The RomanceTicket dating app from the Interdat LTD company is the right way to fake chatting with bots and scam communication with operators.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

RomanceTicket.com Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Would you like to be a person who has no issues finding new partners or speaking with strangers without difficulty? The RomanceTicket dating app is the right way to get started (a little disclaimer — it isn’t). This service provider is oriented toward younger generations more, so it won’t suit senior dating requests.

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RomanceTicket.com presents a professional image in its promotion. But after some investigation, we learned that this website is merely for amusement and entertainment purposes. The website’s subscriber pool appears to be full of phony accounts — we chatted with lots of suspicious members on the RomanceTicket dating app.

The right way to describe its insufficient services is by proceeding with a step-by-step analysis. But here is a little spoiler: operators are in charge of those bogus identities. They will make contact with members and encourage interaction to enlarge the amount of money spent on this scam dating site’s service list. Let’s find out why else the RomanceTicket dating application is a lacking website. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at Romance Ticket

Is the RomanceTicket dating app better than Facebook? People are ready to pay huge amounts of money to find their perfect matches. Professional websites are suited for the purpose more. However, such platforms as the RomanceTicket are scam samples to avoid.
People e meet other individuals regularly online. So it is reasonable to discover exclusive ways to protect yourself from scam offers even if sex-related videos seem too tempting to refuse.

Registration at Romance Ticket

The platform free registration form doesn’t impress with its detailed delving into your personal preferences, contact details, etc. To let you use advanced features like the ability to receive images and enjoy uploaded videos, you have to sign up for the RomanceTicket dating app:

  • We had to choose our basic tastes, highlighting whether we were searching for men or women on the site. It is oriented toward straight couples, although different types of hookup relationships might arise too — it depends on your personal interaction with a particular individual on the site.
  • Only valid email addresses are accepted. They are verified, but that doesn’t mean you are going to meet verified singles on the website. With lots of malware, there is no function to report spam profiles.

People meet new people based on the website’s search algorithm. It seems that you can distinguish real people among bots by non-professional pictures on their profiles and more genuine text messages. However, this approach doesn’t work since you get instant messages from the site’s operators too, not only from bots. But let’s discuss why the RomaticTicket dating profiles are a total disaster in the next chapter of this review.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

The live-chat features are pretty well-designed. After we proceeded with the platform free registration form, we were enabled to send instant messages to fellow customers on the RomanceTicket dating app. It is a multicultural community, so there are cases when language barriers might cause issues. The site has a poor in-built translation service, so we used third-party tools to get the contact details of other registered customers.

It is easy to mind long distances with the analyzed website since no physical contact is possible. Since there are no verified singles, we never knew whether we did receive images or new messages from real people or uploaded videos for the site’s animators. Fake profiles are simpler to catch in the long run since the initial stages of communication are pretty standard and don’t make you feel suspicious. We also didn’t at first.

The Cost of Membership

People e meet and find love online successfully, and there are several statistical studies showing off the efficiency of this method. With reliable dating websites, we have reviewed the same degree of trustworthiness and success rate. Unfortunately, that doesn’t relate to the performance of the RomanceTicket dating app. With reputable dating sites, experts tell interested parties to mind long distances and language barriers when they chat with a beautiful girl.

In the case of this particular service, we highly recommend individuals correlate the prices and the product’s usefulness itself:

  • This dating site doesn’t offer free trials or at least trial plans.
  • Its packages are ripping-off and cost hundreds of dollars for a rather moderate number of coins. Please note you will have to use coins to send instant messages, get access to new messages, and so on.
  • The most expensive tariff provides three hundred twenty coins for over three thousand US dollars. It is one of the most terrific packages in the market, where the balance between quality and price doesn’t favor customers.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Searching for love online can also make people blind. Modern daters aren’t accustomed to getting acquainted with large policies, and that’s where the RomanceTicket online dating app can get the nerve in its rules:

You might occasionally come across individuals connected to Accounts who may have been set up by computer programs to resemble human interactions or who may have been created fraudulently, with the intention of defrauding you or causing you to leave the Site (commonly known as bots).

When you use our site, you may engage with any user or system profile, but we are not liable for any disagreements or conflicts you may have with them. You consent to waive any claims, demands, and damages you may have against us in disagreements with other users or system profiles.

As you see, these statements prove that it’s impossible to build connections with other members of the chat based on the company’s rejection of any liability and responsibility. Even if we assume that you start chatting and don’t cross the line in your recent activities, you are vulnerable in front of the organization’s freedom of choice. Its operators can manipulate your profile and related data in different ways desired.

The Conclusion from Our Romance Ticket Review

When you build connections with potential partners, you don’t usually think about long-term perspectives. You start chatting to enjoy the process and see how it goes. This is one of the most widespread reasons why a typical user will tolerate weird recent activities from his interlocutor. Such companies as the RomanceTicket dating app uses this trust to its fullest extent, offering fake website profiles and never-to-become-real dates with gorgeous women. Our team has analyzed this site in detail and doesn’t suggest trying its insufficient performance to anyone.


  • Your internet journey will be based on online dating with customers for entertainment purposes. When desired, users can speak with their perfect matches and implement mature dating experiences. Unfortunately, the site isn’t trustworthy and offers a lot of fake profiles instead of real dating assistance.
  • This dating site doesn’t promise a satisfactory journey in the world of exciting online dating. Instead of regular communication with hot girls, you will try to solve issues with your equipment caused by the app’s bots and scam malware. The information about the company’s owner is hidden, so we can’t consider it a legal dating site.
  • User photos and other data can be used by this fake dating app’s operators without the original owners’ consent and prior notice for any need. It is unreasonable to hope this site isn’t a scam platform. Its scam solutions don’t limit to fake profiles and include the use of malware and ripping-off pricing packages.

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