With insane costs for basic features, paid membership users will lose their faith in online sexual encounters on the SwingerZoneCentral dating website.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

SwingerZoneCentral Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

If you are a person who searches for trending dating news and magnificent approaches to dating, the Swinger Zone Central online site will blow your mind. The self-proclaimed best online dating portal features several advanced communication features and will replace hookups in clubs for sure. Instead of visiting clubs, feel free to navigate this domain with a fully responsive web design and form private connections with open-minded singles. You are welcome to upload different photos and other types of content to make your interaction on the web more peculiar and memorable.

Ultimate Hosting INC.
P.O. Box 6001, Plant City, Florida, 33563, United States
+1 813-690-0497
[email protected]

Are you eager to know great news from our Swinger Zone Central review? Unfortunately for swingers who might find this offer tempting, this dating site has fewer and fewer positive reviews, limited functionality, and several suspicious features highlighted in user comments. As usual, we registered to reveal the truth about this site. Stay tuned to get to know about our reviews and research results first. Mind the gap!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at SwingerZoneCentral

News register searches aren’t different from the opportunity to get private sexual experiences with hot swingers. The number of swingers is high, but there are more and more negative comments about the Swinger Zone Central performances. It is better not to log in and face the consequences of your actions later. With our team’s reviews, it won’t be difficult to choose sites for dating swingers online without fake accounts and internet connection issues. After we finished research about the Swinger Zone Central dating site, our editor’s overall and average user ratings were really close — we can’t advise the Swinger Zone Central dating domain for swingers.

Registration at SwingerZoneCentral

Both men and women can register here and find the location of other members on the internet and in real life. We didn’t find it astonishing to navigate the site — its links and pages are pretty outdated. Nevertheless, we joined and created a few test accounts to see how it works:

  • The login form is simple, and the same is valid for registration steps.
  • Overall, there are ten fields to fill in. You don’t have to mention your sexual experiences. But your desire and interests are important to highlight. That used to help make navigation and videos more personalized, but we had to deal with a bit lagging portal.
  • Your private life is secured by the fact that only people with valid email addresses can register. Are you feeling protected now? No doubt.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

Free contact (or physical contact) with women is impossible. After you log in and upload booty pictures for your profile, you have to contact the service team to subscribe. We started getting fake messages from ladies immediately. These fake messages were different at first, but they had lots of repeated patterns afterward. You won’t be able to block other accounts because of fake or spam messages or insufficient behavior. Even if you contact the team and provide links or even video evidence, it won’t work. Fake messages won’t be deleted, but your access can be.

Private chats don’t have typical advanced functions. We tried to use its booty call to arrange a face-to-face meeting or find the location of the interlocutor, but we failed. For such costs, the service doesn’t cope with its duties 100%, even when it comes to its free tools.

The Cost of Membership

Booty calls and booty pictures are exclusive functions from the Swinger Zone Central dating site. However, whether you work with basic features like sending messages and reading messages or VIP services at the Swinger Zone central dating site, you will deal with paid membership. The list of free features is limited to free registration. Without a doubt, a lifetime membership isn’t worth it:

  • With no coin plans, there are both recurring and non-recurring paid membership plans. In the first case, you will pay monthly and will have to contact the team of the Swinger Zone Central site to stop automatical billing. It costs more than two hundred fifty US dollars.
  • In the second case, swingers can also pay for three-month and lifetime membership plans. The sums are seven hundred and one thousand five hundred US dollars accordingly. These costs are non-refundable and won’t be charged back.

If you try to solve financial issues without the Swinger Zone Central company’s consent, you will have more ripping-off trouble, according to the chargeback policy, stated on the official SwingerZoneCentral.com website:

In the event you attempt to chargeback your membership fee, or threaten to chargeback your membership fee, your access to the site will be immediately revoked and your information will be forwarded to our collection agency to get payment.

Moreover, the SwingerZoneCentral dating website will charge swingers who would like to leave more — such swingers are promised to be billed for collection fees, administration charges, and so on, including an unfair charge of fifty US dollars just for the intention to cancel your paid membership and return your money back.

For more information about how SwingerZoneCentral justifies scams and spam messages, keep on scrolling down the page for the next chapter of our review!

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Free features of the SwingerZoneCentral online dating website are extremely limited, and paid membership options don’t satisfy swingers. Instead of no-string relationships, you will get deeper bonds with Swinger Zone Central than you could have ever imagined. As a member of lifetime membership policies, you will find it difficult to get rid of their automatically billed payments, spam messages, and other scam features. We had to be attentive not to be hooked up by the misleading information on the webpage, so we checked the company’s terms and conditions thoroughly. Our discoveries weren’t pleasant for us and would never be for swingers on the internet:

You agree that Swinger Zone Central, Ultimate Hosting, INC. has no responsibility or liability for the deletion or failure to store any messages and other communications or other Content maintained or transmitted by the Service.

You agree to indemnify and hold Swinger Zone Central, Ultimate Hosting, INC., its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and other partners and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim or demand.

The Conclusion from Our SwingerZoneCentral Review

From difficulties with blocking other members from your list of accounts to huge ripping-off when it comes to payments, SwingerZoneCentral is far from any good for your needs. After this research, we can’t suggest using this site at all — it sends dozens of spam messages and doesn’t provide features, which inspired members to join and create their accounts initially.

For more free reviews of websites without lifetime membership and skyrocketing costs for registration, feel free to visit our official page and find your best site for dating swingers. Former users and those who would never visit such a platform are welcome to share their experiences and ideas on what service to review next — just let us know in the comments. Make your online dating safe and secure!


  • This site was registered back in 2006, so it has a bit of old-fashioned design at the moment. Its original purpose was to help swingers find their partners for sexual encounters without difficulty. With several payment options, including lifetime membership, the SwingerZoneCentral dating site has transformed into a scam site and lures end users to spend more money to stay online. For instance, the Booty Call feature is limited and is insufficient for getting physical contact.
  • Owned by Ultimate Hosting, the Swinger Zone Central dating site was registered fifteen years ago and was a good sample of dating sites for stingers. Over time, its reputation altered, and now we know the Swinger Zone online dating portal as a scam service for end users with no ability for swingers to find a reliable partner for one-time sexual encounters in real life.
  • Swingers will find lifetime membership at the Swinger Zone Central dating site a disastrous decision for multiple reasons. Since the company isn’t responsible for other members of the community, the quality of the content posted puts swingers in a high-risk situation where they can suffer from the ill-minded actions of fellow users. It will be complicated to block other members. Even if you succeed, copies of the banned account will appear in the role of a new fake profile on the dating web. What’s more, the pricing policy is extremely expensive and rips off end users. It is a recurring plan that has to be terminated on time. However, staying in contact with Swinger Zone Central customer support is challenging, so news and updates are drastically delayed.

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