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SeekMeetDate is a dating site that has managed to gather a lot of negative reviews since its existence. There is a paid membership available which charges a lot of money from users' cards but does not offer any worthy services for getting to know people in return. Let's find out if it is worth buying a membership on this dating site that wil result into insufficient dating only!


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who is a dating site for and its key features

This dating online site company is designed for dating adults. In general, the age range is between 30 and 50. But it affects the profile, so you need to be of legal age. Most of the men looking for beautiful women pass the registration on Meet Date. The dating site company itself is beautifully designed. There is a small number of ads on the dating site that can be removed after a trial membership is purchased. But all is not as nice as it may seem at first sight.

Here, you will gain access to not only fake chat or local singles, but also to a large number of not real members of Meet Date. The entire dating site company is filled with bots. There are often issues that violate the privacy of the membership. A single subscription on a dating site company does not provide the features you would like to see for the money. Almost every photo from the profile is considered a fake membership on the dating site. Therefore, the SeekMeetDate dating site has received a lot of negative reviews, despite the fact that there is a free basic membership and trial membership runs.

Below, you will find online contact information of the dating site company. It may be useful if you face any difficulties. But remember, there are fake chat operators of Meet Date who will hardly solve your problems.

Phone number of the SeekMeetDate dating site
1 (800) 918 7304
Email of the dating site company
[email protected]
City and postal code of Meet Date
Malta, BKR9024

Do you want to buy a subscription for a dating site company and start looking for a match? First, let’s talk about why participation in the Meet Date platform is considered a fake membership and whether it is worth trusting at all.

Seek Meet Date online dating portal: a deep analysis

It’s time to talk about the Seek Meet Date website in more detail. The design of the dating site is classic and there is nothing unique about it. You can see a small preview on the profiles which dating users can expect on the network. There is also a separate tab at the dating site company with a long description of the privacy conditions on the dating site company, which can be violated according to the experience of other user membership. Also, be aware that there are fake Meet Date accounts.

We do not recommend that users purchase a membership to a dating site until they know everything about this dating site.

Any user can try a dating free account on the dating site offered by the Seek Meet Date online dating portal. But how to pass registration and is it complicated? Let’s deal with this question in the next section of our review on the Seek Meet Date dating website.

Registration on the SeekMeetDate dating site

In general, it is not difficult to register a dating account on the Seek Meet Date website. Everyone has the possibility to activate a profile and see how the trial membership runs. You will get the chance to meet local singles and read the scam profiles of others. Just remember that most of the free members’ pages on the dating site are false.

Thus, let’s see what the step-by-step process of registration an account on a dating website company looks like:

  1. Open a landing page on a dating website. Go only to the official site. On your dating landing page, you will see a lighted button announcing your registration on the dating portals or sign in. Select register user in the network.
  2. Once you click on it, you will leave the landing page and go to a new window with the form for the dating account in the network on the dating website. This is not the profile of your person that is used for free dating. It is a small verification in the form of contact details on the dating site.
  3. Choose a nickname for your dating account on the network and provide a password for the SeekMeetDate dating website. As negative reviews suggest, you should think of a good password as there is a risk of leaking personal information on this dating site.
  4. After entering the data, all dating users can confirm their members profiles via email and start dating in the network. At this point, the user registration of a free account on the dating portals is complete. Don’t forget to fill out your profile with your contact information.

Things get bad when naive novices realize they receive scam messages on this dating website. Already at the early stages of dating, there were difficulties in creating a personal account and entering contact membership. And the operators service on the dating site company ignored our questions and messages. Within a day, there were no messages on the dating site and even the mail turned out to be an unreliable source of feedback from the SeekMeetDate dating site. So, at least comments, messages and negative reviews about free operators are justified. All the contacts on the dating site can be leaked to the public!

This kind of subscription trap can work with anyone. So, the next question we should focus on is a fake chat and fake profiles. Are there any real people in the network and can you send messages and comments to pretty girls on the web? Read about it below!

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Fake Profiles on SeekMeetDate

Almost all new members on the dating site immediately proceed to explore the profile photos offered. There is a large selection of beautiful girls and men among all the choices on the dating site company. Their profiles seeme to be filled out as much as possible, you can write appropriate messages as users’ characters and hobbies are described in detail. By such free details profiles, you can immediately understand who will be interesting to communicate with.

