Our investigation of the U dates dating site showed this service is a scam.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

 Udates quick overview

This dating site looks solid at first glance. When looking for some information about this service, we found out it is too young. The site was created in 2020, so it is just 2 years old. The site is reminiscent of the Tinder app frankly speaking. It allows you to “match” right in the app. However, a lot of women simply look like fake profiles.

If you want to message the representatives of this app, use the following information:

Company name:
SOL Networks Ltd
71 Tower Road, SLM 1609 Sliema, Malta
[email protected]

This site presents itself as an app for traditional dating. It is created for the heterosexual, gay, and lesbian search for a partner. 

Members: Mostly from the USA and Germany

Languages: English and German

For whom: Heterosexual, gay, and lesbian users 

Scroll down to learn about why you should avoid using the Udates website. 

Udates details

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this dating platform to anyone. Regardless of the free registration, you will be trapped. Profiles of members are mostly not real. They are created by the operator to make users engaged. Moreover, the Terms and Conditions of the site are very tricky. Keep reading and learn more. 

How to register on the site

Registration on this dating portal is as quick as lightning. Provide your name (or nickname), your email, and create a password, and here you go. You can also register using just a Google account. Signing up is free. 

On the one hand, prompt registration is great as you do not need to spend tons of time. However, it also means the platform doesn’t verify its users. Taking into account you do not even need to submit your real name and can just create a nickname, the site is not very trustworthy. There are plenty of fake users and you do not know who is real and who is not. 

Once you register, you can go to your profile settings and modify them, as well as upload some photos. It’s impossible to send messages though as you will need to buy coins. 

Hot chat

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Fake member accounts

That is the most interesting part about U dates. If you read their Terms and Conditions carefully, you will easily understand that the message you receive on this portal doesn’t have to be from a real person. There are plenty of fictitious profiles that just entertain you. They use professional animators and you pay for that!

A few accounts look quite realistic with everyday photos. We suppose they were real people who joined the site just as we did. There are not many of them, unfortunately. Most users are fake. The site uses them to grab the users’ attention and entertain. That is a real trap because you pay for fiction. 

The cost: why do you need coins? 

U dates don’t have any trial periods. You can purchase a Premium membership at once for 1,3,6, or 12 months. The membership has auto-renewal. It means you have to cancel it to stop paying. By the way, it is quite problematic. 

  • 1 month — $14,99
  • 3 months — $29,99
  • 6 months — $44,99
  • 12 months — $71,99

The membership seems quite cheap compared to the rest of the dating sites, doesn’t it? Don’t hurry to be happy about it! This service isn’t as cheap as it seems. This membership will just give you the right to be on the site. To send messages or have unlimited chat, buy coins. This feature is already quite expensive. 

Coins cost:

$11,99 40
$29,99 150
$99,99 670
$199,99 1660

Chat costs 5 coins for a message (160 symbol limit). Sending and viewing pictures in chats with popular users costs 10 coins each. Virtual gifts – from 29 to 2199 coins each.

If the account no longer has coins available, you can no longer access the payable services until coins are replenished in the user’s account. It means that your membership is nothing. You only pay for being a member of this dating site. You still won’t be able to use the service if you don’t purchase those coins. If your account is empty, no messages will be sent or read. We believe this is a real trap. Let’s not forget there are almost no real accounts on this dating service. 

Interesting Terms and Conditions of this dating site

Here is what we found in the Terms and Conditions of the Udates website: 

You are aware of the fact that uDates is making use of professional operators to animate other users and communicate with them. They will not be identified separately. This service is carried out in the highest quality and there will be no option of meeting these animators in real life.

Source: https://www.udates.io/terms-and-conditions/#

As you see, fake members are absolutely normal for this site. You are ripped off for coins and messages to enjoy communication with fake accounts. Is that a scam? We are sure it is!

Our verdict

Udates is an interesting dating site that seems to be created for traditional dating. It is not free. Apart from registration, the rest of the services are paid. The system is very tricky. You pay not only for membership but also for coins to send messages. The platform charges you twice. Looks like you pay for the air.

This is not the biggest problem with this dating service. Most profiles are fake and run by the site and called animators. This platform just entertains you this way. We cannot recommend a service like that. U dates is a scam and rips its members off. You will not find any dating on this portal. 

If you have more questions about U dates, how the messages work, and if you can trust this dating app, check the following answers to very popular questions of users about this platform.


  • This is a dating site that claims to be a traditional portal for a partner search. Although it looks like an app, it is not. The system of the site resembles the Tinder app. Unlike the latter, it is not free. There is no trial period and you must pay with a  debit card at once to send messages.  U dates look very serious at once. It really gives you hope you can find your match. Everything isn’t that smooth though. Most girls on the site seem fake. They don’t give you a phone number and continue texting through the app to make you run out of money and spend more.
  • This site is registered under Malta legislation where all doubtful apps and websites are registered. The platform looks quite good and reminds of a solid dating app. It is not though. There are too many fake users who make you use the app as long as possible. Since it is not free, this app can be truly called a rip-off. 
  • Yes, it is a scam. First of all, there are problems with the cancellation of your membership. Secondly, there are tons of fake profiles and using this app is like a game or a lottery. You must investigate and guess who is fake and who is real. Meanwhile, you are just spending money for the benefit of this site.

Hot chat

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