SeekingCrush review: our review on this site showed that it is one of the worst scamming resources.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who Runs SeekingCrush.com?

Seeking Crush claims to be a classical dating website that has only one aim: to give common users an experience of adult dating that is desired by a lot of modern dating community members. However, this is just a fraud claim that was made just to create a proper image for this scam site. During this review, we could see that any single person that joins this site will be scammed.

If you would like to learn more about the people who created this site, you can use the following contact details:

Company name
Skyloop Digital Ltd
Company location
Email address
[email protected]

Using this data, you are free to contact this scam company after they steal something from you using SeekingCrush. Skyloop Digital LTD is only focused on the creation of fake dating websites to scam people on Internet. By using fake female members accounts, SkyLoop Digital just hides their true intentions to scam people who want to get sex chatting with women online. We saw how they act in multiple reviews on fake dating sites.

But don’t be too surprised if they just ignore you. They act like the bots they use on their scam dating website. So let’s go on with our review.

What Are The Main Points Of SeekingCrush?

When you first visit this scam site, you can see that its landing page is truly horrible. From the very beginning, even novice users can see that this is nothing but a regular scam site and fraud that has nothing in common with fair adult dating.

In our opinion, this browser page is just made to hide all the details from any single person that wants to communicate on this fake chatting site. In our reviews, we saw a lot of fake websites like this, so we know that this is just a regular Internet dating scam.
The very first thing you will see will be their claim about the no-responsibility policy, which we will discuss a little bit later. After that, we can start working with their scam site. So now, let’s review their registration process, fake profiles of women here, bad pricing that will rip common users off, and the policy of the website.

The registration process on this scam site

The registration process on Seeking Crush might look pretty simple for average users, but it takes that much time to complete everything. All you need to mention includes:

  • Nickname / Login;
  • Email address;
  • Password;
  • Preferences;
  • Age.

As you can see, there is not that much info required, but the laggy construct of Seeking Crush is just terrible, so you have to wait a lot between filling all the fields. And don’t forget that you also have to confirm everything, which takes some of your time either. But what will you see after this registration?

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Are all the profiles here fake?

When you first visit this site, you can see that there are a lot of members here. And they are just fake. Half of these profiles contain nudity that already gave us more than just enough grounds to claim that this site is fully fake. It appeared that all messages here will lead you to become a victim of these fraudsters. During our reviews, we often see such fake profiles.

However, we were surprised when we saw that there was no spam attack. But that was just a matter of time. After we scrolled through the page with members and looked at a couple of accounts, these bots started spamming us with a lot of messages, asking why we didn’t text them. Pretty basic scam method that encourages users to pay for these services. So there was no time to wait. We decided to pay these scammers a little for their services. And what did we receive?

How expensive is this scam site?

When we decided to pay a little for this scam resource, we were literally shocked by its prices. First of all, we could see that this scam site wanted to create an image of a proper payment system. Credits look fair for the majority of users. But the prices Seeking Crush uses here are insane. The packages you can buy include:

$15 for 10 credits
$35 for 25 credits
$65 for 50 credits
$120 for 100 credits
$200 for 200 credits

It might look OK, but every single action on Seeking Crush is paid. You have to pay for every single message to these fraud fictitious profiles. This site shows that the most beneficial package is the most expensive one, so you have to pay $200 for it. But we decided to pay only $15. It would be more than enough for sending messages to fictitious ladies.

Firstly, they have taken more money. They took about $20. Secondly, we received nothing. Of course, we could text these ladies on this site, but they are not just fake, but also poor. Operators here paid no attention, and only one lady replied. She asked for some photos, and we realized that blackmailing is still an option on this scam site. But how do they justify it? What does SeekingCrush tell about their fraud schemes?

What are the justifications for this scam site?

The privacy policy on SeekingCrush is not hidden. You are free to see their claims from the very beginning. And that is the main mistake of SeekingCrush, because through their statements, we could see that this is just a regular scam. Read it yourself:

You are solely responsible and liable for User Content you provide. You acknowledge and agree that we do not have any influence over the User Content uploaded by means of the Service.

Source: https://seekingcrush.com/agreement
Do you see? If someone uses your personal data, you will never be able to find the guilty, due to the fact the website will not help you. Moreover, if you are being blackmailed, you can be 100% sure that the blackmailer is the owner of SeekingCrush. At this point, we saw pretty enough to make up our conclusion on this scam site.

The Conclusion About SeekingCrush

Talking about SeekingCrush, we can say that we had no illusions about this website. Operators of this fake website showed their intentions from the very beginning, and even the landing page of it was truly disgusting.

No adult dating website will give you that much naked content, due to the fact that this is based more on romance and intrigue. But SeekingCrush just follows the base scam script and ruins all the possible impressions from using dating resources.

When you create an account, you will not receive some entertainment with sex dating. You will just sign a deal with a devil and will give these scammers free access to all your personal information. And you will never be able to report about the activity of this online scammers.

So please, save your time and money and don’t use such scamming sites. Read reviews and find only reliable dating sites that will grant you a free experience of high-level chatting.

We received a lot of demands to review SeekingCrush. So here, you can find answers to the most popular questions you sent us.


  • SeekingCrush is a scam site that has nothing in common with fair dating and provides users with no fair dating experience. This resource is just aimed at stealing money and personal information about common users that want to try adult dating. There is no oppotunity to report the activity of this fake dating site.
  • SeekingCrush is not a legitimate resource. The only goal it wants to achieve is getting a huge database of members, whose personal information photos will be not only leaked but also used to scam other members. The only thing you can do here is to purchase their overpriced credits to chat with fake women.
  • SeekingCrush is definitely a scam site that only steals your money. Paying these scammers might be the biggest mistake in your life due to the fact that you can be also blackmailed for your own funds. Spammers here will do everything to turn your dating into a bad experience.

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