Dating sweet matches is a great experience for everyone. But such websites as Secret Lovers Nearby can make it a disappointment with their scam.


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Who Runs SecretLoversNearby: The Main Purposes Of This Website

Secret Lovers Nearby is a website focused on dating options for people of any age from any country. It is possible to find members starting from 18 years old. The website claims it provides regular dating services with man woman communications, not adult dating. However, it is full of various naked profiles and images that have nothing in common with any high-level dating website. 

If you were the one scammed by this dating website, use the following contact data:

Company Name
Meteor Interactive
Company location
Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, The Netherlands
Contact e-mail
[email protected]

Nonetheless, be prepared that Meteor Interactive would reply to you when you decide to join a conversation with the admin team of this scams network. Plus, there is no registered company in that country.

And there is no way to find additional information about this website. This is because the website is created for scamming people by selling them services that don’t work. 

But we rush into the Secret Lovers scamming methods a bit later. Let’s start our detailed review of Secret Lovers Nearby with the most obvious details. 

Getting Started: What Are The Main Points Of This Resource?

When we first visited the website for a review, we immediately recognized that Secret Lovers Nearby looks really familiar. And we were not mistaken. The website looked really similar to CrushNearby, a scamming website we reviewed not that long time ago. Also, same lack of an easy to use interface. If you read reviews by our team, you definitely remember that scam website.

That black filling of the website reminded us about some old-school porn websites showing some low-quality forbidden content. Everything about this dating website is obvious from the very beginning. 

However, their terms of use, contact details, and other features were not hidden, which gave us an opportunity to discover that everything reminded CrushNearby features. 

You can click “Search members near you” which would mean that you agree to be scammed. But “near you” doesn’t mean that you will be able to find members from any country. It is a poorly made feature.

Now, let’s dive deeply into the work of this website: fake profiles, fake messages, naked photos, absence of trials and coupons, scamming methods, harassing members, and poor registration processes. 

Registration on this website: what funny moments we faced?

There is no secret that registration is the portal between a landing page and dating itself. And it has to be comfortable for average Internet users. Unfortunately, real members don’t use SecretLoversNearby.

This dating website irritated us with a really slow registration process. After setting a default nickname “user123,” we were able to proceed with our registration. The fact that we were able to use such a nickname proved to us that no real member would join this fake website. It is already a mark that we are conducting the review of a fake website. 

However, the slowness of the app was just horrible. We had to wait for at least 3 minutes before every tab was downloaded. We had to include:

  • Nickname;
  • Preferences;
  • Age;
  • E-mail;
  • Location. But there is no option to choose a country.

At the same time, we cannot claim that we faced any issues working with the majority of Secret Lovers tabs. We could even choose any small town we wanted to. But when we tried to fill our e-mail, we started laughing. Remember our review of CrushNearby dating app? We decided to use the same test e-mail here to operate the website, and the access was denied. It was the first time in our career of dating websites review. 

However, we created a new e-mail to see if something changed. And that was a real pain. We had to use VPN services to change country and enter Secret Lovers, which made it even slower. At that point, we were able to give up. We have never seen such slow services during conducting research for our previous reviews. How do members use it at all?

Another troublesome issue concerns fake profiles on this scamming adult dating website. 

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All the profiles are fake: how is that even possible?

Our first visit to the browser website didn’t lead us to the main page. For this reason, we couldn’t recognize the Secret Lovers scam immediately. But the website started attacking us with fake messages from members in five minutes after registration. 

We have to explain: sometimes, while dating online, we do receive messages from users nearly immediately. That might be a willingness of a woman or just a simple error of a hired translator. However, these messages are always fair. But Secret Lovers Nearby started spamming sexual comments about everything: husband, wife, etc. 

The first one contained the filthy desires of some fake woman, who asked for terrifying things to do. And in her profile she told that she was married. The second one insisted on a personal meeting with a sexual ending, sending multiple comments. And the third one just sent a naked photo, telling that her husband is not at home. No fair dating accepts such things. Such scam messages might be dangerous for our anonymity, and there is no option to report them. This review became really promising. 

However, we spent about an hour on this dating website, simply staying AFK, and managed to discover that the messages from fake members are being sent every 5 minutes. 60% of them contained naked photos, which made us think that most of them are leaked from hacked Facebook profiles. And we noticed such things while writing other Meteor Interactieve companies reviews.

