PlaceToChat legit services are a trap for online daters — lots of promises for tons of virtual coins will await you at this professionally fake dating site.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

PlaceToChat.com Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

The PlaceToChat dating site can boast of having a sleek and intuitive design. It is definitely a breeze after seeing so many websites with nude or sexy photos on the official page. Its operators claim to create a community of like-minded individuals that are really focused on seeking new acquaintances and building bonds. Interested parties can sign up without difficulty and enjoy free features at the high-end communication platform.

This description does sound extremely appealing, doesn’t it? Our team was tempted to check and review this online dating website. We aimed at testing how proactive its customer support is, whether there are any fake profiles or scam services, and define the overall impression from the Place To Chat website. Unfortunately, our hopes didn’t come true — it is another sample of fraudulent companies with the only desire to make end users buy credits and spend more money on virtual coins.

It isn’t stated on the website, but we suspect Aphelion Digital Corp to own this chat
[email protected]

Willing to know what made us think that way? It is high time to join our marvelous journey in the universe of scam dating websites. Stay tuned and see what features such reviews should include. Mind the gap!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at PlaceToChat.com

The information on the homepage is sparse. It doesn’t give a vibe of a typical dating website. It doesn’t let potentially interested customers define this place as one of the exclusive dating sites either. The Place To Chat dating site resembles a regular chat room without any physical contact possibilities. However, this domain states to be something more than a safe space where people may find pen pals.

This uncertain and ambiguous description gives room for fake profiles and spam services to appear. In turn, instead of getting a chance to communicate with beautiful women, you tend to appear in chat rooms with fictional characters or converse with operators. The official page makes several references to entertainment as a goal, which we consider another hidden excuse to distribute scam dating services to target audiences. Thanks to our own research, we have managed to define how phony this analog to secure chat rooms truly is. Onwards!

Registration at PlaceToChat.com

The registration process is straightforward. To get access to PlaceToChat services, you will need to do the following:

  • This chat is compatible with different browsers, target devices, and operating systems. The PlaceToChat mobile app is a mobile-adapted version of the official page.
  • You create a free profile by filling out the requested fields and agreeing to the site’s terms and conditions. You can sign up with Google as well.
  • After you sign up, twenty complimentary credits will be forwarded to your account. The system enables novice users to try out the platform’s fundamental functions and send messages for free before deciding whether to use it further. 

According to the latest reviews, it is a daunting task to define Place To Chat as a scam. The accounts are pretty adjustable. The chats are pretty good at first. It isn’t a first mail service but replies are prompt at the very beginning.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

Enthusiasts don’t have to pay for reading and browning other members’ profiles. The charge isn’t taken for registration too. That’s all when it comes to getting your decision to sign up. You will be able to send messages to fake and fictional accounts only. The latest reviews about this international platform state that the number of real customers’ bios has dropped, and we have definitely experienced that.

Its operators use lots of psychological tricks and play on weaknesses people usually have. If you have ever felt lonely, its pen pals will be your best friends. Since you are friends, it isn’t a problem to assist her in need, especially financially. This simple scam scheme is popular and hooks up several new members. Photos influence a lot here, we must admit.

It is complicated to see what bios are fake fictional profiles. You won’t be able to search for them and find them right away. In practice, you chat with random operators or bots. Companies like PlaceToChat inspire to leave negative comments. Considering how inspiring and motivational this platform is, the disappointment about its “safety” and genuine relationships is overwhelming once the truth is found out.

The Cost of Membership

PlaceToChat services promise to impress end users with their efficacy, but that doesn’t happen. Unlike competitor dating websites with more transparent scam reputations, the Place To Chat solution doesn’t publicly reveal its pricing packages. We have registered on our own and found out they are fluctuating:

  • This credit system is designed to stimulate conversation and make customers continue communication. It costs money to start a dialog, send messages, and continue communicating in general.
  • Purchasing credits is slightly more beneficial for new members since they might take the most out of occasional discounts.
  • The more credits you buy at once, the cheaper the package is.
  • Other services are also chargeable. One of the unique features of the website seems to make PlaceToChat worth it — the ability to send flowers and alternative gifts to your interlocutors. The prices vary. Once the order is placed, you have an extremely short period to cancel it. If you don’t delete it and there are any issues, troubleshooting is complicated.
  • According to several PlaceToChat reviews, once the funds are spent, there are minimal chances they will be refunded back.

Although you will find several mentions your investments can be reimbursed, it is far from reality. We tried to request a refund, and it didn’t work:

Our maximum liability or responsibility to you is to replenish the Credits lost and only in a limited number of cases provided.

We will not provide you with any real currency.

As you can guess, there are zero chances to get your money back by trying to solve your issues with the analyzed company directly. The only real opportunity is available for people who paid with PayPal. Their number isn’t high because the website seems to be specifically designed to accept only credit or debit card payments. We managed to transfer money via MasterCard only. The chat declined the transaction via Discover for our second test account, also it is on its service list.

For more information about their policies, keep on reading this article and visit their official page to verify the truth is on our side.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Without a doubt, PlaceToChat review can’t be complete without an in-depth analysis of its duties and liabilities. If you tend to skip this research stage, checking what platforms to visit, we suggest paying more attention to our reviews and getting this information briefly in one place. This is especially valid for customers who think negative reviews from former users are pre-paid and, therefore, scams.

PlaceToChat dating site has lots of fake fictional profiles. Its operators just don’t leave any marks or signs that such accounts belong to fictional characters. When we got acquainted with the company’s policies, everything fell into place. This chat uses other types of profiles, as they name it, to satisfy registered members’ needs for communication with the opposite sex. Here is what our team would like to highlight after checking the source:

You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some profiles appearing on Placetochat may be created or operated by Placetochat or third-party contractors.

You understand, acknowledge, and agree that said profiles do not pertain to any actual person, but are included in Placetochat for the reasons stated hereinabove.

Placetochat personnel or contractors may contact Users, from time to time, via computer-generated instant messages or emails for purposes of encouraging further or broader participation in Placetochat.

Do you have any desire to rely on such a website? We don’t think so.

The Conclusion from Our PlaceToChat.com Review

Once you start searching for truth and find it, you will understand why this company is a total scam. Regardless of how suspicious negative reviews seem, you won’t be able to communicate with like-minded individuals as promised. This is one of the detailed PlaceToChat reviews, and we strongly suggest potential daters take into account that scams and fake offers can have different features and be non-obvious at first.


  • The PlaceToChat online dating platform allows searching for soulmate partners and relationships for free. In practice, it is just a hidden method of scam with fake pages led by operators to fool random people.
  • Online dating at Place to Chat is a legal activity, but your safety and security are doubtful. The use of SSL protocols and other protection measures haven’t been detected. We have come across only fake ladies to communicate with.
  • Thanks to its operators and website construction, people have so many difficulties trying to understand whether it is a scam platform. Its fake accounts and several absent liabilities, as well as financial and information leak threats let us announce it as a fake dating platform with ill-minded intentions. This chat site is professional in scamming and creating fake fictional profiles. Even if you chat with girls, it doesn’t mean those profiles wouldn’t belong to male operators on placetochat free.

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