Want to meet locals, like minded people, sex partners, and other horny individuals? Well, SweetSext might be the website that will only ruin such an experience. But what makes SweetSext users think so?


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is SweetSext.com and who runs it?

SweetSext is a dating site that focuses on adult dating for people who want to trade nude selfies, find a sex partner, or have swinger meetings. And this is the main issue that makes the SweetSext scam barely recognizable at the very beginning. You never know what to expect from a website with nude selfies and online flirting. Such hookup sites have different standards for meeting sex partners. But we will talk about that later in our SweetSext review.

The location of the company is the following:

Company Name
Phone Number
1 (888) 617-2001
Email Address
[email protected]

Want to contact them? Such a decision will be really desirable after being scammed in this SweetSext app, but that is quite impossible. SweetSext FAQ and support team are not available. The contact data seems to be irrelevant, so you will never be able to start a chat with this online dating platform.

People of all ages can become victims of this fake scam website. But let’s talk more about it and take a closer look at all the processes on SweetSext. Let’s see whether it is possible to message real girls or other local members.

Deep Dive Into A SweetSext Fraud

Let’s get the SweetSext review started. A first glance, the site might be fully fine. It will be hard to tell that SweetSext is just a scamming resource that will only offer you some cheap porn pictures without any premium content. And novice users, seeing its landing page, will never realize that. They will think that this is a hookup site.

However, it is hard to recognize that this landing page on SweetSext is really laggy. All the pictures in the SweetSext app are being downloaded for at least 2 minutes, which is extremely long. New members will just leave this website. Furthermore, clicking on every single button there will only lead you to the SweetSext registration page, with nude selfies which might be annoying, especially when you want to take a closer look at the profiles of SweetSext members. And this is only the beginning of our SweetSext review.

But for now, it is time to learn more about the registration process, fully fake profiles, random video chat, SweetSext FAQ, online dating services, match games, naked selfies, horny people here, paid accounts, other local members, support team, live stream, and how SweetSext scams regular users who are seeking dating.

The registration on SweetSext

The registration process must be smooth and simple. Especially, when we are talking about sexting apps with real users. Even though SweetSext is mainly oriented toward a younger male audience, we have to make sure that everything will be really simple for all the users of the SweetSext community. The creation of the SweetSext account is annoyingly slow and laggy in the SweetSext app. And that is including the fact that the site takes no care about your personal information. The only basic information such websites have to know about you includes:

  • Gender;
  • E-mail;
  • Zip Code;
  • Password;
  • Sexual Preferences;
  • How many nude photos would you like to receive;
  • What kind of women you like
  • Upload a photo.

As you can see, there are two strange facts you have to include about yourself. And that will not affect the match game. Moreover, we don’t even know whether these things will provide you with a verified account. This is the SweetSext work.

Also, the site needs you to include your location to provide you with SweetSext membership. But that is too laggy. Your profile photo will not be displayed. You will never meet locals here. Quick chats are focused on scamming, but not on providing you with swinger meetings with horny individuals. We didn’t have to use a VPN for accessing the website, but we still couldn’t manage to register, because SweetSext thought that we were from Albania. Just horrible.

It is a real challenge to become a member of SweetSext community and create a SweetSext account. But how the site will pay for all the effort? Is there a sexting live stream, and what does the premium content include?

Hot chat

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Profiles on SweetSext: Recognizable Fake

Let’s have some spoilers: sending messages to local members, online flirting, global personals, or even sending naked selfies are not available on this scam website. There is no deep search. Only naked selfies, and that’s it.

Fake profiles are common on adult dating websites. That is not a secret that scammers want to take their bounty using the desires of common people. Nonetheless, SweetSext is a scam that is focused only on the creation of a fake image, which is unforgivable. And new members will be greeted with fake images only. There is no single real person here.

The amount of nudity on this site is just enormous. Of course, such type of dating is focused on the creation of such an image, especially using a match game, but all the balance is lost here on Sweet Sext. You can see a lot of naked selfies, mainly, without faces. This is what we can tell about SweetSext community. This was the point where everything about SweetSext app became obvious.

