Online dating is an essential part of modern life. However, such scamming websites as Tonightshookup might completely ruin it.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is Tonightshookup And Who Runs It?

Tonightshookup is a dating website that claims to have a free chat and offers everyone casual dating with free registration. Visiting this site, we could see that you can indicate any country, so the targeted audience is 18+ users from all over the world.

If you want to contact the owners of this website, use the following contact details on the landing page:

Enza Limited
Company Location
48 Constant Spring Road, second floor, Kingston 10, Jamaica
+44 116 464 7525
[email protected]

Yet, many users will not be able to reach this dating site with fake profiles as the support team is very slow and not responsive at all.

If you wonder how this scamming website with fake chat works, read the review on Tonightshookup.com!

The start of Tonightshookup Review: Main Points Of The Website

From the very beginning of our tonightshookup.com review, everything about the website was clear. It looked like a site with cheap sexual content and no chances for fairness. However, we decided to go on and sign up at this scam site.

The landing page was pretty OK. It provided all the needed information to start dating, and the website nearly insisted on reading their contact details and privacy policy.

However, the photo of a partly naked woman proved to us that this website is focused on sexual contact and fake dating.

And now it is time to start a detailed review on this dating site. We will see how they implement that cheeky rip off with a ton of fake profiles, fake chat, trial membership, fake free registration, fake location matching, absence of coin plans, pathetic casual dating, fake and very expensive report system, and fake dating community on this website.

The registration process on Tonightshookup

Our Tonightshookup.com review begins with free registration. It seemed simple. Such fake online dating portals can be easily recognized with poor downloads. And Tonightshookup was not an exception.

There was no browser check, but still everything was slow.

We had to provide the following personal and contact details:

  • Gender;
  • Preferences (man woman, or gay);
  • Country, location;
  • Nickname;
  • E-mail;
  • Age;

You have to wait for 3 minutes while each registration tab downloads. But it is still free. However, providing details, we saw that the website allows you to indicate any country you want. Every country is on the list. On one hand, it’s good as the majority of dating websites are focused on providing dating for members all over the world (interracial dating, gay dating, etc).On the other hand, it proves that Tonightshookup tries to catch everyone in its nets and make them pay for a fake chat with fake profiles.

When we entered the site to continue our tonightshookup.com review, we saw something fascinating that made us laugh.

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Fake Profiles on Tonighthooksup.com

Having a fake chat is a common thing on such fake dating sites. Our first impression was hilarious but we will tell more about it discussing the recurring plan here. First, we want to test dating websites search.

Having taken a closer look into those fake profiles, we saw that there is no search at all. If you think that Internet dating is something fair and pleasant, this scam website might ruin your opinion. Every single person here is a fictional person.

Fake profiles here are of poor quality. This online dating portal features profiles with a casual hookups description. Everything is made for average Internet users to come here and pay for chatting with some hot members. However, no fair messages can be received on this website.

We expected a spam attack from “real dates”, and got it two minutes after we started scrolling this website. We received many messages from women that insisted on sexual contact, promising an unforgettable hookup. However, that was the experience with our account.

It seems that photos from each fake profile was stolen. Most of them were low-quality and looked like someone copied them to show for free. It looked like a fake dating community. When we wanted to report these fake people, we saw that there is a really expensive report system and gave up the idea of casual dating.

Instead, we decided to send them some greetings to make sure that we are using a scam fake chat without casual dating.

Prices on Tonighthooksup.com

Each scamming website provides a lot of fake features. Tonightshookup went even further and provided a brand-new way of scamming users seeking for man woman dating. We wanted to contact those women with casual hookups description.

When you complete the registration, you will not be able to visit the main page to start adult dating. None of our reviews contained such a unique fake landing page. The Tonightshookup.com review was something special for us.

One tab requested us to enter all our contact details to “verify” that we are 18 years old to become a member. Our banking details were also required. However, the website claimed that the account creation is 100% free. Visiting it, you are automatically enrolled. You have no chance to avoid this scam recurring plan or stop payments.

A low-quality landing page featured a video with a lady in a bikini and claimed that we would get free access to some webcam chats and a trial period on this site. It looked like some porn site with fake profiles but not a real dating site. Although we were told the site was free, we saw that they charge $50 per month of premium membership.

To enable users sending messages for free, users are provided with default trial membership. It is an obvious scam that looks like some computer program with viruses. This is such a cheeky rip off. No legal information should be shared on this online emissary program.

But when we used this trial plan, we could not send messages or report people. The website requested payment. We found two account plans:

$30 per month
$50 per month

It would be a very expensive report about this website. Also, no coin plans were provided. We already had a trial plan to chat with fictional people though.

We restarted a page to enter the second floor of Tonightshookup.com review. And we could chat a little with these fictional people.

Don’t forget that this is a fake chat with fake members, so we received only scripted messages from members. Every one is a fictional person here. This is dangerous to share your details with such fake members.

And chatting here showed us that users could send some content on this online dating portal. So what does the website tell about its safety?

From Terms and Conditions

The terms of this online dating portal are fair enough, we must admit. They clearly say that you will be chatting with fictitious members on this site. Here it goes:

ONLINE EMISSARY program: tonightshookup.com UTILIZES VIRTUAL PROFILES THAT DO NOT CORRESPOND TO ACTUAL MEMBERS. An ONLINE EMISSARY program may be a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated “person” or “character”). ONLINE EMISSARY program may be employed by tonightshookup.com or a third party to enhance Your online experience.

Thus, it is your fault if you share some legal information with other members at this scam site. You are liable for sharing the details with members while enjoying adult dating. Since this is just a fake chat with fake members, you can be sure that even one comment may be used for blackmailing and rip off. It is a typical thing in our reviews on fake sites.

So save your money, data, and nerves, and never use Tonightshookup, and don’t send messages there.

What Is The Conclusion On Tonightshookup?

The website was clearly fake from the very beginning of our Tonightshookup.com review. A landing page is poor, payment systems are made to rip off Internet users. It is impossible to visit the website without telling your banking data.

This is just insufficient dating. Just read comments of former customers and other negative reviews if you don’t want to be automatically billed for visiting this fake dating resource. You will not get an unforgettable hookup but will lose your money and information on this fake site. And even if the trial ends, you will just lose a lot of cash. Feel free to leave and never come back to this online emissary program.

Cases of blackmailing users who visited this fake dating website are not rare. If you want a fair dating experience, you have to avoid this insufficient dating website. You will not meet a big crush here.


  • Tonightshookup is a scamming dating website with fake chat and fake members. This website is made to steal money. There is nothing free on this site. Moreover, all the personal information you send to try insufficient dating might be used for blackmailing you.
  • Tonightshookup is not a legitimate service. It works under the authority of a company that aims at scamming Internet users. The main purpose is to steal everything from every active member. And they use fake dating to lie to naive users.
  • Tonightshookup has nothing in common with fair dating. The only aim is to scam you and other members. Admins of this website steal money from visitors of the site and use everything people share to blackmail them. All former customers share that this site is just a scam.

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