You can only send messages to entertainment profiles on this dating site — it is definitely an insufficient website for singles.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

OurCasualContact Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Whether you are interested in sex dating or searching for a casual hookup site, this company knows what to recommend. This app attracts men and women of different ages, but the major part of users is in range from twenty-two to forty-five years old. Since it is an international community, you will encounter profiles from several countries.

Meteor Interactive B.V.
Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, the Netherlands
It is non-available.
[email protected]

Is it a fake advertisement? Our team is eager to discover. Stay tuned to find out what truth is hidden behind this fully responsive website design. Let’s get straight into the topic!

Reviews in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at Our Casual Contact

It is hard to explain why people fail to check all the information about dating apps. Chatting with girls on the Our Casual Contact platform is straightforward in its scams. You can have fun dealing with a beautiful woman on the site, but you will never see her in person in real life. It is correct to say that interested parties can entertain themselves by talking with gorgeous ladies, and that’s it.

Unfortunately, even understanding that you will communicate with women with fake profiles doesn’t save you from other scams of the domain.

Registration at the Our Casual Contact Dating Site

Our reviews would be incomplete without details about registration on dating sites. To join this website, you have to spend money to purchase credits and answer a questionnaire to activate its matchmaking algorithm. The signup process on the app takes a few moments:

  • First of all, you can sign up for free with your Google account.
  • Otherwise, fill in such fields as your gender, dating preference, city, email, username, and password.

You need to confirm the registration process and get a chance to see whether reviews about sending messages to other women on the site is true. Frankly speaking, we weren’t impressed.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

You spend money on dating websites and want to get what you pay for — hot conversations with other members. After free registration, you deal with fake profiles only and are made to respond to their ridiculous requests often. Chatting with entertainment purposes in mind, you have to see fake photos from ladies, talk with people who tell lies constantly, and waste time in similar ways.

We received fake messages from women, who even didn’t know some basic facts about the country they mentioned as their residence. Stolen pictures and duplicate accounts became natural things to encounter.

The Cost of Membership

The majority of the site features require a premium paid subscription, so users have to buy credits to be able to send messages and stay in touch with other members with photos and other details shared online. Our team usually reviews the pricing policy’s functionality only after a personal test drive, and this case wasn’t an exception.

Talking about spending money on the Our Casual Contact dating website, its coin-plan system has to be highlighted. It means the system requires more and more credits to keep communicating on this chatting site. The information on how much to pay is freely accessible on the official domain:

  • You don’t have to enter your login information to find out that there are no special trial offers. It only takes a certain number of credits to text other members. The cheapest service includes three tokens per ninety-nine cents each.
  • The next most efficient package costs three hundred US dollars and offers three hundred tokens in return for your money.
  • A real member of the community will be able to communicate with a registered woman with discounts included. However, these promotions vary from time to time. So it is better to check this information on the site.
  • Customers can answer more when they buy twenty tokens at thirty-five US dollars.
  • You get forty credits at sixty dollars. The most expensive package includes eight credits at sixteen US dollars.
  • Ladies usually lure end users into getting more tokens, especially luxurious offers for one hundred fifty dollars with one hundred twenty-five credits.

Whether you decide to waste your cash chasing coupons or not, the pricing approach seems straightforward at first — you get what you pay for. The problem is as follows: although interested parties receive a certain number of messages to send or pictures to view, it is Mission Impossible to communicate with real people. Created for entertainment purposes, such accounts engage you in talking with operators only (if not bots). Since things won’t go as they are supposed to, we advise individuals to delete this app and quit checking its updates.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

This website presents a lot of information for free. Since companies usually publish long pages of data to review their apps, numerous customers simply skip this stage of getting acquainted with target websites. Not paying attention to such terms is a prospective waste of money and other resources. You don’t have to act as if you know everything about dating sites by default. Although numerous features coincide, details matter.

As a sex dating site, Our Casual Contact lets share messages, comments, pictures, and other content only with mature members over eighteen years old. When you review profiles, you won’t find anything suspicious first. Still, given how many entertainment profiles are there, men can never be sure whether they review an account of a girl or a woman:

Profiles marked with a heart icon are fictional entertainers’ profiles rather than members profiles, physical contact with these profiles is not possible.

We tried talking with these ladies, and not all of them are bot-operated accounts. At the same time, our team can’t say it was a satisfactory test — there are still plenty of fake profiles on the dating platform.

You grant us a broad license to the content you submit and to your profile. You retain ownership of and responsibility for your content. We have the right to manage our Service to keep its content appropriate.

What’s more, this company is not responsible “for repairing, or reissuing any credit or refund or any other sum as a result of our modification of any Credits or virtual item, or for loss or damage due to error, or any other reason.”
Source: https://www.ourcasualcontact.com/agreement
End users reportedly comment about the online site’s fake deals, and a bit more attention to the terms and conditions of such companies as Meteor Interactive would prove their scam nature.

The Conclusion from Our OurCasualContact Review

Our team has thoroughly checked this online dating site. Its fake profiles don’t always show a longing for other users’ money or trouble fellow members in alternative ways. However, this company still provides lacking dating solutions instead of casual contact with women at a convenient and secure app. Compared to other reviews of Meteor Interactive sites, this case isn’t any better.


  • Former members comment on the Our Casual Contact company as a typical dating chat, where free registration comes first. Then they only experience a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction because of fake profiles and dating deals for their own money.
  • This online dating site isn’t a legit platform for real members. Its registration doesn’t prove anything, and its operators only write positive reviews about the brand and chat with other users for money.
  • In our reviews, we always highlight how fake profiles prevent real users from having fun on the platform. In the case of the Our Casual Contact site, there is no chance to hook up with people who don’t desire to make you invest more money. It is just a business enterprise, so we can’t recommend it.

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