The Twitive website steals money from its customers and gives nothing in return


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who Created Twitive?

Twitive is a dating website oriented at people from all over the world who are looking for their love. Well, at least that is something the creator of the site claims. In fact, it is a regular scamming resource focused on people from the United States. This dating network claims that it is focused on the privacy of users that want to find beneficial dating solutions.

This dating site tries to deal with different customers, but the main orientation is still the USA. This way, people can attend a website with only paid features, fake singles, and rude operators. If you want to learn more about the people who created this dating site, here we provide you with all the information:

Company name
Day and Night Limited
Company address
5-9 Main Street, Gibraltar
Email address
[email protected]

As we can see, this dating site is created by a fake scamming company that registered its services just to provide them with tax-free conditions. But we need to go on with the work of this resource and see why this resource is a complete scam. Spoiler alert, we never saw something like that in our career of writing reviews before.

Starting The Review: What Are The Main Points Of Twitive?

When we first visited Twitive and saw its landing page conditions, we were surprised by it. It looked fine. The photos on the main page looked alright. The registration window for free users was the first thing to see here, but we will talk about registration later.

All other elements on the dating site looked great, and we even thought our readers were mistaken in telling us that it is a scam. But when we wanted to find more about their contact details, we saw that they were properly hidden. These scammers used all their browser page space and design features to hide their privacy policy and other important things. However, by writing a lot of reviews, we learned to find such hidden secrets.

As the landing page isn’t enough to tell everything about the site, let’s dive deeply and talk more about the registration process, fake profiles, operators, the attitude of other members, and how the site scams its users.

The registration process on Twitive

Registration on Twitive is simple. The landing page contains only 2 fields to fill. Your name and password. We thought that it would be everything, from the very beginning. But when we continued work, we were shocked by the number of fields. They included:

  • Location;
  • Email;
  • Zip Code;
  • Height;
  • Weight;
  • Eye-color.

And that is just a small part of the matter. The number of different details was improper. In our review career, we rarely see such detailed registration fields, so we had to include a lot of personal information. We made it up, of course. But imagine how uncomfortable people will feel once they have to tell everything about themselves like they were going on some auction. And this is all to attend this dating website where all the members are controlled by operators. This dating website tells that it is a huge dating network with millions of active users. But there are so many fake profiles that we will have difficulty finding at least one real.
However, when we finally completed that registration process, which took about 30 minutes, we were shocked.

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Fake members of the website

The first thing we were ready to see was fake profiles. But the Twitive dating site offered us a match game where we had an opportunity to choose a member we like. The main issue was that we couldn’t see any information about the lady we were looking at. It was hidden. The site wanted us to pay to see information about members.

When we decided to look more at Twitive dating site, we found out that all profiles are low-quality ones, and we definitely saw a vast majority of them on other dating platforms we reviewed already. That was a real shock. This scam website made us purchase their subscription in order to find at least some information about these fake profiles.

But when we saw pop-up windows with a ton of messages, we realized that we had to make sure that this site is fully fake. By the way, seeing messages came for free, and they were full of strange offers.

Some women asked us to marry them, while other members were just keen on sexual contact. What was even more surprising, we saw that a lot of fake women that sent us messages were in clothes with some Russian words. But we told them that we were from Los Angeles. The scam became obvious. So we decided to buy their premium membership in order to make sure that this dating site is fully fake and that all the bots are managed by operators.

How much to pay for Twitive services?

First of all, Twitive doesn’t have a credit system. Including the fact that this dating site wants you to pay for every single step, the prices here don’t look that impressive:

$0.99 for 3 days;
$38 for 1 month;
$64 for 3 months;
$76 for 6 months.

Talking about these costs, we can conclude that Twitive made some market research before designing their scam dating site. Reliable websites with subscriptions usually use the same prices.

So we decided to buy the cheapest pack. And guess what? We received full access to the site. However, there was an issue. Instead of taking $0.99 they took $9.99. Yes, they charged us 10 times more money than they had to. Though we received the premium we purchased, it was an awful surprise to find out about.

But we thought that it will be still OK to learn more about the ladies on the site. And their profiles were blank! The information was literally the same at every single profile here. Real members would have at least some differences, but ladies on Twitive hadn’t. Writing a couple of messages, we received scripted replies that told us to stop being shy and send them something intimate. Yes, these scammers use fake profiles to abuse people who try to find their love in order to blackmail them. And that led us to the security question. We were sure that the creators of Twitive will not only scam people, but will also blackmail them. Pretty nice options, including the fact that you literally have to purchase them.

How does the website justify its scam?

We guess it is fully obvious that Twitive is just a scamming dating site focused only on the creation of a fake image. But we wanted to know what the site tells us about its scam. And here, everything is really simple. In their privacy policy, they say:

Your access to and use of the Program is at your own risk. The Licensor will have no responsibility for any harm to your computing system, loss of data, or other harm to you or any third party, including, without limitation, any bodily harm, that results from your access to or use of the Program, or reliance on any information or advice.

Yes, they say that the work of the site can not only cause loss of your data, but might break your computer or phone!

The work with Twitive proved that this site is just a fraud that has no right to exist and be called a legit site.

The Conclusion About Twitive

Twitive looked like a proper dating resource. The first minutes on the site were even pleasant, but after registering, we found out that this resource is just a scam that steals your money. Many users claimed that working with Twitive caused a real spam attack on their social media pages by a huge number of bots with blackmail messages.

This website is a huge network of scamming resources that can be found on the Internet. We don’t recommend you use it. When you purchase something here, you will find out that there are no dating options, there is nothing real.

So if you think about using Twitive, you should change your mind. Finding anything fair or legal will be impossible here. You better save your money than give it to the Twitive scam site.


  • Twitive is a lacking dating website with privacy issues that tries to mask its true intentions. It is focused on scamming people by giving them a false image of high-quality dating. But this resource will just steal your money and offer dating with fake profiles. No real women to find and date.
  • Twitive is not a legitimate site. The main aim of this website is to steal everything a common user has, starting with money to personal information. Your photos, banking details, and personal information will be used for deceiving and even blackmailing you.
  • Twitive is definitely a scam site that provides only fake services with no real women involved. You will never be able to chat properly on this resource as all the talks are with bots or specially trained cunning operators.

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