Do not waste your money, nerve, and time on communication with bots on SpicyDesires.


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  • Fake Profiles
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  • Bad comments
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Who is SpicyDesires for and who owns it

SpicyDesires is a site designed for dating women and men in the worldwide network. Everybody who has a desire to find a friend to communicate or a partner for personal meetings can create an account here. But there is an age limitation on the website. Registration of new members is available only if they are of legal age. The maximum age is 78 years old. This site is mainly aimed at users from America.

Information about the company that owns the site is given in the terms and conditions. This is not bad, because the data is not hidden. Details are given in the table.

Újlengyel, Dózsa György utca 11
Phone number
[email protected]

At first glance, the site is pretty good. But we have explored it and discovered unexpected things. The site in networks is a fake. It is used to scam naive users. Do you want more information? Then read reviews about site company SpicyDesires.

Details of spicydesires.com review

Company SpicyDesires is unreliable and we will tell you the reasons why. Scam is evident in every step, from the site’s terms of use to the presence of fictional forms. The only positive thing can be considered the fact that the pages of the portal provide contact information. But, asking inconvenient questions, you risk getting banned.

Despite its widespread use in networks, the platform is a fake. It is better to get all the information about it at once, so as not to make a mistake in the future. Although online communication is quite convenient because of the high workload and the lack of time for real meetings, keep in mind that it is necessary to choose the site wisely. The details of how to identify scam are described in the review below.

Details of registration on SpicyDesires

The company is proud to provide the opportunity of free registration. But it is just another scam. The fact is that a free option does not include the possibility of correspondence or viewing the profiles, the images of other participants are blurred. In other words, you have nothing to do on the site if you aren’t up to an investment. It’s nothing but fraud.

To create an account on the dating site, you need to specify:

  • your gender and who you are looking for (man, woman);
  • age at the time of registration;
  • location;
  • email address;
  • username and password.

It is also necessary to confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions of the portal and agree to follow them. At the same time, no one will check whether your own images are published and the information is correct. The only thing that requires confirmation is email. To do this, you will receive a letter. Open it and follow the link provided. That’s the end of the verification.

Despite the simplicity and speed of creating a profile, have no illusions. The site is a real fake, set up to pump out money. The more time you spend here, the easier it is to be tempted to switch to a paid chat system. But it makes no sense, because the communication is maintained by the employees of the company.

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Fake users profiles

Fake profiles are one of the main activities of the site. According to the rules, the company has the right to create profiles that will be managed by bots or operators. It is necessary to increase the activity of users and help those who have not found their soul mate to have a good time.

As soon as you become a client of the site, you will get a comment. And not just one, but many. But you won’t be able to read messages until you have a paid subscription. Everything is based on interest. You can not resist your own curiosity, so you make a membership for online communication with girls or men.

The idea is that even open access to the profiles will lead you nowhere. All activity is scam. Most of the profiles are designed precisely to entice the visitor and to spin him into a financial investment.

Identifying a scam profile on the site is very easy. You will receive a response from operators who give out cliché phrases, refuse to date and do not want to connect in a private environment. Their only desire is to move on to a paid chat. And their interest in you will be quite high as long as there is a financial profit.

Cost of membership

You are offered to process a membership to get access to the profiles of hot beauties and men. To do this, you have to choose a suitable package and pay money using one of the payment systems. Without a subscription, you can only use the free mode, which is absolutely useless. This is due to the fact that you will not be able to meet or talk to anyone.

There are several license options on the site:

three-day trial for $4.47;
a one-month license for $39.99;
three-month license for $83.97;
semi-annual for $199.94.

A subscription gives you access to unlimited texting, searching for certain people by query, and viewing your friends list online. But, unfortunately, it’s all fake. Of course, you can check who and how many times your profile has been viewed. But it’s impossible to get out on a friendly conversation and make a date. All profiles are managed by site employees. This means you can only talk on neutral topics, not expect to continue.

Be careful of scam and don’t let your emotions take over your common sense. Even with a picture, you can’t be sure it’s the girl you’re talking to on the other side of the screen. Profiles are not checked, and so the interlocutor may be a man in full bloom.

From Terms and conditions section

There are certain terms and conditions in the company, as there should be. They must be followed by all visitors to the site. Otherwise, you may get a bad experience with blocking of your account.
Despite the current regulations, you can find a lot of nuances. They are perfectly designed so that in case of any force majeure, the responsibility is on you and not on the company SpicyDesires. For a detailed discussion of this point, we will provide an extract from the rules.

You expressly understand and agree that:

Your use of the service is at your sole risk. The service is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. The company expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

Source: https://www.spicydesires.com/c3RhdGljUGFnZS90ZXJtc3NwaWN5ZGVzaXJlcy5jb20=.

Now let’s take a closer look at what this means. So, the company disclaims all responsibility for the actions on the site. It does not matter if the visitors have provided fake information, or if you have suffered a loss because of the peculiarities of the portal – you can hardly prove your right.

The conclusion from our review on spicydesires.com

SpicyDesires is not suitable for communication and meetings. Every visitor to the site is cheated thinking he is the chosen one. In reality, bots or operators absolutely don’t care who they leave a comment to. For them, the main thing is a regular financial investment.

The company is not responsible for anything, does not want to conduct competitions, and cares only about its own profits. That is why employees send a lot of fake messages, which are aimed at increasing users’ activity. You will be persuaded to sign up for a paid subscription to connect with better users. But there’s no point to expect them to be interested in you. The staff are just doing their job, so every action on the site is a scam.


  • SpicyDesires is a specialized dating site that tricks naive users. Company offers to meet men and women. But in fact, it uses fake profiles and you communicate with bots or operators.
  • Though the site presents its Terms and Conditions, these aren’t fair for the user. There is no guarantee of confidentiality or quality of the services provided, and fantasy profiles are users’ main chat partners. Therefore, Spicydesires is a fraud.
  • Yes, SpicyDesires is a scam site. The essence of it is that new users can't communicate with other members after registration and photos on the website are blurred. To use the full functionality, you need to deposit money. After membership, it is possible to send and read messages. But the communication flows with fake profiles, so you will spend the money for nothing.

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