If you are ready to send messages to fake profiles for real money, SpicyFlings is an insufficiently gorgeous dating site.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

SpicyFlings Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Without a doubt, the name of the dating website under consideration is self-explanatory — interested parties can expect amazing entertainment with the opposite sex on the Spicy Flings dating site thanks to chatting with hot and gorgeous prospective partners. This dating platform doesn’t lead the Google feed, but there are both positive and negative reviews about the adult dating services it provides. That’s why our research is aimed at finding out the truth about this dating portal for members nearby.

Meteor Internative B.V.
Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, the Netherlands, CC: 74034782
Only online interaction at this dating site
[email protected]

Although we have already come across the name of the company in our previous reviews, there is always hope this time will be different. Unfortunately, your contact with fellow members will be legit but not satisfying. Who likes to chat with fictional profiles for real money and send messages to account moderators with no reply? If you don’t want to be scammed online, the best decision will be to keep your money safe from such dating sites in the sex dating category. Stay tuned to check why these fake profiles are so threatening right now!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at SpicyFlings

Our experts prepare blog posts based on negative comments from real members of the dating website, as well as individual research of the domain. This approach provides a multifaceted understanding of what and how a target dating site does wrong and how far their scams can reach. Among new members, women are the owners of fictional profiles in the majority of cases. In the market, there is a stereotypic belief that men, who are ready to pay for adult dating, are also the leading source of money and income for ill-minded online dating service providers.

When it comes to the actions of Meteor Interactive, it isn’t their first scam dating site. Unfortunately, we don’t think it would be the last too. From this perspective, it is especially crucial to critically think about every dating site you would ever step your feet on and analyze its strengths and deficiencies.

It is not impossible to meet your significant other or find a person for hookups online. To achieve your goal, you have to be especially careful about fake accounts from women and such companies as Meteor Interactive. Let’s get to know in more detail why this dating site is dangerous for new members. Keep on reading this review!

Registration at Spicy Flings

It literally took us a few moments to register at the Spicy Flings dating website. This part of the review won’t be significantly different from what the company asks users to mention on other fake dating websites it supports. This adult dating solution doesn’t require you to prepare a blog post of your data before registration. To register for free, we had to do the following:

  • We could identify ourselves with whatever we wanted — your username as a soon-to-be-registered person is free to choose.
  • When we chose the password, the system accepted our initial login. However, some of our experts got Google notifications from the browser they used about the leaking information, asking whether they would like to save or alter it. The service provider doesn’t suggest to its users how to create an account and what password to pick up.
  • People are enabled to participate in straight relationships only — no gay or lesbian couples can be built by default. We saw this feature reflected in the registration process as well. We could choose that we were men looking for men, but the view of the dating website didn’t change afterward.
  • One of the peculiarities is that the SpicyFlings online dating site asks interested parties to highlight the city they are located in. This field is automatically connected to the internet map tool, so it helps you find and adjust your location. Our experts created a few accounts and didn’t have issues with providing fake data — the Spicy Flings dating site expects such behavior patterns and doesn’t organize a single trial for customers’ background checks.

Overall, the registration on the Spicy Flings dating site took us less than a minute. This ease of use is misleading because it makes people think the further abilities provided by the company will be the same. However, this review of the Meteor Interactive B.V. company is distinct from other reviews. They don’t bother themselves with creating new fake profiles for different platforms they launch on the internet. We met new members on the Spicy Flings dating site that we could already mention in previous reviews our team made. This dating site’s managers don’t care about myriads of negative comments, and they did the same when we tried to proceed with troubleshooting with them.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

After preparing reviews of spam messages, fictional profiles, and other scam performances of dating sites, we are convinced that online dating websites can’t truly hide their intentions to rip their platforms’ members off and use that money for their own sake. Users leave reviews and negative comments, proving that most profiles are fake. It is hard to believe the opposite when you receive twenty or even more messages from the service with really alike content. Our experts are realists and don’t think that they can make any woman on the internet lust for them — it is impossible.

When we browsed profiles on the Spicy Flings dating site, trying to find trustworthy partners, we failed. Our team had to admit that those accounts were either operated by admins or computer-driven — any request to meet in real life didn’t work out, and it is impossible to have casual sex relationships with other members at all. Our experts didn’t have any desire to pay a random person just for a chat online, but that’s how the Spicy Flings dating site works. For their issues with pricing packages, keep on scrolling through this review!

The Cost of Membership

Fake accounts vary in age, location, and interests, but they share at least one feature in common — they require high costs to contact them and stay in touch. You won’t be able to find partners for free. Our trials to explore the site and find casual sex dating soulmates were faked as the company’s trial plans. After registration, members have to buy a non recurring coin plan for sure. Otherwise, the website’s functionality will be restricted to the greatest extent possible. This scam is focused on men since the domain shows only fake profiles of women on the landing page.

Like in the case with other dating websites of Meteor Interactive B.V., the pricing policy can be easily browsed on the official page. In our humble opinion, that’s the only positive feature of their pricing links. Here is where you can explore the website’s payment strategies to lure members to spend more money:

  • They state that there are three million users of their dating website worldwide. All the members have to pay at least sixty cents per message. The maximum price per message is in the plan of seven credits — almost three dollars each time you would like to contact fake profiles.
  • We did receive a lot of messages from fake profiles, but the ability to contact them each and every time is too expensive. Three hundred credits will cost you one dollar per credit. The charges on the website aren’t “located” equally — the number of credits you need to send messages or stay in contact with other members through audio messages differ.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Just use your browser on the internet and google the links to this website’s policies — so many sentences to use to highlight you are the only liable party when it comes to the service. Feel free to check for more detail:

These Terms affect your legal rights, responsibilities and obligations and govern your use of the Service, are legally binding, limit Meteor Interactive B.V.’s liability to you and require you to indemnify us and to settle certain disputes through individual arbitration.

Source: https://www.spicyflings.com/agreement

The Conclusion from Our Spicy Flings Review

All in all, Meteor Interactive B.V. is expected to collect even more negative reviews about its fake services and non-legit performances on the internet. Since the terms and conditions hide justifications for their scam activities, negative comments that are full of blame and concerns won’t work as they could. According to our team’s opinion, such services as the Spicy Flings website delivers aren’t just fake — they are dangerous for your budget and well-being. Before spending a single dollar online, please try to ensure the dating website isn’t going to fake its profiles and say it’s all your fault. For more detail, don’t hesitate to check our comments and reviews on the official page. Make your dating experiences worth it!


  • The sex dating services this website provides come at high costs and don’t satisfy customers’ needs because of their fake and scam nature. After registration, members risk losing their money and data for the sake of random third parties and the company itself.
  • When customers explore such services, the interface is eye-catching and the offer seems tempting. In practice, this domain is another sample when the organization fakes its data and makes such fakes plausible. We don’t find this site legit because of their fake profiles and high prices without chargeback and reimbursement chances.
  • The entertainment isn’t lasting. In several negative reviews and comments, you will find the details about how this legit company fakes its accounts, charges members more, and isn’t willing to help at no cost. Its fake services are not just a scam — they are frustrating and disappointing.

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