Dating for mature men is a nice solution to meet decent sweethearts. But will TenderCougars provide you with good dating solutions?


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is TenderCougars And Who Created It?

TenderCougars is a classic dating website for mature people that are focused on the creation of a long-lasting union with a mature woman without difficulties. At least, the website tries to create such an image. In order to recognize the scam here, we will have to dive deeply into work of Tender Cougars, because the website put a lot of effort into masking its motives.

To contact the owners, you will have to use the following data:

Company Name
InfaWeb Solution Limited; Porticato Media LTD
Company City/Address
Suite 1601; Kinwick Centre 32 Hollywood Central Road Hong Kong
Phone Number
1 (800) 894-9138
Email Address
[email protected]

The company name might be familiar to you. Porticato Media LTD is a famous company involved in scamming younger men by creating dating websites with fake profiles. For a review, we tried to reach them. Seems like their contact information is as fake as the profiles on the TenderCougars.

But it is time to learn more about the work of Tender Cougars. Let’s see what Porticato Media will show us this time. The only specialized criteria are to see how cougars dating site scams users by showing them fake women.

The Detailed Review On TenderCougars.com: How Fake This Website Is?

The first visit while writing TenderCougars review was even pleasant. We knew that we had to use more specialized criteria to grade it. We saw a beautifully looking landing page that showed us an image of a nice dating resource where you can meet a mature woman. It was literally looking like a proper dating site.

But the image of the Tender Cougars scam started to appear in only two minutes. We couldn’t even check anything on the site without a pop-up registration window appearing. This way, we didn’t even have the option to read more about Tender Cougars privacy policy which really made us disappointed. It was the first sign that we will not meet real mature women here.

But we decided to move forward and see how insufficient the Tender Cougars website is. Get ready to know about the lacking registration process, fake profiles of cougars on the website that start chatting with you even before you appear online, the details about the company, and horribly expensive prices. Read it further in our review.

How long it takes to register

The Tender Cougars free registration is quick. We didn’t experience any delays that seem pretty normal for scamming resources with fake profiles. But there is no password verification on Tender Cougars.

First of all, let’s look at the data you need to provide to register and create your profile:

  • Age;
  • Location;
  • Email address;
  • Preferences;
  • Password.

As you can see, there is no need to make up a nickname for Tender Cougars. This cougars site just showed us that all the users are not safe. How can you go chatting mature women without a proper nickname? There is no way to interact.

The site let us make a “12345678” password, which was really funny. No care about our security. How will we buy a paid membership here with such data protection? We didn’t believe that with such a secure approach we could find some real women.

Any members here could contact each other without taking care of age and location. But when you join this service, you will have to spend hours to discover at least one real cougar woman. There are no cougars that will make you buy their membership.

And without using a nickname, we cannot be sure that our personal information, such as our e-mail, will be safe from these fake women. However, when we saw the registration process on TenderCougars, we decided to take a closer look at fake profiles on this scam site and interact with them.

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Fake profiles: pay to receive nothing

Including the fact that TenderCougars is focused on working with people looking for mature women dating, there are pretty well-made profile pictures of mature ladies. It would be hard to recognize the scam, because everything was looking fine. But when fake cougars flooded us, we realized that no real person would join this resource. Only fake profiles with fake cougars members tried to contact us, learn more about our location, and show how young they are. A great example of a service that makes us spend money to chat with cougar women. Every user has to buy a membership to chat with women.

A ton of mature ladies claimed that we are so unique and that they want to become our precious local cougar. Arrange hookups are always precious, especially when we talk about cougar women. And young inexperienced users will immediately send photos or tell their location to these cougars. But that was only 5 minutes since we registered our profile. No local cougar will act like that. But we had to buy a premium subscription to see what members tell us. No trial period is available.

Also, we received a couple of messages from mature women that were hidden. We had only 1 hour to upgrade our profile to see cougars members. Pretty obvious bait that will make average members think that there is something spicy hidden by mature women.

