In this review, we will talk about OurDirtyFlirt - a fake site for partner search. Negative reviews and gossip about this online dating service appear in the network on a regular basis. The operators of the chat service are the company Meteor Interactive BV, which has long been known for its doubtful reputation and the creation of several fake chat service. Would you like to try registering on a company site and try to find someone to meet on the network? Or is it better not to waste your time on no deposit registration and fraudulent tricks? Let's find it out together!


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Details of the OurDirtyFlirt review

The OurDirtyFlirt company is for women and men who are 20 years of age or older. It is oriented towards user’s from the USA. At first sight, this site attracts users with the option to pass a quick and free registration, which does not requires much effort. You can quickly and easily find singles in your area by looking at the profiles provided.

The table below provides basic contact information for the DirtyFlirt site:

Mail service
[email protected]
City and postal code of the operators
Utrecht, 3542AW
Operators head office
Savannahweg 17

Overall, it is an easy to use interface. But there are many nuances. With every day of use and testing the site, it was found out that almost all submitted profiles from the DirtyFlirt company site are written by bots. The probability of getting to the bots and not a live person to communicate or have sex with is over 90%. Yes, there are just meteor interactive employees.

Visually, the details of the DirtyFlirt site are well designed and do not raise many questions. The main page is filled with photos of beautiful girls, which are taken from the proposed profiles. A spoiler: as it turned out during the research all the photos are fake and most of them are generated by a special company site.

If you swipe the company site for a member below, you can immediately see the button with the ability to pass a quick registration. You can read how you do it and what the members can expect in the future in the next block of the review on the OurDirtyFlirt website.

Registration process on the OurDirtyFlirt site

It is not difficult to register on dirtyflirt, but the operators of the site will not help with it. We suggest you read the step by step instructions below:

  1. Go to the official DirtyFlirt site. Scroll through the presentation to the bright icon that says about registration without deposit. Click on it. There must be meteor interactive highlighted. If the button is not activated for your country, it is worth re-loading the page and trying to configure a stable Internet connection.
  2. An empty questionnaire with only two lines will open in front of you. You have to enter your name or invented nickname, which will be shown to other users in your profile. In addition, you have to enter a password, which will allow you to log in to the company site in the future. If you want to speed up the process and create an account automatically, you can use profiles from Google.
  3. After registration on the DirtyFlirt company website, you can go to the site and fill out a classic member form for dating in the network. For such site, all the participants must be fully responsive.

Note that active profiles of members on the DirtyFlirt website can be deleted. This function is available to everyone at the bottom of the personal page. The support operators should help with the process of deletion. But, as reviews show, support representatives do not work or are very slow to respond to visitors’ requests.

As reviews claim, many people wanted to delete an account. There was such a function in the member’s chat section, but it did not work in many cases. Pay attention that when you create a profile, you have to accept the terms and conditions presented in a long list. Everyone who found out about the cheating of the company site through the phone has come to this step. But what about the submitted profiles? Let’s talk about that below!

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Fake users profiles

The first thing that catches your eye is a large number of profiles with beautiful men and girls. All of them are filled out to the maximum. You can find a partner on the DirtyFlirt company website with any desires for a member. These can be people for intimacy or friendship. The first trick can be realized already at the stage of correspondence, when the beautiful girls turn into real bots, answering with clichéd phrases. Even the fake service support, which should be fully responsive, is not working.

All of this flows seamlessly into the need to buy a subscription to the company site as a member, which will allow you to continue to communicate and move on to serious action. You will not have the option of sending messages when a free SMS expires. Then, there will only be a link to information about how to pay and the terms of purchase. What are the prices offered here and why should you not buy a DirtyFlirt subscription? Let’s find out about that, because we have already tested all the features of the company site via phone.

Cost of Membership

When it comes to researching prices, we immediately notice the DirtyFlirt company site has something hidden. The cost of privacy registration and the packages offered are very high. This has already been described in numerous reviews. In the classic version, you have to pay a subscription every month. But here you pay only for the privacy messages.

You purchase a packet of letters as a member and you have a limit on how many you can use them. It’s really not convenient. But considering that most people know nothing about their privacy fake profiles, they can wait for a response. Even if you continue communicating after a month, an interlocutor won’t even notice your absence.

We think that the price of chat is not justified by its functionality. In general, the prices of company DirtyFlirt coins for emails now are as follows:

10 coins - $21.67;
25 coins - $51.23;
50 coins - $95.25;
100 coins - $177.39;
200 coins - $328.49.

Let’s draw some conclusions. You have to pay for every email you send if you want to communicate. Such compulsion to pay for the services of the DirtyFlirt fake site is very discouraging. Many people highlighted in reviews that it is much more comfortable to subscribe for a month or a week with a fixed price. Next, we also reviewed the terms of use of the privacy company site. Discover more about them from this review right now.

Terms and Conditions of the OurDirtyFlirt site

We thoroughly examined the terms and conditions of the DirtyFlirt site and determined that the fake company site is not responsible for the nature of correspondence with other people and their results. However, it is stated that Meteor Interactive BV can hide and edit profiles of its members at its discretion.

Here is a quote from the terms and conditions of the site:

We may assign or transfer all of our rights and obligations hereunder to any other person, whether by way of novation or otherwise, and you hereby give us consent to any such assignment and transfer. You agree that posting on this Website of a version of this Agreement indicating another person as a party to this Agreement will constitute sufficient notice to you of the transfer of our rights and obligations under the Agreement with you to that party.

Source: https://www.ourdirtyflirt.com/agreement

Before registration, you can’t view members’ profiles and look at their fake photos except for demo pictures of the main screen. Your profile won’t be distributed to any other online site and people who didn’t pass the registration on the company site via phone won’t be able to view it.

Conclusion from the OurDirtyFlirt review

The bottomline of our reviews is truly discouraging. There are no real profiles here, all of them are bots. The only good thing about OurDirtyFlirt is the anonymity of the members profiles for people who have not registered on the site. In all other aspects, this is a frank scam.

It is also worth highlighting the fact that you do not pay a subscription but purchase the coins, which can provide the ability to write messages in anonymity chatting for other members. Even if you quickly register for free, it does not cover the cost of the coins. In addition, the prices are quite high, considering the available offers.

All gorgeous photos in the profiles are also fake. Looks like these are not real people, but pics generated through special programs. In this way, the DirtyFlirt company platform is completely filled with beautiful scam profiles meant to attract many other members in the shortest time possible. In our opinion, DirtyFlirt’s coin payment scam and privacy communication with anonymity online bots is not really something worth spending your time on!


  • The site is for people looking for companionship, relationships or sex. Men and women over the age of 20 can communicate here. At first sight, the platform positions itself as a reliable place for dating in the network. But as practice and reviews show, it is OurDirtyFlirt that deceives people with fake profiles and lures them into making a purchase of virtual online company coins to send letters. Almost all other members are not satisfied with the quality of service.
  • If you tick that you agree to the terms and conditions during registration, there is a 100 percent risk that it could be a scam. The company may use your personal information without notification for its own private purposes, which violates privacy rights. And other members can see this data. We recommend you are careful.
  • After a profound research, we can say for sure this site is a scam. The submitted profiles are fake. Visually, everything looks honest and transparent. But when it comes to communication, it becomes immediately obvious that you will have to pay a lot of money for any messages and virtual gifts. That's the essence of scam, when people pay for communication not with live users, but with artificial intelligence. So be careful, guys!

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