfit. The content is quite erotic. This is what makes men get into a trap. With such a presentation, users on this website must be very open-minded. We had doubts you could find a match on this site, so let’s see what we found out. 


Free registration doesn’t take a lot of time. You just fill in a few lines and here you go — you are one of the members. Users can upload photos in the online section and confirm their emails at once. After you sign up for free, you can only see the profiles of users. Onlyflings has no restrictions and you can sign up while being in any country. To do it, just do the following:

  • Specify whether you are a man or woman;
  • Choose your location;
  • Submit your date of birth;
  • Provide your name;
  • Write an email address;
  • A phone number is optional.

Once you click “Accept the Terms and Conditions, you are a member! 

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Fake profiles

If you intend to find a match, then this dating site is just a waste of your time. Browse the Internet and something else for a serious relationship with a real person. A lot of members comment (and we found it out too) that the site uses fake profiles to get income. Let us tell you our story.

The member we thought a real person and talked to sent us the messages called “I like you but I have insufficient dating experience and do not want to talk outside of the site”. The rest of the members told us the same. They wanted endless fake chats online. This is something we could not get.

All the girls want you to send messages only on this entertainment service. None of them is going to ever meet you. You will hear lots of excuses, different sad stories, and whatever it is possible to say to keep your money on the site. Regardless of the free registering process, everyone will get into a subscription trap and spend hundreds of dollars for air. 

Users’ reviews on the Internet say that there are different profiles on this site. Some of them are real while the rest are fake. We did not meet any real ones while navigating and using this rip off site. They all seemed to be chat bots. 

How much does it cost?

You register for free and can read a few first messages also for free. Seeing photos of other members also doesn’t cost you anything. Compared to other Internet dating sites, Onlyflings prices are average. Let’s not forget this service is created just for entertainment purposes and you pay for air. 

  • Premium membership costs USD29.95 per month. Premium members can pay an additional USD8.95 per month to make their profiles more visible.
  • 1 credit — 1 dollar. These credits can be used to watch erotic cam shows. The shows are charged for 1 minute and their cost varies.
  • 1 text message — 25 tokens (although it is not clear how they charge for it and how this system works). 
  • Uploading up to 5 photos to your profile is free.
  • Adding up to 500 buddies is also free.

This is rather a subscription rip off because you are only talking to fake profiles. Other members will incline you to pay for entertainment. If your goal is a serious relationship, then for sure, Onlyflings paid membership is not for you. 

Here is what we found in the Terms and Conditions of Onlyflings

We recommend reading the Terms and Conditions of this scam portal carefully, as well as the reviews of other members. All new members must read every sentence of it thoroughly before allowing their subscription to rip them off. 

Here is what all members of this fake site can read: 

THIS SITE USES FANTASY PROFILES AND MESSAGES CALLED: ONLINE CUPIDS®”: You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site, may be fictitious and operated by the Site or its contractors.

Source: https://www.onlyflings.com/pop.php?page=terms

Once you become a member and pay, you will talk to fantasy profiles operated by the site instead of real person. It was created exclusively for entertainment purposes and the site doesn’t even hide this information. Are you sure you want to pay for nothing? Those members are all fake. Before you register or purchase anything on Onlyflings, you must realize it is just a waste of your money and time. If your goal is entertainment and you prefer paying for watching fake videos, then you can contact fake members on this site. 

Our verdict regarding Onlyflings

Onlyflings is quite an interesting site offering you to contact fake members for entertainment purposes. Lots of members comment about subscription traps and this is true. It renews automatically and canceling it would be a challenge. 

If you are not afraid of fake users, then you can waste your time and money on talking to chatbots. We do not recommend paying for a fake chat to anyone. Members keep being charged for memberships even after cancellation. The site’s policy made it almost impossible to stop the membership. 

Moreover, the pricing system is very tricky. You cannot understand what the video shows are charged for. You have to keep adding more tokens and cam credits to your account regardless of your premium membership. The site is a waste of huge amounts of money. It is a total scam even if looking at their Terms and Conditions. 

We test dating websites search, user profiles, payment, and many other services online cupids provide. If you want to know more details, check the answers to the following questions and learn about the Onlyflings dating website right now.


  • This is a site for users from all over the world that promises casual dating. Its landing page welcomes with a lady in her lingerie and everything seems very nice at the beginning. However, the site appears to be a rip off. Moreover, it uses plenty of fantasy profiles for communication with which you pay. The website rips its members off by charging for fake chats with ghost accounts.
  • It seems so from first sight. However, if you read the site’s Terms and Conditions, you will notice it doesn’t bear any responsibility for its members, even if they are fake. Only you bear responsibility for your experience and it is created solely for entertainment purposes. Once you accept the terms, you will most likely be scammed. Check the details of the company carefully. The website is not free and paying for a fake chat isn’t a good perspective.
  • Yes, the website is not free at all, and at the same, it charges for talking to its fake profiles. There are both real and fake profiles. You will have an expensive report if you play this lottery and guess which of the profiles are fake and which ones are real. We spent plenty of money on this website to talk in a fake chat. It is better not to sign up with this site. It’s a rip off.

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