If you want to meet your fictitious partner, the SecretFuckBook company will be the right choice for entertainment purposes only.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

SecretFuckBook.com Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

The landing page of the SecretFuckBook is appealing and promises unique sex pleasures for men — that’s what this dating site is about. It is highlighted as the frontrunner solution in online sex contact with many mature women. Interested parties can meet their hot and sexy lovers in just a few clicks — the registration process is simple and intuitive.

Mountain Top Digital AG
Postplatz 1, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
There is no opportunity to speak with the dating company’s managers.
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We received several requests from our readers to analyze this dating company and its dating sites. Unfortunately, our conclusions aren’t positive for the SecretFuckBook dating site. Let’s check what scams it has prepared for potential registered individuals. Mind the gap!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at SecretFuckBook.com

Entertainment purposes don’t seem bad until you face what it means in practice. It is impossible to meet people whom you’ve communicated with on the dating company’s website — this site doesn’t have this purpose in mind. Your task is to pay cash and stay online; the more, the better. The aim of the SecretFuckBook company is to increase its capital through ripping-off tactics and scam dating solutions.

Registration at SecretFuckBook.com

The landing page is designed for a dominative man — that’s how the SecretFuckBook dating company visualizes appealing male interests in the sex dating medium. You don’t need to provide a lot of details to verify your age or agree to the company’s policies — signing up for its dating capabilities takes seconds.

Your ability to enter the analyzed dating site is represented in a registration form, which is subdivided into different site pages:

  • This company offers you to choose what sexual passions to discover — straight or gay. We registered a few test accounts and saw that your initial choice doesn’t reduce the number of scams. We could even copy-pasted our replies to gay and straight users, and it made no difference.
  • You specify your age in the special form by providing your date of birth.
  • When it comes to the target location, the drop-down list presents only the titles of states in the USA. On the contrary, we encountered profiles that belonged to international users during our test drive of the company’s site.
  • You finalize the registration form by choosing your username, email address, and password.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

By emailing the SecretFuckBook.com support staff and explaining the abuse or complaint you have encountered during your interaction with fellow women or other profiles on the domain, you will be able to report any misuse or criticism of the platform’s material. Technically, our trial didn’t fail — we sent a message about the user’s spam and improper behavior and attached some images additionally. The further details were misleading: no matter how concerned the site’s operators seemed in their response email, it led to no action.

What’s more crucial, after we registered, the quantity of spam notifications from different animators accounts kept on increasing. Here are some of the scam formats we faced on the SecretFuckBook domain:

  1. Ladies didn’t understand direct questions and replied with stupid things. If we asked a girl about hanging out in person somewhere locally in the state, she could blame her browser for the bad internet connection and change the topic of the conversation.
  2. We got the same messages from different profiles even though we weren’t in chatting relationships. We visited them to check whether it is possible to meet in person and received the same scam comments back. That’s why we are convinced that a certain number of profiles on the site are created for entertainment purposes only and are fake. Dating such users won’t be possible. It might be that they aren’t moderated by scamming adults rather by bots and the dating company’s operators.

In other comments of former members of the company’s site, we saw other suspicious signs that could prevent novice users from entering the SecretFuckBook:

  • financial assistance requests from fake profiles of users from and outside your contact list;
  • gay nudes for straight users and other image-related mistakes;
  • luring a registered person to visit external links by promising additional bonuses or forwarding them to those fictitious pages automatically;
  • a lacking ability to contact the SecretFuckBook dating company to delete your information from the site completely.

Simply put, members who decide to visit the company’s site and continue online entertainment don’t have any authority to maximize or even stabilize the efficiency of troubleshooting.

The Cost of Membership

This company offers a straightforward image of how its operators take payments from registered users. You have to purchase digital tokens to access some of the features and services provided on the SecretFuckBook dating site. The list includes sending messages to fellow members of the community. Please note that all the transactions will be non-recurring:

  • There is a promotional package with ten tokens for ten US dollars. The same package without discounts will cost you almost twice more.
  • For twenty-five tokens, you are going to pay forty US dollars.
  • The subscription for fifty tokens requires a monetary investment in the sum of seventy-five dollars.
  • Pay $135 and $230 for one hundred and two hundred tokens on the company’s site.

It is more beneficial to buy packages with more tokens. It is cheaper per token and a nice chance to get more credits for meeting prospective sex partners. That’s why the company’s users might lose hundreds of dollars on this fake chat solution with prepaid operators instead of hot chicks’ profiles.

If this dating site changes its services, they can do it without prior notice and your consent. In this case, unused tokens are promised to be transformed into refund money. We did leave some credits paid but unused. However, we didn’t receive any refund. Most probably, even if the service is to be withdrawn, the authority of this ability is under debate.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Who reads the company’s policies before signing up for its chatting services? Unfortunately for many users, it is a must-have procedure for potential members of such online dating communities. The SecretFuckBook web doesn’t let interested parties access the landing and other pages until they agree with all the organization’s disclaimers. The most prominent part is the following:

By entering the Website, I will have released and discharged the providers, owners, and creators of the Website from all liability that might arise.

Curiosity means underestimating such sites’ terms, no matter whether they are registered in Switzerland, Cyprus, or other countries, which simply leads to huge disappointment and monetary losses.

Feel free to see the most self-explanatory statements out of the SecretFuckBook site’s policies:

You could be held liable for losses incurred by us or another person due to someone else using your account or password.

We may at any time and without notice suspend or cancel your account and your right to access or use the Website or submit any content to the Website.

Content that you have uploaded to the Website, other than your profile (for example, messages) may still appear on the Website after you delete your account.

Source: https://secretfuckbook.com/agreement

Even if you don’t like to spend your time on checking how to enter such platforms successfully in detail, our team has the right solution — we test potentially fraudulent websites to ensure any profile you’ve paid for with fiat money is what you expect.

The Conclusion from Our SecretFuckBook.com Review

Whenever the SecretFuckBook dating company appears on your screen, just abandon it. This dating site is established for pure entertainment purposes — of the dating company itself, of course. This scam organization doesn’t receive real positive reviews and comments on the net.

The reason for that is an abundance of fake profiles and impossibility to meet other dating partners. It is complicated to meet fictitious profiles in person, isn’t it? All things considered, our team considers the SecretFuckBook dating company an illegitimate dating site with numbers flaws and scams.


  • The SecretFuckBook dating company is oriented toward male audiences — this website directly highlights that it offers sex pleasures for men. Its managers are everywhere, and you can chat with them freely. You just need to remember that it happens when you communicate with other users’ bios that are moderated by operators. It is just one “positive” feature that this company is an insufficient place to meet your potential lovers online.
  • The SecretFuckBook dating company is an officially registered one. However, we can’t consider it a legal company because of its approach to dealing with end users. There is nothing positive about their functionality since it is aimed at fooling customers by fictitious managers and fake photos (we’ve seen images of porn actresses and regular internet users).
  • After analyzing the SecretFuckBook dating company’s features, we are convinced that this dating site is a complete fraud. Not only will it be impossible to reach out to the dating company’s operators to solve arising issues (they hold no responsibility and liability), but also it makes the implementation of fictitious and fake accounts a positive feature — you pay for fake entertainment, stolen photos, and other insufficient stuff.

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