See what this twomance.com review has to tell you. Learn about all the pitfalls of this dating website.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Briefly about Twomance

This is a dating website created by White Mountain Online Solutions. It offers to flirt for free right on the landing page. Is that really so? Based on our investigation, we can say Twomance has chat moderators instead of real profiles. We read reviews of registered users on the Internet and all of them comment about scammers on this website. 

Company name:
White Mountain Online Solutions B.V.
Stormsweg 2-E, 2921 LZ Krimpen aan den IJssel, The Netherlands
[email protected]

Our impression wasn’t different from what we read on the Internet. There are hidden fees, fake chats, and fake profiles on this website. You pay not for dating but for talking to chatbots. Having a bit of experience with this website, it is easy to determine it as a scam. This company is not trustworthy and is wasting your money. 

Members: Heterosexual, gay, and lesbian singles looking for sex connections

Founded in: 2011 — the site exists for 11 years now 

Form of communication: live chats, messages 

Keep reading the twomance.com review to learn about its hidden conditions and fake profiles. 

Twomance details: registration, scam, prices

Although everything seems too attractive at the very beginning, poor reviews on this dating site speak for themselves. The scam is very tricky. Many reviews say people lost a lot of money. We want to admit this in our review on this website as well. Fake members contact you right after signing up. The landing page misleads users by saying everything is free but it is not so. Meeting someone real on this site is impossible. 

How to register

Choose your username and password, or sign up with your Google account. Twomance signup process is quicker than on any other website. After registering, you can modify your profile and see those of other members. Do not be surprised if your empty profile will receive plenty of messages from scammers. 

Hot chat

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Fake profiles

Everything is fake on this website and while working on our review, we made sure of it. Fake profiles involve you in a fake chat. The site is full of fiction. No single person is interested in dating you and multiple reviews confirm it. Those women who contact you are also fake. Many of them say they are in your location and pretend to be truly interested in you. But all they do is make you pay more. 

When writing this review, we were shocked how many beautiful females of all possible appearances contact a man who has no single picture or profile description. They offer everything — sex, dating, hookups. When it comes to business, they comment on very different things like that they are now on vacation, they do want to get to know you better, they have problems, no time, and everything possible to make you stay on the site. 

The website is a typical dating scam. Keep your money away from it. 


This site doesn’t offer trial options. It uses a tricky credit system.

$21.67 10 coins
$51.23 25 coins
$95.25 50 coins
$177.39 100 coins
$328.49 200 coins

In this review, we would like to mention that your money is fading away promptly. The pricing system is very strange. You never know what you are paying for. 

Twomance Terms and Conditions

The Terms and conditions of Twomance are quite standard. There is nothing hidden in it. They do not warn about using a fake chat on this site. Of course, they do not mention any scam either. While working on this review, we found this:


Source: https://www.twomance.com/agreement

It means that if you meet scammers or chat bots, it is your own problem. A fake chat is not under their responsibility either. 

Our verdict on the Twomance dating site

Our review is very direct — this site is a scam. If you want to keep your money with you and not waste it on a scam, be careful and do not create an account on Twomance. Every person we met here sounded too open at the beginning, making us spend more money. The reviews of former users say it very directly — these people were scammed. 

We hope this review was helpful. Do not trust women from this site because, most likely, they are not even real. Their profiles are a scam operated by the website. Moreover, this website is very expensive. You cannot waste your money on a scam. 

If you have other questions regarding the Twomance dating website, keep reading this review and let your doubts dispel. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on Google. 


  • Twomance is an online dating website for sex connections. The owner is the company named White Mountain Online Solutions. Although the site promotes dating for sex, you won’t find too much adult dating content on its landing page. The website owner is well-known for its scam websites. The reviews of users differ but there is a lion’s share of negative reviews online. This dating site is full of scammer’s profiles. It also has a lot of fake reviews on Google.
  • This company belongs to the network of websites, the owner of which is widely known as an Internet scammer. The website uses fake profiles to trap users and make them buy tokens. The trust score of this dating site is very low.
  • Yes, Twomance is one of those dating websites that lure men by their photos and fake messages. The owner is popular thanks to its negative reviews. Members comment about a total scam a lot. If you are going to become a member of this dating site, pay attention to the reviews of users on Google or Facebook. It is a  paid dating website and you should check the details before you register with this service. Most women will involve you in a fake chat. New members should be really careful with every person they meet on this dating site. 

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