And managing this horrible interface, you will see that there is nothing about real dating. Is SweetSext legit? The answer is “No”. All the profile photos are of low quality. You will see a lot on such websites. And remember the nickname the website asked us about? Of course, you don’t, because the site didn’t. Here, all the fake nicknames are created by the site itself, so you will not even know what type of person is on the other side. This is not like casual encounters at all.

We couldn’t even message girls. Sending messages, or sending naked selfies to horny people is not available, because all the messages will be hidden until you upgrade, while group chat is absent. But we still wanted to start chatting. So what about upgrade prices on SweetSext?

Costs and payments on SweetSext

Talking about your possible costs for the SweetSext membership, we can tell you that they can be as high as you can only imagine. That is because the website has no free membership extension. The only thing you can try is their subscription which is called an “Upgrade”. But you have to buy it to start chatting. All the clicks on the site will lead to it. And you will have to pay for a verified account. Verified as scammed. In fact, nothing here is free.

The prices are the following:

$0.95 for 2 days;
$9.95 for 7 days;
$34.95 for 30 days;
$69.95 for 180 days ($11.65 will be charged monthly);
$120 for 365 days ($9.99 will be charged monthly).

As you can see, there are basic levels of subscriptions. And you have to buy it to become one of the premium members. And we decided to buy a weekly one to make sure that we will receive everything in this scam hookup app. But there is no mark to show you premium members.

As you can guess, we received simply nothing. No option to send messages. Just an error of this scam website that constantly asked us to log in again. Just ridiculous. This was the point when we learned everything about this fake SweetSext app.

But reading the comments of other users, we realized that it is still possible to start quick chats. And that was the point when we understood that this scamming online dating platform can be also involved in blackmailing covering it under global personals.

How does the website indulge its scam?

When we decided to see what the site tells about its security, we were not even surprised. Everything is simple. There is no responsibility. Read what Sweet Sext says:

You are solely responsible for any content, including, but not limited to, text, audio or video recordings, photographs, graphic depictions, or any other type of material, data or information that you post on the Site or display to other members of the Site. You will keep all Content provided to you through the Site private and confidential and will not disclose such Content to anyone without the permission of the person who provided it to you.

Source: https://www.sweetsext.com/members/info/terms

You can see how SweetSext works. All the chats will be managed by the site itself. It would be the worst mistake to join SweetSext.

What Can We Say About SweetSext.com?

SweetSext is a dishonest resource that did put a lot of effort into trying to hide its true motivation. It is not like other sexting apps with real users. The site looks pretty normal, and you will have no chance to recognize all the scam methods here. Nothing here comes for free. This fake scam site will steal not only your money, but also your basic information.

There is no free membership extension, no sexual preferences included, no group chat, and all the other members are fake. This online dating platform is nothing but a fraud. SweetSext site will only steal from you.

As a result of this SweetSext review, we could see the combination of lags, uncomfortable interface, annoying pushing to buy their subscription, and fake profiles only, you will see that this site is nothing but a scam. Many people asked us “Is SweetSext legit?”, or “How this SweetSext site gives casual hookups?”. It is not legit, it is not free, and there are no fair online dating services at all.
So save your money and nerves, and try using only reliable dating services that will give you only high-quality dating experience. Sweet Sext is not a solution at all. Share this Sweet Sext Review to protect your friends.

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  • SweetSext is a scamming site that is focused on adult dating. This resource provides people with a lot of scamming solutions and is involved in blackmailing fair dating community members. There is no real person and no opportunity to send messages. We are not giving SweetSext any excuses, because the only thing SweetSext offers is scams and pain.
  • Is SweetSext legit? No. SweetSext is not a legitimate website. The only purpose of this scam site is to steal money from average Internet users who are looking for a union with horny individuals. Fake and scam: that is what makes SweetSext the website it is now. Only naked selfies without any sort of deep search.
  • SweetSext is no doubt a scam site that gives you no fair services. This site is only focused on leaching all the funds you have, using blackmail and regular fakes. No way to meet locals with quick chats and live streams.