A new scam from Mountain Top Digital A.G. won’t let you forget about the company. Don’t waste your money here!


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UnitedFlirtingStates Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

UnitedFlirtingStates won’t leave you indifferent. This chat is created for men and women, who don’t have enough free time to date in real life and would like to hook up a partner online. If you don’t desire to forget about your sexual needs and passion, the United Flirting States dating site is a beneficial solution. But is this advertisement really true?

Mountain Top Digital A.G.
Postplatz 1, 6301, Zug, Switzerland
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We just happened to come across this website somewhere on Facebook, and we naturally decided to create a review article and find out whether it is another sample of an online dating business to rip off men, a regular platform for entertainment purposes or a wonderful domain with adult content and ability to get more excitement. After we found out that this website had been established by Mountain Top Digital A.G., the outcome was already clear. It is just really terrifying to realize how many resources such organizations spend to set traps for naive internet users and harvest profits afterward.

If you don’t want to get lost in the world of other websites in the sex dating category and be able to pick up a worthy solution, have fun by reading this review!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at UnitedFlirtingStates

The world audience won’t be surprised by another scam domain on its net. However, our team doesn’t agree with such a course of events and wants to reduce the amount of attention people pay to such business websites, wasting real money. That’s why we analyzed this site’s services and prepared another truth-finding article. Onwards!

Registration at UnitedFlirtingStates

To date gorgeous women, send messages, and leave comments in chats, we had to experience free registration on this website. We would like to comment on how simple this process was. It only requires a few steps:

  • Designed for straight couples, it offers to confirm whether you are looking for males or females.
  • The next stage is to submit a username, password, and email.
  • To satisfy the age verification, we had to fill a random date of birth and select a region of service.

Since there are no SSL certificates and data protection measures, we don’t recommend using your sensitive information to test the scam of the platform on your own.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

You won’t be able to contact users for free, but the biggest concern is that you will spend money on fake chats with employed members or operators of this dating site. The trust rating of the reviewed scam service is extremely low largely thanks to the following reasons:

  • Even if you think profiles belong to charming women, you don’t really know what a person operates this or that account. There are no profile and identity verification procedures, so it is impossible to guarantee your online safety on such types of non-legit dating sites.
  • If you desire to date beautiful women and discover the world together, your contact with real members might be significantly limited. The key factor for that is how popular and justified fake chats are on the United Flirting States dating site.
  • Another common issue we would like to highlight is the impressive number of fake photos. During our review of the UnitedFlirtingstates dating community, we contacted other members of the website and exchanged some photos and content with them. Typically, the other person was willing to share her images, but the news and images she provided were frequently confusing and simply copypasted. In addition, our experts got the same information from different registered users. It is one more scam sign at the UnitedFlirtingStates online dating website.
  • Fantasy ladies are usually marked on such kinds of dating sites. However, even when we searched for regular accounts, a lot of fantasy profiles appeared without any notifications and specified signs.

All things considered, our team is convinced that internet users who are interested in a romantic relationship with a woman would really fall into a scam trap of the domain with plenty of fake pictures and computer-generated messages from employed persons. 

The Cost of Membership

The United Flirting States dating website probably excuses such skyrocketing pricing packages because of the high-end SSL certificates they claim to use. In practice, they don’t back up their non recurring plans at all — all the responsibility for these one-time, no-chargeback, and no-refund payments with https connection issues is solely on interested users of this and similar scam dating sites.

To send messages, search for fellow profiles, and leave comments, interested parties have to proceed with free registration and accept the financial rules of the game:

  • Only credit card payments are accepted.
  • The price per message varied from $1 to $1.75.There are six varietals of token packages, the maximum of which reaches two hundred tokens for real money.
  • You should not just spend money on tokens, but also on premium membership. This subscription provides access to the website data, including private pictures.

All that you need is to decide whether a zero-like probability to meet a person in real life without no warranties and guarantees is worth it. Is there really no support from the United Flirting States online dating site? It is high time to find out.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

The United Flirting States page doesn’t leave any doubts — its owners pursue financial benefits and would like to harvest the money of registered users through multiple websites they have already created. Here are some of the most bright reasons to say “no” to such scam websites:

The website is designed to simulate realistic role playing by chatting with animators who are not identified separately for the entertainment of the user. This is not a dating site and physical meetings are not possible with the profiles.

I acknowledge that individuals appearing in photos on the landing page or in fantasy profiles might not be actual members of the website and certain data is provided for illustration purposes only.

I acknowledge that the Website does not inquire into the background of its members and the Website does not otherwise attempt to verify the accuracy of statements made by its members.

Source: https://unitedflirtingstates.com/agreement
All the fake profiles and to-fool data are extremely similar. Our team isn’t surprised to see the same old tricks of the Mountain Top Digital Company under the new title.

The Conclusion from Our UnitedFlirtingStates Review

To cut this long story short, we would like to highlight that UnitedFlirtingStates is included in the list of online dating services that are total scams and don’t deserve your attention and money. We filled out a report as well. Hopefully, there will be one less place to search for fake partners.


  • Interested parties can find a resort with lots of hot ladies on the distinguished domain. A lot of photos are posted regularly, and women aren’t shy to share images in private chats. The main problem is that it is a total scam. Owners don’t hide information about this page, but they use inconvenient design constructions for websites to make data details less visible and recognizable.
  • The business company has already established a lot of dating platforms, and the analyzed solution is a sample of legit websites from the brand. However, its intentions are far from positive for interested users. The main purpose is to make them pay more to get access to fantasy profiles.
  • This chat with adult content doesn’t look like a safe SSL certificate communication and entertainment tool. For example, it has only fantasy profiles and asks to cover the cost of any advanced feature of the website. We suspect serious financial issues happen to customers, based on several analyzed reviews and comments.

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