See why you should keep your money far from simpleflirts.com. Fake profiles run by operators, fake messages, and much more.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What is Simpleflirts?

Simpleflirts.com looks like a decent dating website at first glance. A nice lady with a warm smile welcomes you on the homepage of the site. The members of this fake site may mistakenly make a good impression. You cannot be sure though that the website posts real pictures of its members. Although those accounts look pretty good, they are most likely there only to attract male users. 

The website is created for casual dating. Simpleflirts.com also promises matchmaking, i.e. they promise to identify your potential matches. However, there is nothing about meeting in person on this dating website. Users seem to message each other for just entertainment and fun. If it is true, the profiles of users are fake. This is why it caught our attention and we had to investigate the site thoroughly for our review. 

Company name:
Meteor Interactive B.V.
Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, Netherlands
[email protected]

Simpleflirts operates for 3 years only, it was established in 2019. The site is quite young. It belongs to Meteor interactive which is well-known on the Internet for running scam websites. 

Members: Mostly American men and women but there are also members from Canada, Australia, and other countries

For whom: Users looking for hookups and entertainment/sexual talks

Age of users: Most members are 30+ years old 

Keep reading our review on simpleflirts.com to learn about its fake profiles and scam schemes! 

The details of our review on simpleflirts.com

This fake site is run by Meteor interactive which makes us concerned from the very beginning. This company doesn’t have a good reputation among users. The service offers not only message exchange but also private chats with hot girls. It’s not difficult to understand if those beauties either work for this website or are just fake. 

The registration process

You will find the registration form once opening simpleflirts.com. The registration is free. The process is as easy and quick as 1,2,3. Just provide your name, who you seek, and your email address. Now, you are a member of this casual dating service. The site allows both LGBT and heterosexual connections. 

Of course, while registering, you must accept their Terms and Conditions. Don’t forget the site uses fake profiles for earning on you. So beware — once the terms are accepted, there is no way back — you will be scammed! However, it is not a scam even because all members accept the terms where it’s clearly stated the site just entertains its users with such profiles. 

The registration process is smooth and quick. You access your profile settings at once. It means though that other users are not verified either. Profiles do not really contain a lot of information and except for the photos, you do not know much about those members. 

Hot chat

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Fake profiles

This site is a champion when it comes to fake profiles. Everything is fake on this platform. They say that the aim of those fictitious profiles is just to entertain new users. It’s not true though. The goal is to make you send as many messages as possible. That is the website’s income and you are just the way of it. 

Fake messages will keep arriving in your inbox right after registration. Even if you do not have any photos or your profile is empty, the hottest girls will contact you first. Do they see you are macho behind the screen? No, it’s just the policy of this website — to get what they want — your money. 

Each message received says about how cool you are. It’s obvious they are sent by the operators of the site. They are all templates and not even personalized. Although the site is for casual dating and not for a serious relationship, it’s still not fair to charge its members for talking to fake people. 

Why it is a rip-off!

The prices on simpleflirts.com are as follows:

$21,67 10 coins
$51,23 25 coins
$95,25 50 coins
$177,39 100 coins
$328,49 200 coins

Now see where the trick is. No one knows how those coins are spent. The system is really strange! While working on this review about simpleflirts.com, we realized that the site always charges different numbers of coins. Its customer support doesn’t reply to members at all. Saying the site is fake is saying nothing. Each time you send a message, you see the balance changes in different ways. Sometimes, just 1 coin disappears and at times, you are charged 5 coins. 

Of course, chats are the most expensive. If you want to exchange messages with members in a chat, your balance will be equal to zero too soon. You will have to add more to your account all the time. If simpleflirts.com was a genuine casual dating website where you can meet someone worth your attention for a meeting in reality, it would not be so sad. Do not forget each time your coins melt, you are talking to fake profiles! 

Every girl you believe is so hot and she wants you is fake! You receive tons of cool messages, all of the members are so tempting. But they are fake as well as their messages. Those operators contact you on their behalf. After all, those girls may not even exist! They are just fake robots pretending to be truly interested in you. 

The only good thing about this website is that there is no automatic subscription renewal! However, the rest is fake. 

Simpleflirts.com Terms and Conditions

Here is what we found on the Terms and Conditions of the simpleflirts.com website. Visit the site yourself and see the details.

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that (i) the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators.

Source: https://www.simpleflirts.com/agreement

Sounds cool, huh? We adore such terms where the website says it doesn’t even fool you, you must read the terms if you visit the site! The details are there in the small font! You can even say that simpleflirts.com doesn’t fool its members. Those fake profiles are normal for this website. If you think it’s fake and not right, read the terms! 

Our conclusions on simpleflirts.com

simpleflirts.com definitely looks good. Although it offers fake chats and fake cool girls, the design is very promising. This review is proof that to receive messages on this site, you do not even have to have photos or fill in your information. The operators will overwhelm you with fake messages from beautiful liars. 

If you want to send a message back on the simpleflirts.com fake website, buy a bunch of coins. Although there is no auto renewal on simpleflirts.com, canceling your profile on this fake website is a problem. You will still receive a message from the simpleflirts.com website that they do not want to lose you and you should stay with them. 

Getting fake messages from hot ladies is great but only when it doesn’t cost you anything. When it comes to your wallet, avoid those fake messages by all means. You won’t find anyone to date here! 

Hopefully, this review was helpful. Keep your money with you even if you are going to find just a hookup or affair. Don’t waste your means on fake messages from robots! Simpleflirts.com is highly NOT recommended to anyone!

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions of potential users of Simpleflirts. Learn all the details about this dating site before you visit it and pay for its service. 


  • This is a casual dating website for English-speaking men and women. People from different countries join it for a hookup and flirts. At once, the site looks professional and users think it will help them find someone for dating. However, multiple users’ reviews say that the website is a scam. It uses fake profiles of members to involve male members in a fake chat and make money. 
  • According to the Terms and Conditions of simpleflirts.com, the site uses members’ information for their purposes. Fake profiles of women entertain users for the sake of income. If you expect to find a real relationship or dating on this website, you’d better switch to more reputable platforms. Once you accept the terms, you will most likely be scammed. 
  • Yes, this is one of the websites that can be identified as a scam. If you visit it, you will see sample users who look very artificial. Most likely, they are just bots who make you pay for the service. New members can quickly realize that other members are fake. Those bots are run by operators of Simpleflirts. If you do not plan to waste your money on endless messages to fake members (the site is not free), you’d better stay away from it. 

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