Try to send a message to a real person at the Sextwithsluts website. Most probably, you will fail.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Sextwithsluts Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Founded in 2020, the Sextwithsluts dating site is created for men and women searching for hassle-free love, adult dating, and private communication.

Mountain Top Digital A.G.
Postplatz 1, 6301, Zug, Switzerland
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[email protected]

With its main headquarters located in Switzerland, Mountain Top Digital has already become a famous provider of fake solutions with ripping-off intentions. This time, we would like to check whether this company has come up with any new sort of complete scam with their recent release — the Sextwithsluts dating site. Keep on reading this article to find out the truth!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at Sextwithsluts

The majority of man woman relationships are maintained by specialists, and it is sometimes complicated to differentiate poster noted texts from messages from real women. Let’s get to know what prevents Sextwithsluts from being a worthy adult dating site!

Registration at Sextwithsluts

The information about the states refers to a better functionality of match-making tools, but they don’t work really great here. During the registration, we had to locate our profile more precisely. We usually tend to create a few test accounts to see whether there are any changes in the interface and other characteristics of the domain, and the Sextwithsluts dating website wasn’t an exception. They didn’t seem to use any Google Map tools or similar solutions. We can’t be sure about all the others, but these tools are really bad in terms of quality — the system would automatically change the information of fake profiles and post it adjusted for different visitors.

The registration itself includes seven steps:

  • You mention your gender and select the other sex you are searching for at the Sextwithsluts site.
  • You state your date of birth. This policy isn’t any different from what other dating sites present. It is a must to ensure underage users don’t have access to deals on dating sites in the sex-related category. Unfortunately, Sextwithsluts won’t verify any account, so we can’t confirm for real the other user’s age.
  • Choose your username (it can be fake), email (only valid ones are accepted), and password.

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Fake Profiles of Charming Girls

A typical message people will receive here will be computer generated. There are several similar texts from those accounts we thought to belong to real women. We found out soon we were wrong. Apart from text messages, all the rest supported files tend to lag behind from time to time.

We can’t state that all the profiles are fake, however, we could receive dozens of messages from unrelated diaglogues, inspiring us to get more tokens. The company also maintains third-party notifications, which don’t have any attitude to the presented offers.

If you want to have a good laugh at an expensive price, then you might be interested. One of our experts registered and got one hundred messages from girls who wanted to travel to a major town with him, but the main purpose was just to make him send messages to all of them. They don’t place any limitations on how many text messages registered users can send to other members of the community in a day.

To get a more precise understanding of how much it would cost, just check the section below.

The Cost of Membership

The Sextwithsluts dating website has a few strategies of what they can charge you for. Unlike a regular scam domain, this company will require more tokens. Trial plans are absent, and you will need to update your chosen coin plan regularly. To proceed with our research, we had to get a paid subscription. If your bank sucks to transfer the funds, the most probable reason is that the company is situated in Switzerland.

To proceed with coin plan credit purchasing, we tried Visa and MasterCard credit cards, providing our banking information straightforwardly:

  • Their trial plans are represented in a discounted bunch of tokens — ten messages per one dollar each. However, the next purchase of the same number of virtual coins will be the most expensive payment with credit cards— one dollar seventy-five cents per text sent.
  • There are four more packages available after credit purchasing, where the smallest number to pay with your credit card is twenty-five tokens and the further amounts are simply doubled. That doesn’t relate to prices though. The cheapest bunch will cost end users of this dating website two hundred thirty US dollars for two hundred messages.

Basically, all the free features are limited to registration and simple searching on the domain. To get access to premium-class functions and check more photos and accounts, we had not just to buy tokens with credit cards but also to get a gold membership:

  • To enlarge photos of fellow members of the Sextwithsluts community, check your list of visitors, and so on, you will have to pay and buy tokens to get a gold membership.
  • As in the case of getting tokens to exchange messages with women on the website, there are a few types of subscriptions to go for. They differ in terms of duration and price. The basic one-month subscription costs sixteen dollars. Subscribing for a year of the Sextwithsluts services, one month will require six-dollar coverage.

We strongly recommend everyone to remain careful about these services. Every transaction is one-time only and not recurring. After being obtained, coins expire after one year if unused. Our team wants to warn all the potential members — your investments can’t be reimbursed and returned back into your cash. This online dating service for adult encounters doesn’t tolerate any chargeback trials.

Even if you experienced a billing error, no troubleshooting is offered. They just suggest sending a dispute within thirty days after the accident. If you don’t manage to protest them in a written form or arrange an authorized chargeback, the Sextwithsluts dating site has the right to cancel your account. What’s more, such customers will be responsible for all additional chargeback fees anyway.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Getting access to the Sextwithsluts site in the sex dating category isn’t instant — you have to agree to its terms and certify that you are at least eighteen years old. Such notifications are usually skipped without consideration, aren’t they? However, it already contains crucial details about what type of services will expect you here.

Before we even could think of testing this dating website, we already had to admit and adhere to the policy that not all the registered people in the provided images and fictional profiles would be genuine users and there would be some information merely being used as an example. We were cautious to get through all the lines, and the conditions below should have been highlighted more obviously (not in the long drop-down text box right at the end of the notification message):

By entering the website, I will have released and discharged the providers, owners, and creators of the Website from all liability that might arise.

I acknowledge that the Website does not inquire into the background of its members and the Website does not otherwise attempt to verify the accuracy of statements made by its members.

For more “outstanding” news from the company, don’t hesitate to check their agreement page.

The service provider doesn’t provide any background checks and warns its users to be careful about online connections with other members, highlighting the rules of online dating safety. Frankly speaking, this alarm is pretty useless in this domain, especially considering that no physical contact and face-to-face meetings are possible — too many fictitious profiles and folks working to make you buy credits.

The Conclusion from Our Sextwithsluts Review

Interested in fun time chatting with actual women? You have come to the wrong place. You will find only negative reviews and rip-off communication and payment strategies. Considering the high number of fake profiles, therefore real life meetings with a real person are impossible on the Sextwithsluts dating site.


  • Online dating sites like Sextwithsluts promise a lot of fun for men with real women and vice versa. It is a great opportunity to find a partner as promptly as possible nearby. In reality, they have a lot of fake profiles that are aimed at online entertainment purposes only. The site doesn’t guarantee physical contact or sex-related amusement at all.
  • The company advertises itself as a legal organization, experienced in web design and online dating tools. Several women here are sexy and hot, but their profiles are truly fake. There are straight signs that they are fake and fictional, so it is a definite attempt to scam both men and women who have an intention to join this dating club. From this perspective, this website doesn’t deserve any trust from real users.
  • When it comes to defining the worst reason to abandon this website, it is complicated to define a particular one. It is a total scam because of a bunch of factors and features that are aimed at fooling end users and ripping them off. According to the results of our research, you won’t be able to actually date someone. When it comes to face-to-face meetings, women don’t want to leave the domain and create multiple excuses to solidify other users’ presence on the website.

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