TenderMums is a non-trustworthy website with invalid and poor-quality subscriptions for mammoth money.


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  • Fake Profiles
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TenderMums Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

The modern industry of online dating and matchmaker services values remote connections and the ability to stay connected 24/7 with gorgeous men and women who are miles away. The Tender Mums dating site is represented as a trustworthy domain for long-distant relationships and physical contact with single ladies who raise a child.

This website is created for communication between males and gorgeous women from the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and any other country around the world, as well as to meet and date girls online.

Company Name
Porticato Media LTD
Nwms Center 31 Southampton Row, Offline 3.11, 3rd Floor, WC1B 5HJ London, United Kingdom
[email protected]

It is not a mail-order solution and doesn’t let interested parties figure out what the best dating site services are. The key factor is that Porticato Media has chosen the wrong path. Instead of delivering prompt access to a top-notch dating platform from any location and trying to advise how to date securely, its operators maintain fake profiles and have a creative approach to styling and developing their scam schemes.

To pay or not to pay isn’t the question when it comes to schemes of the Tender Mums by Porticato Media LTD over the internet. How complicated is the search for real partners here and potential mail wives? Stay tuned to monitor our review results. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at TenderMums

Don’t blame your internet connection quality for being the culprit — the Tender Mums malware is the reason for divergent issues customers usually come across while staying online at the target site. Our team reviews such dating sites in order to protect potential victims of scam dating solutions from ill-minded website policies. Even if you report its activities to appropriate third parties, success rates aren’t really high. In this case, the best decision is to avoid the challenge than cope with the consequences.

The main problem with such dating sites is how tricky and ambiguous their terms and conditions are. They justify literally any type of scam, not letting members of the community fight back for their rights. To be ready to make your first steps in the online dating world, be sure to get acquainted with our reviews and discover what mistakes shouldn’t be done on your own. Let’s get straight into the topic!

Registration at TenderMums

The first stage of our review is to register and see what it takes to create an account. Trying the opportunities of free registration, we discovered that the service had a trial membership plan. Men and women are also welcome to cancel the selected packages and sign out. We didn’t share any trustworthy contact details and applied our secret data that won’t interfere with the performance of other systems and networks we rely on. Unlike other dating websites, it has more specialized criteria:

  • To access private chats, we had to select what type of relationships we were interested in. The domain supports straight, gay, and lesbian couples.
  • As always, we submitted a test profile user’s age and defined our search location. The system doesn’t provide any password-related recommendations, but email addresses are to be valid.

After these things are set, the network will automatically forward novice users to the subscriptions section.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

During our trial membership, we didn’t share any contact details with fellow members of the community and took care of the security of free registration data on our own. It is hard to say that the Tender Mums platform is anything more but a plain and somewhat lacking platform. Contrary to alternative dating websites, they prefer minimalism in web design. Although the functionality and navigation are overall fine, the pool of candidates will lead to depression. We find no logical reason to invest a fortune to get a paid membership and chat with fake profiles, full of stolen photos and copypasted data. The only way is to cancel your account and forget about this dating nightmare for residents of any country.

The Cost of Membership

The Porticado Media LTD company offers a three-day or seven-day trial period, depending on when you subscribe and what promotions they held at that moment. Unfortunately, that is all for great news about its accounts and pricing packages. There are scam websites that are pretty cheap to use, but Tender Mums is an extremely demanding domain:

  • The smaller the subscription period you choose, the more you invest. For instance, one month of membership after the trial period is over will require over $1500.
  • You can also opt for premium plans with more advanced search and content-creation features. The prices are even more mind-blowing.
  • Users can pay with credit cards. All the subscriptions are varietals and non-recurring.

You can try to cancel a premium subscription — there is a chance to contact customer support online. On other dating sites, this feature is designed specifically to operate such data and help registered users get rid of their paid memberships. Every paid membership will automatically renew for the same duration term and at the rate that you specified when you first signed up. To avoid repeated charges, you can turn off auto-renewal, but you must do it at least three days before the due date. Although we didn’t face any issues with this function, former users leave multiple comments about the complexity of this process.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Premium memberships offer exclusive access to services that are non-available for free and on competitor websites as well. As you can guess, the Tender Mums party isn’t for other members to enjoy it. On the contrary, they do their best to ensure your searches for an ideal partner on the internet will be as expensive, insufficient, and troublesome as possible. The source of premium membership malware can be found in the description of the brand’s policies on the official page. Users don’t pay attention to long-read articles, but it is really worth it. Here are some abstracts from the website, which clearly show users should not expect anything good from a company without any liabilities and responsibilities:

We are not responsible for anything you do or say on the site, and we have no control over the content of the site.

We are not involved in disputes between you and any other user. You are solely responsible and liable for all of your content.

Under no circumstances will we be liable for any claims, losses or damages arising from your conduct or the conduct of others… arising from the conduct of users who register under false pretenses or who attempt to deceive or harm you.

It is a miracle how such brands manage to survive the internet competition and keep on enticing new users as their service victims. That’s why we can’t help but suggest members of the online dating community battle scam solutions indirectly — just get acquainted with our reviews of dating websites, account-creation procedures, search filters, and overall policies to be able to distinguish spam messages from sincere confessions from other members.

The Conclusion from Our TenderMums Review

The results of our reviews can be different. So far, we have discovered a lot of decent platforms to create an account and exchange messages with registered members. Without the slightest hesitation, our experts would call the Tender Mums website a total scam. The Porticato Media LTD company does care about its own interests only and forgets to maintain the interests of other members through actions and messages. Compared to other scam websites, the only benefit is that the platform allows canceling paid membership. Although it might take some time and be exhausting, it is still possible.


  • The Tender Mums online dating company welcomes men to sign up and start chatting with hot single moms. On the landing page, enthusiasts will find more details about its performance, but it can function as a hook-up and casual dating site for interested parties. Former registered members mention a lot of issues with their time online at the TenderMums site because of its scam services and fake accounts of other users.
  • This legit matchmaker company is officially registered and complies with online standards to be able to establish online dating sites. Unfortunately for registered members, this domain is a source of malware and scam techniques. Like other online dating sites in this category, people sign up for free, pay a lot for premium memberships, and start having issues with the financial and privacy policies of the brand. According to the comments of Tender Mums dating website members, the degree of scam depends on a target location, chosen method of payment, and the overall paid subscription period.
  • The TenderMums.com online dating site seems legit and reliable at first glance. The website appears to be a fantastic location to locate single moms nearby seeking a matchmaker date. Free registration seems another benefit. Sadly, the number of Tender Mums free features is limited, and the site will start taking money immediately. Its trial period is more like a premium subscription in terms of its cost. Our team has done the research and is confident TenderMums by Porticato Media are to fool real members with fantasy and fake profiles, ripping off their money.

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