This insufficient site has a very slick operation and works for buying credits only.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

OurSecretFlirts Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Created by Meteor Interactive, this platform promises to be your daydream miracle. In practice, registering an account here usually leads to scam and negative emotions. We were dissapointed with a low number of female profiles, and several of them don’t belong to real women — fine print. On fake profiles for secret flirts, it isn’t a rare thing to see a hot lady in their thirties who writes she a twentysomething. The on-site search engine doesn’t function properly either.

Meteor Interactive B.V.
Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, the Netherlands, CC: 74034782
Emails are preferred
[email protected]

It is for people over eighteen years old, but your age isn’t verified or confirmed, which creates room for new search issues and fake details. Seeking new comments, its users are frequently asked to buy more credits and spend money. However, if there are any issues with the website, overcharges, moneyback policies, this brand truly shows off its slick operation.

This company is designed to compete with classic social media solutions that come for free. Based on real-money bonds, on-site conversations are meant to be maintained wih self-entertaining purposes. You are basically asked to pay more to get access to flirting and fantasy chats online and read new comments.

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at OurSecretFlirts

According to our research, the Meteor Interactive company has at least three hookup websites to spend money on. We tested some of them, and their chats and responses are really similar with multiple same lines and flirting tactics. There are numerous begging and crying ladies who ask for more new comments without providing anything in return. Our experts talked to women with constant problems with internet connection (an excuse for not sending their pictures). And even when they did send some pictures, a lot of them were simply phony photos.

Your account details are publicly available, and no discreet communication is maintained. Thanks to creating separate accounts for new comments, we didn’t have issues with security, but only God knows how many spam messages have been received on those abandoned accounts so far.

Registration at OurSecretFlirts

Only straight people are meant to sign up. It is a popular policy among dating sites, but more and more domains prefer gender- and orientation-friendly approaches. Neither the registration nor the login process will surprise you. Our experts created accounts as a man looking for women and a woman searching for men. The general palette remained the same, even though we stated different dates of birth — you age won’t change anything here.

We believe registering with Google seems tempting for many users. However, considering the reputation of the brand and its fake policies, this method receives a big “no” from us. There is always a chance to be hacked and lose tons of data.

Hot chat

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Ladies’ Fake Profiles 

Are you ready for multiple occasions showing phony photos and incredibly slow responses from fake profiles? That’s what Our Secret Flirts will be all about. How do you like that physical contact and secret flirts that are promised turn out impossible? Our experts aren’t sure how any hookup can work if the interlocutor person is crazy about finances only.

Users can come across real women from Eastern European countries who rarely answer when using non-trial plans, but not in one-hundred-percent of cases. Both male and female users are victims of the company, but their profiles aren’t commonly shown to each other. What you will receive is a programmed feed with answers and responses that are known ahead. It is up to customers how soon to write the next message, but girls here can really trick good guys — one of our specialists had to talk to a woman who missed him very much, always, 24/7. Just imagine that begging to pay attention to her. It could be normal if it hadn’t required more cash to spend.

The Cost of Membership

Compared to other websites under the same ownership, this case can at least boast of the other design — dark and romantic tones. The pricing approach is standard for the brand under consideration. To get access to profile photos and chats you have to get more credits. The time the other person responds varies on how regular you visit this platform on your own. We noticed that more frequent charges (namely, preferring small-credit packages) was somehow tracked. If we were almost out of credits and the dialog was over, several girls tried to initiate it again. Payments are accepted in different currencies, but the exchange rated aren’t highlighted on the site:

  • $0.6 per message is the cheapest price, but you will be able to get just sixteen credits at once.
  • The most expensive token is the package of seven credits — almost three bucks per message.
  • You will have to pay $1.9, $1.4, and $1 per text in packages with 52, 105, and 300 tokens correspondingly.

A non recurring coin plan at decent money that goes for the website showing phony photos is a bit too much, we are convinced. If you have some coins left on your balance, they will expire for you when remained unused within a certain period of time. They can’t be returned back — no refund policies are presented.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

The Our Secret Flirts dating website’s chat with women is possible for real money only. The principle is simple: you buy credits and responses. When you read terms of the company, it becomes clearer why so many warning messages are omitted — long pages with information don’t seem a good idea. We did this task for you to save your time and let you spend it on top-notch dating websites from a reputable company:

The Service and all of its content, including all copyrights… and all other intellectual property rights… are owned or controlled by Meteor Interactive B.V., our licensors, and certain other third parties.

Your right to access and use the Service and the Intellectual Property shall automatically terminate upon any violations. These rights are non-exclusive, limited, and revocable by us at any time in our sole discretion without advance notice or liability.

For more detail, check the official domain. Instead of secret flirts with other members, you get new comments from fake profiles and overall scam online dating services. The content is promised to be genuine on the distinguished dating sites, but the varieties of total scam you might witness here can’t help but impress — from pictures that interest in their photoshopped techniques only to tons of obvious and hidden notes about spending money for scam secret flirts.

The Conclusion from Our OurSecretFlirts Review

All the dating sites from the distinguished brand we have ever analyzed are total scams with several woman who keeps on asking to buy credits to stay in touch. Our experts contacted both regular profiles and those marked with a heart icon, and their replies, as well as the style of profile photos, turned out to be extremely alike.


  • This platform is created to spend time in chats, exchanging messages, using search filters, etc. to communicate with like-minded individuals with alike tastes and preferences. After you sign up though, the magic of this promise starts fading slowly but steadily. The first signs of scam are minor, but such negative comments and notes might increase after buying credits the second time.
  • They avoid committing a crime by their policies by mentioning only those who write messages are responsible for any inconveniences. They mention that they are governed in accordance with the U.S. law, but there are customers from other countries as well. With or without VPN services, this platform is accessible for “fun” contact with bots or hired real women. When you chat with women at the Our Secret Flirts dating website, you should always remember that your access can be blocked any time.
  • This site advertises hot talking about sex and other private topics with its huge contact list, but it is a total scam. New comments, as well as the majority of pictures shared, are pretty basic and can be done at any social media without paying extra. The Our Secret Flirts dating website charges credits regularly since its pricing packages aren’t varied. Talking experiences with women are limited and lead to no fun for registered users, regardless of their residential city and how remote their location is in general.

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