A colorful dating site online TheWorldDate.com invites all gullible people to meet their bots. Are you ready for this kind of flirting?


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who TheWorldDate.com is For and Who Owns It: Basic Datareview

TheWorldDate.com dating site invites people who are missing romance and fresh relationships, offering to communicate in ordinary and private chats in the network. The main age category is the profiles of men and women of 35-55+. There is no age limit, the main condition for creating profile is your maturity. At the same time, the operators of theWorlddate community don’t try to find out the real age in any way. However, formally, you confirm you are at least 18 at the registration of your membership.

Digital International Inc.
Digital International Inc.
Digital International Inc. 1901 Penn Ave Washington DC USA
Phone number
+1 202 681 3535
[email protected]

The basic information about the company is not available for public viewing, but we managed to find it. This is the first message that it is better not to trust such operators. You will definitely risk your privacy, photo gallery, and you won’t even know who to contact with questions.

This approach is justified by the fact that unauthorized profiles should not use the official TheWorldDate mail for privacy purposes as spam. For example, to send advertisements to registered visitors of the community. However, in turn, this shows that the site does not have sufficient online protection and does not create any terms for the necessary checks.

But we didn’t stop halfway and decided to continue conducting our review. As a result, we found a lot of curious information about features of membership on TheWorldDate which will definitely be interesting for potential lovers.

TheWorldDate.com’s registration and Fake Services

Checking the current information and answers about the TheWorldDate.com fake site, we found out that a weak woman has more chances to stay with the money while being in a dark alley than with anyone else on the resource. Primitive ways of scam, disguised as a charm of romance, can leave you without a dime if you fall into temptation. But let’s explore everythingstep by step.

TheWorldDate registration Process

When you reach the homepage of the TheWorldDate site, you will see only free registration of the profiles. In other words, you literally make out a profile member like a blind kitten. You will not even get a glimpse of the interface, layout, photo gallery, and other information until you enter your data. This message is starting to be dangerous.

The terms of registration of the company have no particular features. You will need to enter:

  • name ( you can use any name, even fake) and password;
  • email address;
  • gender and age.

In this case, the operators will not ask you about the truthfulness of this information, as well as the feedback, comment or at least some kind of proof of mail. This is a sign that there may be scam profiles of women and men on TheWorldDate that do not match their stated characteristics. You may chat with a beautiful woman who hides a completely different member. After all, the authenticity of your photo is not verified by the company.

In addition, during online registration in the community, you can read the comment that sexual publications are allowed under the terms of the resource. In other words, with all your reluctance, you will receive photos and information from all kinds of profiles. And this user may not be Pamela Anderson.

But, this message is not the worst thing that can happen to you on the fake site TheWorldDate. We’ll tell you more about that later.

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Fake Profiles Review

As we have already found out, it is easy to register free profiles here without any additional checks or confirmations. This is a great way to create fake profiles for even more profit. Moreover, we came across a tendency of active spam from both a woman and a man. Requests for help, pathetic tricks and primitive flirting can only make people laugh or get angry, depending on the mood of the user.

You do not have to be too observant to notice scam phrases from profiles that belong to the same operators of the company. Fake profiles will surround you from all sides and it is impossible to cancel it.

The messages in the online chat appeared very quickly. Our team randomly responded to some profiles just for the sake of the experiment. As you would expect, in almost every message and comment all hookups were about asking to go to a private subscription so that you pay even more coins to TheWorldDate.

Another significant drawback is that you cannot block a user, whether it is a real woman or a man’s bot. Such services from the company simply do not exist. You have to accept it and just ignore information and messages from fake profiles. And believe us, it is not so easy to do with such persistent operators.

And even if a user is interested in correspondence and is touched by it to the bottom of his heart, what he will never achieve is exactly the privacy of the meeting. This result is not provided by the policy of theWorldDate site. The only interest of the resource and all operators working for it is to download as much money from you as possible and lead you into a rip off subscription conditions.

If you have no time to sit in front of your computer waiting for the response of the next online beauty, you can’t go away on your own business and monitor the chat on the phone, because there is no mobile version of the site. Neither for Android, nor for iOS. And if you try to open the site in a mobile browser, its adaptation will be awful.

The Cost of Membership

TheWorldDate.com is positioned as a free dating site. That’s what the advertising landing page says. But do not be seduced, they will find something to charge you for:

  • trial pay membership – another trap that lures users with dubious privileges;
  • purchase of coins and credits – you can use them to make your profile more visible to other members of their community, or to send messages, photos to chat.

When the trial subscription ends, you go back to free reality and see again a ton of ads and other trash that you can’t filter out. That’s why the majority of real users (and there are a lot of them here too), prefer to buy a bundle of coins and get rid of annoying banners.

From the Terms and Conditions section

On the registration page of TheWorldDate, you can find a link to the License Agreement and privacy policy. Bulky content written in different fonts and character sizes does not make interactions with the resource any clearer and is also not readable for people. In general, there are the standard disclaimers, which are everywhere with the removal of any responsibility from the owners of the company.

To save you time, we have already gone through this kilometer of text feed and found some very noteworthy sections with their features. For example:

We reserve the right at any time to amend the terms of this Agreement, modify our Webites contents or features, or change any fees or charges for using our Websites and our Services. The changes are deemed to be effective from the date of the posting changes on the Website without notice to you.

Our comment: you will not even be aware of what your rights will be violated as a result of such changes.

IF YOU BECOME A MEMBER, YOUR PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW FOR CERTAIN PERIODS OF TIME IF YOU DO NOT CANCEL PRIOR TO THE END OF THE TERM.» Although the administration of the site assures the opposite, stating that the trial pay membership is not automatically renewed and there is nothing to worry about. However, you will not be able to cancel the purchase.

That’s why we strongly recommend you don’t leave your credit card data here, especially do not enter your password, from which the funds for the subscription will be deducted even if you do not agree to it.

Source: https://theworlddate.com/privacypolicy

Conclusion From Our TheWorldDate.com review

After a detailed review of TheWorldDate.com company, it became clear that saving membership and communicating here is not safe in many ways:

  • First, the intrusive ads that track your interests even outside of the site. They call it behavioral advertising, but it is really spying;
  • Secondly, the difficulty in blocking unwanted messages. Unfortunately, when we explored the site, we got a lot of spam from the profiles that we couldn’t clear out of the chats. A newcomer can expect a typhoon of new acquaintances, which is hard to escape;
  • Thirdly, these are real bots, with fake profiles of women and men that cannot be verified. The administration encourages this situation in every possible way, mail and photos are not verified;
  • Fourthly, changes in the agreement for the user without warning and even when he does not agree to that. If you do not notice anything suspicious, it does not mean that it is not present.

Don’t think that by signing up for a pay membership, your profile and communication will become safer. On the contrary, you’ll show your willingness to contribute dollars and attract even more attention. Moreover, the quality of service will remain at the same level. This membership will not provide you with any advantages.


  • This is a fake site for dating, communication and romantic relationships, masked as a decent free platform. It is designed for women and men of 35-55+ years old. At first glance, it should unite couples, help find affection, but in fact, it's a company-scam with bots to extort money. No conditions for real dates at all.
  • TheWorldDate.com can't be a legitimate dating platform for many reasons. Chatting with a fake profile of a hottie or a swarthy guy, you can't be sure of the authenticity of the relationship. In addition, the site disclaims all responsibility for your privacy data, so your photos, password and other information can easily fall into the third hands.
  • This is a pure scam designed for a gullible user. It is enough to read the terms of policy and privacy to be convinced of this.

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