Are you looking for a mature bdsm that can satisfy your desires? Then, it's time to talk about vip membership from a fake site SeniorBDSM, where they talk about intimate fantasies. You'll be able to figure out for yourself if it's true that the site is a fraud. Or will it be possible to pay real money for communication? Let's learn about it!


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who is seniorBDSM.com for and who owns it

The site is run by a fake company called NetFanPix Limited. The main office is located on Duke Street. Anyone who buys a vip member can open up access to the chat service. This format is suitable for those who like bdsm. Most of the members who have decided to join are women and men from 25 years old. Only adult members can register.

In the fake chatting site, you will meet dominant young users and even seniors. Let’s explore the features of the resource together to understand if it is worth it to join this scam venue. Below we’ll talk about the registration process on the SeniorBDSM site with step-by-step instructions!

NetFanPix Limited
Support email
[email protected]
Number +16284009311

Details of SeniorBDSM review

This fake site is designed in an understated style with images of erotic women. Senior people who are used to experimenting and bdsm like to be here. You can start searching for your partner for communication by using anybody suggested by the search filter. Do a sorting of scam profiles by location and interests to find your ideal candidate and see his contact information. We’ll further inform you about the registration on the scam site SeniorBDSM, which is obligatory if you want to communicate with senior members on the topic of bdsm.

SeniorBDSM registration process

Every member of the fake SeniorBDSM site must pass the registration process and complete their profiles. It involves several steps. There is a step-by-step guide to make it easier for you:

  1. Go to the official fake site to make profiles. There will be a registration icon in the right place with a form to fill out. It is not too big.
  2. Enter your surname, first name, patronymic, date of birth and sex for your profiles in the right place. Check the box to make sure you are aware of the sex and BDSM topics on the SeniorBDSM site.
  3. Choose the role of a dominant or someone who wants to obey on the site through profiles.
  4. Come up with a strong password to log in to profiles.
  5. The last step is to identify the person. It is done for extra security.

After you have been able to identify yourself, you can start creating your profile on the site. The offered services will help you quickly upload an image and start communicating. All photos will be moderated. It is important for security. Therefore, not all photos may be accepted. But is everything as smooth on this fake site as it seems at first glance? What if there are generating fraudulent messages waiting for you, which will not let you relax? Let’s find out more below!

Hot chat

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Fake profiles

Unfortunately, at the time of writing SeniorBDSM.com review it was determined that there are a lot of fake profiles of non-existent people on the site. You may be sent introduction messages to entice you to buy a membership. It is very hard to find real mature bdsm women for your pleasure. Such fraudulent messages will meet you not only in general fake chat, but also in help desk site. You will not get a decent help if you have any questions about SeniorBDSM.

Membership cost

If you are looking for mature bdsm women on site SeniorBDSM, you need to buy a subscription to the site first, or you can try it for free. Then, anybody here can send messages to their favorite people. The fake site operators won’t be able to advise you on rates, so we have prepared this information for you in this SeniorBDSM.com review. Our bad experience on the site shows that the rates here are as follows:

1 Month costs ₴1051.32
3 Months cost ₴2498.68
6 Months cost ₴3419.74

All members can purchase a fake bdsm subscription from the site Senior BDSM in test mode. But it will be automatically renewed without your permission. There are even videos on the Internet about how the money is charged out and the spammers begin. You can see some fake links to other external links on the landing page, which are broken down by topic. For example, swingers, bondage, fetish. This way you can choose at once the premium membership for the thematic category you like.

No matter what premium membership you choose, the profiles on the Senior BDSM site will be the same. And that is an actual trap. You will think that the erotic adventures have started with another company, but in fact, it is the same fake. This kind of subscription trap works most often for newbies.

Do not forget that the fake site Senior BDSM has automatic renewal. That is why the company earned a bad reputation. You may get an expensive report and lose personal information. There was at least one comment about it on the forum about this site known as Senior BDSM.

Be careful, while we dig a little deeper to learn about the terms of use of the fake site Senior BDSM and how you get cheated!

The terms and conditions

Does insufficient dating work for you when the Senior BDSM site is full of bots and fakes? Probably not, and these points come up when you read the terms of agreement.

The Company may collect and store information that you enter onto this website or mobile version of the site, or provide to us in another way. This includes personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, email, telephone / mobile number, and if you transact with us, financial information (which is securely stored and held by our PCI compliant payment service provider).

Your personal information may be shared and processed by the Company and its associated agents. Each of the companies authorised to process your personal information will do so in accordance with this Privacy Policy and shall use reasonable endeavours to comply with their obligations and responsibilities.

Source: https://hub.seniorbdsm.com/account/terms

Now you can decide for yourself whether or not to take the trial membership on the site.

Conclusion from our SeniorBDSM review

To summarize, it is a fraud. Any payment will charge you a huge amount of money for contacting users who are not real people. Your messages will be read by someone else. In addition, you will have to pay for all of your messages in the form of subscriptions. Senior BDSM sites have vibrant pictures that entice members. You will not be greeted with a long-awaited rest.


  • This is a dating site with juicy pictures. It is designed for rest and communication. It is suitable for those who are submissive and like to obey and also for those who like to subjugate others. Each member gets access to communication with fake profiles through virtual chat. You can choose different options for subscriptions by topic under the heading of senior.
  • No. Information about members is not protected. Accounts can be hacked. All members are communicating with fake profiles and robots. The site operators will not be able to help you with your questions.
  • Definitely yes. Senior BDSM cheats people and extorts payment for a subscription. Many members have already sent complaints for their profiles but it has no results. No refund for the pay. And the operators of site like Senior BDSM do not comment.

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