Moreover, the account of Tender Cougars Administrator told us that we can send 5 messages for free, which was unavailable to us. So we decided to move forward and see all the paid membership prices on this cougars website.

Premium packages: disgustingly expensive

To make everything clear for our review, there are no credits or messages. You have to upgrade your account to a premium membership. There is no trial membership or trial period. On the one hand, such a method is pretty fine for dating accounts, but on the other hand, it might be not the best solution as that creates a lack of responsibility while dating cougars.

And the prices look really good. The premium membership Tender Cougars packages include:

$0.99 per day for Daily
$0.39 per day for Weekly
$0.96 per day for Monthly
$0.54 per day for 3-months pack

We cannot even assume why the Tender Cougars prices are so strange, but we decided to try a daily package to contact cougars. Maybe they use their own specialized criteria for creating dating websites with fake cougars. All in all, we were not going to stay on TenderCougars for longer than 1 day. But the site charged us $30. That was so unexpected that we were literally shocked. That was the most expensive account upgrade to chat cougars in our review career.

And we received nothing! Any click on the site led us to the payment page. We tried to reach Tender Cougars support, but that was impossible. Trying to start a chat with other members and the support team led us to the payment page either. How can other users experience cougars dating experience as most people do?

We realized that the site simply stole our money, but we were still interested in what the site would do with our data. So we decided to learn more about Tender Cougars’ security.

What does the website tell about their scamming methods?

There was no surprise that the Tender Cougars site takes no care of our security data when we chat with mature women. It is important for our review to inspect their terms. TenderCougars site claims that:

Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of users’ data transmitted to the Site; any transmission is at your own risk. We cannot assure you that the personal information that we collect will not be used or disclosed inconsistently with this Privacy Policy. We assume no responsibility for any of users’ information.

Source: https://www.tendercougars.com/c3RhdGljUGFnZS90ZXJtc3RlbmRlcmNvdWdhcnMuY29t

So there will be no reasonable control over the Tender Cougars site, and there will be no help with your data if some of these fake mature women steal it. Pretty convenient that they managed to tell their potential members about that. We realized that buying a premium subscription from Porticato Media LTD company will only lead to nonsense online chatting with fake profiles and cougar members. Our reviews showed it. At this moment, everything about the site became even clearer. Only bots and their operators!

The conclusion about TenderCougars

Our review proves that TenderCougars looked like a typical dating site for users who would like to meet like-minded people on this hookups resource. Yet, this is nothing but a scamming site with no responsibilities. No mature women are present on Tender Cougars. And even with more specialized criteria, we saw it was a scam. Younger men will never find proper free dating at this scam website from Porticato media. A bright example of the activity of this scam dating company.

You cannot choose a nickname, your data will not be safe, the site will give you nothing real, no single woman, you will find no hookups and cougars, you have no trial membership, and you will only lose your money by buying a membership. You will not be able to chat with other members or users. And don’t forget that your account might be blocked for no reason on this service, while your personal details will be stolen.

So if you want to get a real cougar dating experience or find a loving partner, avoid such fake site as TenderCougars. Read more reviews and find only suitable dating sites with real users and women.

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  • TenderCougars is a scamming dating site that is focused only on the creation of an image of a properly working dating site with its own membership. This site is not legitimate at all and has only a willingness to steal your money by selling you a premium subscription with no trial period and no real members.
  • TenderCougars is a scamming dating platform that gives no fair services and no local cougars. All the profiles on this website are fake and there is nothing you can do here without being scammed. Tender Cougars' free registration will make you pay a lot for just using this site. After you register, no matter how you try, you will never be able to interact with someone real. Only bots and operators.
  • TenderCougars is a fraud fake site that has nothing in common with fair dating. Make sure you avoid it if you want proper dating with real users. Tender Cougars presents no mature women, and you will find no single local cougar here. And the absence of trial membership is also horrible. We advise you not to use this cougars online service in order to save your money.