Imagine living a life without having an idea that your secret photos are being sent for free to someone who just registered on a website! 

Though we knew that this browser website is fake, we had to be sure about our claims, so we decided to pay a little to try to contact these fake profiles. 

Secret Lovers Nearby: what are the prices here

The website payment system is mostly unpleasant. This is not a secret that regular dating is based on buying credits. As review experts, we can claim that integral currency is always a good solution because, with it, you will be able to manage your actions properly, upload images, etc.. However, Secret Lovers Nearby just makes you buy messages as a fraud scheme. 

Of course, when your dating service keeps sending naked photos for free, you don’t have to pay for secret galleries. 

And the prices for dating are ridiculous. Check them out:

$20 for 7 messages
$50 for 25 messages
$100 for 52 messages
$150 for 105 messages
$300 for 300 messages

We can claim that for regular dating, 7 messages would not be enough to keep in touch with several members. However, even if someone would make it out with that small number of messages, there are no trial plans, coupons, or a paid account to learn more details and get some additional information. Moreover, there is no direct man woman communication on this scam service. 

On Secret Lovers, we bought 7 messages to compose our dating review. By the way, before the payment, we got a great database of fake women trying to contact us, so we just had to click on them. 

We did spend 5 messages and got no reply from other members. We were really waiting for it and got nothing but a chat with a bot member. 

Yet, it turned out that the operator of other members was really low-skilled because he was replying with some flirting and sexual scripts to our made-up messages, which created a real mess. Another proof that members here are not real.

Nonetheless, when we saw that someone can have an online chat with fake local ladies, we realized that there might be even a blackmail scheme in Secret Lovers Nearby. So it is time to see what the website tells about its dating services. 

How does the website try to make the scam legitimate?

Fortunately, the Privacy Policy is not hidden, so we are free to inspect all the nuances of the work with Secret Lovers Nearby. And one of the first paragraphs made everything clear about this Secret Lovers dating. For our review, it is really important to know how the website scams. Just check it out:

Your Interactions With Other Users; Disputes. You are solely responsible for your interaction with other users of the Service, whether online or offline. We do not conduct any background or criminal record check or other investigation of users, some of which may be sex offenders, fraudsters or otherwise unsavory and may intend you harm. We are not responsible or liable for the conduct or content of any user. We reserve the right, but have no obligation, to monitor or become involved in disputes between you and other users. Exercise common sense and your best judgment in your interactions with others (e.g., when you submit any personal or other information) and in all of your other online activities.

The website can simply look through your account and do whatever they want with it. And the owners just confirm it. Moreover, keep in mind, that all the online profiles on this website are fake and being operated by the fraud site itself. So, Secret Lovers Nearby can collect your information, photos, and everything you share to blackmail you. There is no option to keep at least a minor secret here. And believe us, such cases have already happened with the fake dating platforms of this scam company, and they were proved by our reviews.  

What Is The Conclusion About SecretLoversNearby.com?

The conclusion about this website is pretty simple. It is just a scamming site that leads you to the loss of money and information. You shoudn’t register with this app. 

The only things you will get using this website are fake profiles, fake messages with a lot of nudes, and sexual content. And don’t forget about this company stealing from you for just wanting some adult dating for yourself. 

If you are a novice user who doesn’t want to ruin his dating experience in only 10 minutes, don’t use Secret Lovers Nearby. We confirm that this platform scams users. This website has nothing in common with legitimate and fair services and remains a part of a scams network. Read more reviews of ours, choose a fair platform that gives you anonymity, and enjoy your dating to the fullest. 


  • Secret Lovers Nearby by Meteor Interactive company is a scamming website focused on stealing the data and money of regular Internet users looking for dating services. This site is full of fake women and fake messages that lead to filthy fake communication. It is not legit and only scams users.
  • Secret Lovers Nearby is not a legitimate website that is being operated by a group of admins, whose main desire is to make you pay money for fake dating. Using this fraud website, you will risk a lot, because you will have all your secret information stolen from your account in this app.
  • Secret Lovers Nearby is definitely a scam site that works by the same template as other scamming websites do. This site is focused on stealing personal data and money from naive novice Internet users. 

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