Your searches for bad companies in the online dating market will certainly lead to StripBang — it can be only worse.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

StripBang Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Desire to meet your perfect match and have fun together? StripBang promises to simplify searching for an ideal lover as much as possible. It will deliver exciting encounters to your home, letting you find and hook up ladies or gentlemen nearby. However, these claims are nothing more than just fake statements.

15 Bromet Close, Watford, Hertfordshire WD14 4LP
You can contact its admins and operators via a live chat feature on the official domain

Our team found out about this scam from dozens of bad reviews and requests to verify this website’s quality. Even though there is no free subscription, the most important task for us is to check how trustworthy the ratings of online dating sites and chats are. The fewer people pay attention to such scam services, the more valuable and profitable for both parties this market will become.

Are you ready to join us on this journey? Let’s get it started!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at StripBang

Scam portals are different and all the same simultaneously. Are you ready to check and verify what reasons don’t let us rank StripBank any higher than last place in our ranking of non-recommended services? Let’s roll right into the topic!

Registration at StripBang

Meeting and exchanging emails for further in-person communication will hardly ever be possible, but there were no issues with registration and getting a subscription on the StripBang domain:

  • The number of details to provide is minimal. You just have to highlight your interests and passions, as well as your zip code to make local match-making tools efficient.
  • It is one of those swipe-and-tap services. The premium subscription promises a high ranking on your account and the ability to see more fellow profiles nearby.

We expected to be overcharged or not to receive credits at all (frequent issues according to customers’ comments), but it didn’t happen. However, the problem with searching for real profiles and finding only fake ones remained. In exchange for your money and registration for free in your favorite internet browser, you will get lots of spam messages and even hate for not doing what interlocutors want.

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Adorable Users’ Fake Profiles

Although you will find gorgeous singles to talk to here, these conversations won’t be pleasing and satisfactory. The crucial problem with the StripBank dating website is that this scam domain is a perfect place for further fraudulent activities. Operators can scam, and so do the registered users. Many of them are searching for partners because of a desire to avoid being alone and lonely in the world, without any financial assistance and help. We communicated with at least five such ladies. If you would try to report such profiles and rank them negatively, you will fail.

Another disappointment happens because the target website isn’t adjusted to these features. When we tried to leave comments to admins or operators, we got no replies back. Trying to delete those fake profiles from our contact list wasn’t really helpful as well, considering the high number of scams on the domain.

Since we were aware of potential risks, we used free registration without account verification and didn’t provide our accurate personal information. If you do, please be ready for those details to become widespread on the internet and accessible to God-knows-what third parties in the world.

The Cost of Membership

This subscription is periodic. So you pay not just for a particular number of messages to send to fellow users:

  • If you want to find singles for intimate talking, dating, or other exciting experiences on this dating platform, you can check its two-day trial solution for just $1.25.
  • The subscription service per month costs almost $40. You can cancel the payment, and your card won’t be charged further. If not, all the following payments are done and renewed automatically.
  • Even if your card hasn’t been charged on time, the vendor might leave the right to access its services in your hands temporarily. There are no bulk subscriptions with more beneficial conditions to use free features or comments for real money, unlike the case with other websites.

If this scam website charged you more, don’t repeat the mistakes of other members and skip the stage where you contact the StripBank domain. Try to report the details to authorized establishments. If there are any overcharges and financial issues, you might try to contact your bank or credit card operators. If you fill the claim and it is resolved in your favor, there is a chance you will just receive your funds back, most probably partially.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

When you plan to date someone utilizing internet-based tools, your safety is your responsibility. You won’t be able to blame other members for being unable to check the website and its construction in advance.

Without a doubt, it is necessary to be aware of the site’s policies to leave the right impressions in the comments. If you have ever found signs of scams, the habit of creating separate email addresses will come in handy — it will protect you from receiving disturbing spam notifications. When it relates to getting rid of their own liabilities, such websites are successful:

You acknowledge and agree that You, and not the Company, shall be solely responsible and liable for all damages, liability or other consequences, foreseen or unforeseen, of all information which You submit, publish, display, disseminate or otherwise communicate through the Website even if a claim for damages or liability should arise after termination of service.

The more reviews you check, the better your analytical and critical thinking works when it comes to discovering scam services.

The Conclusion from Our StripBang Review

Negative reviews are based on bad and incompetent services of the recommended brand. Suggested by whom? That is a huge question. Interested parties are better to report such websites and not to put their nervous systems under this much pressure. There are lots of scams on this little website.


  • Interested parties might have fun with straight, lesbian, and gay members of the community and experience non-monogamous relationships as well. This feature definitely makes the domain distinguished from others, but its scam makes it maximally plain and boring. Of course, until you face this non-credibility on your own.
  • This portal has a lacking interface but is allowed to distribute its services online. Unfortunately, it isn’t the best sample of trustworthy solutions — financial scam, fake profiles, information theft, and so on.
  • This company justifies scams right on their official page, in the section for terms and conditions. For example, all the liabilities are on you while the company has the right to do anything they want with your content and vulnerable data.

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