Yet, when it comes to choosing people for messages on the internet on the dating site, the pitfalls of this dating site company begin to reveal. During communication, it is clear at once that there are no real details profiles here, but only fake bots. All fake people respond with template messages and do not even change the words in their sentences. If you talk to a few details bots on a dating site company, it becomes clear that they are communicating with templates. These messages scripts are prescribed and repeated regardless of the member on the dating site.

We were definitely disappointed that the Seek Meet Date company gives out messages and lets people communicate with fake accounts for money. It is very rare to meet a real member here. Unfortunately, the Seek Meet Date company system is cleverly designed so that a real member will not get in contact with you via service messages. The members are not visible in every location. In other words, with the Seek Meet Date company, you will only be able to communicate with bots. Also, fake chat operators will not give you a good mood, much less real communication on th is dating site.

But how much should you pay for the fake chat operators and messages from the Seek Meet Date company? Let’s talk about the rates on the dating site, you will definitely be interested to know it.

Cost of Services on Seek Meet Date

All online fake profiles follow the classic fake template for messages on a dating site. Most of them describe the characters, their personality and hobbies. It immediately entices you to try to communicate on the dating site. Maybe you’ll find the right lady for you. That is why a member starts fake chatting using the embed on the dating site purchase. Looking ahead, we will mention that these services have proven to be quite expensive, especially comparing the Seek Meet Date company with others.

Their fake chat will not ensure effective dating on the internet, but they will take a lot of money from a free account. Today, there is no desire to continue to buy fake services when you get caught communicating with the first member. By the way, many contact details are hidden and there is no way to chat outside of the SeekMeetDate dating site.

In general, a very expensive report is represented by these rates for the trial period:

  • subscription trap for one day costs $0.99;
  • then, you have to pay from $5.00 for the subscription trap;
  • three months from company Seek Meet Date costs $32.45.

Next, the very expensive report raises prices and Meet Date services on a regular basis with costs as follows:

  • new members will pay $59.97 for a month;
  • you have to pay $64.90 for three months on the dating site company.

If many new members are ready to pay this amount for a trial period, then, the desire to switch to a permanent membership is gone. Many people can’t afford such an expensive report. Considering the fact that the service location of your account may change, you will have to pay more for an additional purchase.

Knowing such features, you can make an intermediate conclusion that the subscription of the Seek Meet Date company is quite expensive. It is not possible to send messages to matches and to control the status of a free account. There are many negative reviews regarding this aspect.

Almost all service users have also paid attention to the terms and conditions of the Seek Meet Date company.

Terms and conditions

In general, the policy of a dating site for Meet Date users and the features of service membership are clear. But the policy is definitely worth reading. For example, there are a lot of controversial points that can cause difficulties in the future using the dating site company. Let’s break down what is worth knowing about the Meet Date scam online platform.

It is stated that the online platform has the right to know your profile code. Even if you have a single subscription and you get a membership, the dating site company can find out your data without asking. It is also unclear how to cancel a single subscription. This is probably due to the large number of service bots on the dating site company.

Also, please note that privacy of personal information isn’t guaranteed by this scam company. Other strangers will be able to get your private details on Meet Date. And as for payment issues, here is a quote from the terms and conditions:

Your payment will be shown on your card statement as www.seekmeetdate.com. Unless canceled, your 1-day trial membership plan will automatically convert to our monthly package after the end of your 1-day trial period.

Source: https://www.seekmeetdate.com/terms

Do you understand what it means? Unless you are attentive enough, the site will charge you automatically to rip off your credit card! Is it fair? We don’t think so.

The Seekmeetdate Conclusion

Seekmeetdate turned out to be an expensive scam! Fake Meet Date support operators are not competent and not willing to help, and it also takes a long time to get an answer. Next, you will not be able to get in touch with real members and users’ data may be stolen. So, it is better not to create members profiles on Meet Date! Do not get fooled by the beautiful hopes the site operators may inspire in your soul.


  • It’s an insufficient dating platform that lures local singles into eternal payment traps. Members are promised real dates but are only ripped off for chats with bots and fictitious operators instead. And no real date is possible.
  • No, it just pretends to be the one. No legit website will use the members’ data for their own cheeky purposes. Therefore, once you accept the Terms and Conditions, you agree to be fooled.
  • Yes, it is. It makes users pay heavily for talking to not real members, and once you register, it’s rather difficult to leave the platform with no issues.

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