Our detailed UnitedFlings.com review proves this is not the place where you want to date.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Basic details about United Flings 

The audience of this browser entertainment is mostly men but there are also girls. Age range varies from 18 to about 50. Since this dating site is international, users can be from all over the world, but by location most of them are Americans. Technical support works slowly and answers questions randomly. 

Meteor Interactive BV owns several scam sites like this. The concept of cheating is basically the same everywhere, including the fees for online messages, viewing and sending fake pictures for entertainment, etc.

So, what is the cheating scheme on unitedflings? It’s very simple though many users cannot spot it at once. The point is that skilfull specially trained operators communicate with you and you think you are chatting with real people. Instead, you interact with bots and fake profiles whose main goal is to rip you off as much as possible. They get you involved in the process of fake dating online so that you become dependent on messages from scam profiles and pay more and more to keep in touch with them.

Should you want to contact united flings team online, try using the contact details below. Who knows, probably you’ll get an answer, but we weren’t as lucky.

Company name
Meteor Interactive BV
[email protected]

Keep reading to see the scam elements of the United Flings work in our review and view online comments from other members.

Specifics of UnitedFlings.com overview

Let’s make it clear from the very beginning – if you do not want to spend your money on communicating with bots or fake user accounts, it is better to look for other free websites. Unitedflings dating does not provide you with options to meet real people in real location, even if there is a heart icon on their profile pictures. Even the terms of use of the site say that you will communicate with bots. Bet that’s not what are you going to pay for, right? 

Registration process at UnitedFlings

As for online UnitedFlings website entertainment, it is simple to register on the fake site, which is already a red flag. Just come up with the username and password, then confirm it. After that, fill in the questionnaire and profile settings. There are about 10 points. Add photos or fine print and online  description of your personality, search for a partner and be ready to click a heart icon. Before you register on the united flings entertainment portal, read the terms and conditions section carefully.

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Fake dating profiles

We registered on the online website and tried to communicate with profiles featuring the girls’ pictures. But from the beginning, each of the three responded with the same text. We knew it was an entertainment bot with fine print  but we wanted to make sure through internet contact. It can be also spotted out by the same type of photos and similar surnames that are often found on fake profiles. After 4 free online messages, you need to buy a package of messages to send comments. 

In general, it can be concluded that unitedflings is fake and a waste of capital and time. Here, you can start talking with bots with heart icons only that cannot guarantee any real date. If you want to meet a real person with casual photos, look in the browser for another site for entertainment. 

The cost of membership

The more messages in the online package, the cheaper the cost of one on unitedflings. A typical scheme of ripping off users, isn’t it? You can pay 6 dollars for 3 messages, or 300 dollars for 300 messages to send. Here are the fees:

$9 for 16 credits
$20 for 7 coupons
$50 for 25 credits
$100 for 52 credits
You cannot use united flings for entertainment and dating unless you buy a package of messages. Prices for talking are high. So the online company site can earn huge sums every day after a free period, provided the customer flow is efficient. You can also use coupon codes, but it is very important to understand when you are cheated by fake women profiles. Read consumer reviews on the websites beforehand. This fake company is a scam and absolutely does not inspire confidence in its dating options.

From the terms and conditions

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment service and that the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators […]


As you see, the existence of fake profiles on unitedflings is confirmed in the terms of use. But very few people read such information on the site for dating. There is a lot of text, and reading it on the website will take a lot of time. Thus, the online site service seems to be free for talking at first glance and operate legally. But on the other hand, people pay a lot of money for communication with fake bots that make use of beautiful heart icons. So think twice even before considering united flings as a dating service to meet decent women online. Look for the place where you can find profiles of real people instead of chatting with internet bots pretending to be sincere women.

Conclusion from United Flings dating review

UnitedFlings is an unreasonably expensive website for dating that promises awesome online experience with new members and offers fake profiles to interact with. What makes the matters worse is that there are no background check-ups or identity verification procedures. Therefore, it is impossible to contact and start dating real members at the United Flings. If you heavily pay cash for entertainment, you can exchange messages with fake bots, which is highly ineffective. But beware of the fact that your personal data can end up in other members’ hands on the fake website like this. 

All of the described aspects should at least make potential users of the site alert, as well as prompt them to leave the online platform right away. We give you the most important advice: pay attention to every element of reviews like our and never use united flings if you don’t want to get fooled online.   


  • This is another site with fake chat that prompts users to buy credits for dubious activities with scam profiles that have nothing to do with real dating. There is nothing new to expect from Meteor Interactive BV. United Flings invites other members to create an account, make contact, and start chatting with the community of fake members. The main purpose of the company is to generate profit by deceiving gullible lonely users.
  • This site is a scam and not legit, which is confirmed by other reviews of the company. You pay heavily for a package of messages to contact and communicate with woman bots. Nothing serious can be found here. Your personal data cannot be protected. Therefore, be careful not to waste your money on conversation on this not legit website.
  • Yes, you will not find live communication on this site since 85% of the audience are bots and women fake profiles created specifically for scam dating. The number of members of the site is not great, so users who visit it will be lured to buy a package of messages for conversation with men or women. Get acquainted with the reviews of real people on the United Flings site, and you will see for yourself. We do not recommend using this platform to search for serious relationships. Your dating website account will not help in dating and chatting with real guys and women as there are no such members to send messages to.

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