The Premium Adult Flirts portal is an insufficient dating website to register for any adult and use its premium membership.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Premium Adult Flirts Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

This premium adult dating portal is an ambassador of casual dating tools and matchmaker mechanisms. Thanks to this online dating portal office, iternet users’ dreams to find their soulmates might come true. The Premium Adult Filter.com website is one of the most advanced dating sites on the internet. Its developers tend to improve the casual dating site’s landing page regularly and make the conditions of its premium membership more luxurious and tempting.

Glondon Limited
Kleomenous 2, 1st Floor, Office 12, 1061 Nicosia, Cyprus
[email protected]

Our team decided to analyze this casual dating site because of numerous comments and inquiries from our readers to test dating websites search here. Like in the case with other reviews we proceed with, our task is to reduce the number of people who can’t escape the trap of fake profiles and financial scams on non-legit premium adult dating sites.

After taking a brief glance at this casual dating website, you won’t consider it a fake chat. What scams the internet users of this dating portal can experience? Keep on reading this Premium Adult Flirts.com review to find out!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at Premium Adult Flirts

Our team reviews fake chats to tell users of online dating services the truth. The matchmaker domain under analysis is headquartered in Cyprus, but this office is oriented toward the international community of singles interested in online and in-person premium adult dating. Its premium membership is accessible at a high price tag, which commonly makes people think the final result will be awesome. Unlikely for them, this outcome is never at your disposal. Want to know why? Stay tuned!

Registration at Premium Adult Flirts

Free registration isn’t a surprising bonus, and premium adult flirts.com isn’t the first and far from the last portal with such opportunities for users. The signup process includes a few easy steps:

  • You will need to select your username and password, as well as submit your email address.
  • This solution doesn’t identify their users’ backgrounds thoroughly, but you will need to acknowledge you are older than eighteen years old.

After you register, there is a high risk to be automatically transferred to the fake chat page. This automatic renewal scheme is used to encourage users to start conversations immediately, take a look at the fake profiles’ images, and get a paid membership subscription as soon as possible.

In this Premium Adult Flirts.com review, we also would like to highlight an overwhelming number of commercial and advertising links to third-party data at premium adult flirts.com. You won’t find anything suspicious on the landing page — all the miracles and spam notifications are hidden in fake chats and can be sent to you by operators of fake profiles.

This Premium Adult Flirts.com review won’t leave you without unexpected surprises. After we canceled our accounts at this casual dating, we found out that the ability to sign up and get access to its contacts, fake chats, and premium memberships became limited. At the moment, access to fake profiles and users accounts is available upon invitation. We couldn’t even request to be authorized as valid users of the paid membership right on the portal over the internet. 

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

The platform’s details about account details are limited to non-registered users. There are quite a few images on the landing page, which lets you understand not just casual dating is possible — erotic adventures are welcome too. With free registration, we didn’t get several features for profile adjustment. Images of other accounts were pretty nice, but we couldn’t check their details. Such matchmaker sites commonly require a paid membership for greater user rights, and the case of Premium Adult Flirts.com illustrates this approach perfectly.

The Cost of Membership

After registration, users have access to a short-term trial membership period. The problem is that it requires entering your credit card details, so there is a high risk of being charged for a paid membership on this platform without consent — just automatic renewal. One comment says that it can extend automatically, while other members state in their Premium Adult Flirts.com reviews that overcharges are possible.

Anyway, Premium Adult Flirts.com is a greedy company with bad reputation that demands mammoth money prizes for its fake chats and fake profiles:

  • Trial membership — it is activated automatically after the user account is created. We didn’t have any issues with trial membership, but there are several Premium Adult Flirts.com reviews, where customers warned about the risks of being charged without them knowing.
  • Paid membership — also known as a premium membership subscription, it will provide more exclusive and entertainment details about user profiles and diversify your communication tools. For instance, you would be able to send a gift to other users.

Not only does Premium Adult Flirts.com require a lot of money to provide you with all the requested details and access to the portal and its features, but also does it scam its members through fake chats and fake profiles. External links to third parties might decrease your cyber safety and lead to information/money leaks.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Our test dating websites search for imperfections at the Premium Adult Flirts free online dating portal can’t help but lead to the analysis of its policies vs. other dating sites and how many liabilities they take and correspond to. Right before registration, potential users of any chat have to thoroughly read its conditions. Otherwise, they will open a highway to hell like registered members of the Premium Adult Flirts.com website.

These pieces of knowledge are extremely crucial since they enable you to avoid a rip off subscription trap of scam dating sites:

All sales are final. We have a “no refunds” policy. In our sole discretion and in extraordinary circumstances, we may provide credits in the form of free time or provide discounts in the event You experience technical difficulties that You demonstrate to have made a sincere effort to resolve.

The website’s customer support tries to convince its members that it is needlessly time-consuming to request a chargeback and stimulate direct contact to solve any related issue in an easy and speedy way. In practice, they “do not provide cash refunds, unless [they] determine in [their] sole discretion that extraordinary circumstances apply.

After regular problems with trial memberships that are highlighted in negative comments about this matchmaker site, its overall approach is far from being fair and thoughtful:

… disclaims any liability with regard to the Communication Services and any actions resulting from your participation in any Communication Service. Managers and hosts are not authorized Company spokespersons, and their views do not necessarily reflect those of Company.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless COMPANY… and third parties, for any losses, costs, liabilities and expenses… relating to or arising out of your use of or inability to use the Website or services.

Company and its supplies make no representations about the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness, and accuracy of the information, software, products, services and related graphics contained on the website for any purpose.

Source: https://premium-adult-flirts.com/page/terms
Do you still believe that simple registration for free leads to no harm? This matchmaker spreads its solutions on the internet the way they please without considering the interests and benefits of their target audiences. For additional details to complement the useful information of this Premium Adult Flirts.com review, its fake accounts, and rip off paid membership, check the corresponding section on the official website.

The Conclusion from Our Premium Adult Flirts Review

To cut this long story shows, we would like to mention that the majority of Premium Adult Flirts.com reviews are bad not because of incompetent experts — they just depict the reality. Premium adult flirts.com has an accurate landing page, but when it comes to its search engine tools, trial membership, and other details, it becomes an actual trap for users.


  • At this website domain, interested parties expect to receive high-end online dating services in the sex dating category. By joining this community, members acknowledge they are responsible for the company’s bad reputation and lack of exclusive features. Even though users pay a lot of money, they won’t be able to date another adult off the site. The reason for that is that the major part of accounts belongs not to members but to employed professionals, who lead communication with interlocutors.
  • Our team doesn’t find the Premium Adult Flirts online dating portal a worthy and legit sample of hookup and casual dating sites. Premium Adult Flirts.com has a bright and tempting landing page with a sleek design, but its functionality is lacking. The platform is questionable, largely thanks to its fake chat operators, a rip off subscription trap, and spam messages from this-party providers on the internet. Taking into account that this website was established more than two years ago, we don’t expect any improvement or useful information to appear in the future.
  • This website’s bad reputation isn’t caused by competitors — it is a result of the company’s own activities. Although the platform itself seems like a nice casual dating portal, you will find a lot of negative comments and expensive reports from reputable parties like our team. The Premium Adult Flirts online dating portal promises a lot of entertainment for registered members, including erotic adventures and sex-related messages. According to our research and website analysis, it is an actual trap. This insufficient dating website offers only free registration to access fake profiles monitored by fake chat operators. Premium adult flirts free services are extremely limited since the basic purpose is to rip off other members of the community and catch them in the subscription trap.

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