SeniorSexPartner.com Review: this scam dating site will let you down should you be looking for real dates here.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who Runs SeniorSexPartner Dating Site

Senior Sex Partner is a dating site focused not only on senior dating options but also an opportunity to find a sexual partner. The combination of such categories might be interesting. However, Senior Sex Partner is just a scam site that has no real features in it.
If you would like to contact the company which created this dating website, you can use the following information:

Company Name
Dating Ahead Inc
Company location
1 Katalanou Street 1St Floor, Flat 101 Ag. Dometios, Nicosia 2121, CY
Email address
[email protected]

However, don’t waste your time on reaching the admins of SeniorSexPartner. They will not respond because they are only focused on stealing your money.

Interested in why we think so? Let’s go on with our seniorsexparter.com review.

The Detailed Review Of SeniorSexPartner: What Is Wrong With It?

Senior Sex Partner’s landing page is just horrible. The combination of filthy and sexual photos in black and red colors gives us a clear vision that this is just a template of some porn site.

We were surprised by a lot of links here, but they lead to nowhere. If you would like to learn more about this site, you should try to find a relevant review. This platform itself doesn’t give you any piece of information. We could not find any info about dating options or chat features here. Also, no information about free services and other essential details.

The registration window is lacking. It is just almost lost in the huge amount of useless interface features. But we decided to go on with it to tell you about all the disadvantages of this site, fake profiles of other members, extremely ridiculous pricing nuances, and scamming methods they use. Enjoy!

The registration process on SeniorSexPartner

The registration process took 2 hours. This is because the website lags a lot. SeniorSexPartner is just awful. We were not even using the VPN to reach it. It is just slow. But it is free.
To complete the registration, you need to include:

  • Your email address;
  • Your location;
  • Your password;
  • Preferences.

Of course, no nickname was required. This way, if your email is “[email protected]”, the website will display your name! It is an awful decision for anonymous sexual dating and chatting.

People who enter their details on this dating site will only lose their personal data. This free registration process comes as the first step of the major scam.

But after we saw the profiles here, we realized that there are no real members. The only people who will know your name will be the operators of these fake profiles. Let’s talk more about them.

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Fake SeniorSexPartner members

Senior Sex Partner’s members were ominous. When we saw that there are only some naked profiles, which contain a lot of BDSM pictures, we were horrified. It looked like some dark net porn website.

We didn’t even want to click on them, but still, we realized that some photos were simply stolen or edited.

The message folder wasn’t empty when we registered. It seems like moments after we registered, we received 5 messages from other members. All of them contained a lot of filthy things, a lot of naked photos, and a lot of scripted messages.

Seeing a lot of these horrible details of their sexual lives, we didn’t want to start a chat with them and continue dating at all. But we had to complete our seniorsexpartner.com review.

It was impossible to send them a message without paying, so we decided to buy their premium subscription.

How much to pay for SeniorSexPartner scam?

The premium subscription plan here is nothing but a complete rip off. Paying that money for fair services will be not OK, but this is just a scam site that gives you nothing real. The packages include:

5 days subscription for $7;
1-month subscription for $49;
3-months subscription for $62.67
12-month subscription for $131.87

As you can see, the price is too high. We tried to use their so-called trial plan, and it just took more money than we wanted to pay. In fact, for 5 days of using this dating website, we paid $20. Senior Sex Partner surprised us with such a cocky policy.

But after paying, they just blocked us. Well, at least we were not blackmailed like other users were. In many comments from people, we saw that this scam site also can leak all your personal information. So let’s continue our seniorsexpartner.com review to discover their privacy policy.

What can the Senior Sex Partner website tell about its scam?

Talking about the justification of SeniorSexPartner’s scam, we can see that they keep their intentions fully clear and visible. In their privacy policy, they didn’t forget to mention that all the responsibility for your actions on the website, which might lead to the loss of your data, lies on you. Read it yourself:

We are not and cannot be responsible for any user or third party’s(ies’) use of information you may determine to share through the Site, whether through your profile, chat, direct message or otherwise.

Source: https://www.seniorsexpartner.com/

As you can see, even the creation of the profile here is dangerous. Just a pathetic and horrible scam that has no chance to give you at least something real. The only not fake thing here is disappointment. This is how our seniorsexpartner.com review proved that this site is just a complete fraud.

The Conclusion About SeniorSexPartner

SeniorSexPartner is a laggy resource focused on scamming senior members of the dating community. The only thing that they want to do is to steal your money and personal information.

Senior members who want to have some sex, which is fully fine, will only lose their motivation to start dating again. And that will be the fault of SeniorSexPartner.

In this seniorsexpartner.com review, we learned that this dating site is just one more example of internet scam sites. We found enough proof that dating chats here are not available, while free registration will lead you to have your personal details leaked.

So if you would like to find something valuable for your dating experience, you should read the comments from active dating community members and reviews and try only reliable resources that will grant you success. SeniorSexPartner will not be the one.


  • Senior Sex Partners is a dating website created by Dating Ahead Inc. This site is focused on making you buy their paid membership to chat with fake women. This platform is not safe for chatting because any single person who will share any sort of personal information will be scammed.
  • SeniorSexPartner is not a legitimate dating website. It is just another example of a web scam, where you have to pay for non-existing services. By filling anything in their profiles, common members will just let this website use their data for scamming.
  • SeniorSexPartner is a fake site aimed at selling you their paid membership. It is impossible to find potential partners on this service because all the members here are just bots. By using this platform, you will just lose all your money.

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