UnlimDate.com review has proved this website is just an insufficient dating site with scamming features meant to fool its users.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is UnlimDate And Who Created It?

UnlimDate claims to be a classical dating site where people can find a loving match for the rest of their lives. However, this thesis is just as fake as the website itself. This resource has nothing in common with legitimate and fair dating and provides only fake profiles and overpriced subscriptions. But we will talk about it just in a moment. Let’s first take a look at the owners of this site.

Company Name
MediaScythe LTD
Company Address
California, United States
Email address
[email protected]

This is a no-name scamming company that created a huge network of fake dating websites that are completed using one template. For this reason, you will never be able to reach them to ask for your money back. So let’s talk more about features here.

Going On With Review: The Main Points Of UnlimDate

The landing page is nearly blank. The only thing you can see is the name of the website, a couple of stock images with a description of how great they are, and a registration window.

Under this window, we could find their privacy policy, which gave us an opportunity to learn more about the work of this site, which we will discuss later. There was nothing to do and to examine, so we decided to register.

The registration process on this scam site

This free registration was just screaming with how fake this site was. There was no single point that could prove the legitimacy of this resource. All you need to include to register is:

  • Your name;
  • Your email address;
  • Your age;
  • Your gender.

That’s it. No one takes care of your location, of your preferences. No gay or lesbian sexual orientation is included. So if you want an unlimited dating experience where you can communicate with active users, unlimdate com will not be your solution. Just a typical fraud platform that wants you to buy paid add ons. A common thing in our reviews on fake dating websites.

Even more, you don’t even have to create a password! That was funny, but we still wanted to try our best and registered on this scam site. And the things we saw on UnlimDate were just horrible.

Hot chat

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What’s wrong with UnlimDate profiles?

Profiles here are so fake that we were not only shocked but became furious and irritated while we were scrolling through them. Even when in our reviews, when we described websites that are too far from being legitimate, we didn’t see so obviously fake women.

All the photos of women here are just some stock porn pictures that we could easily find using Google search. That was just horrible! And don’t forget that no one told us that this site is focused on adult dating. This way, conservative dating community members will be just disgusted by this resource.

The main page of this fraud platform was full of fake profiles. Trying to reach them will only lead you to this dating website’s payment plans. That is how they abuse sex content to steal payment details of common users. Even more, trying to chat with their staff profile will lead you to the web page with coin plans.

A spam attack started, and we had nothing to do with it. They just focused on sending low-quality porn pictures that were just taken somewhere for free and asked for some feedback. We knew that it was a bad idea to pay money to these scammers, but we still decided to learn more about their premium subscription.

How much to pay to talk to bots

When we first wanted to learn more about prices here, we saw that there was nothing to pay for. Even more, no trial plans were included. People have to pay for their overpriced services the full cost. We had no option to find at least something here that we could pay for, and there was no payment tab.

However, when we decided to take our chance and write something to these fake women, we were redirected to the page with their subscriptions. And the prices are extremely high! You can buy here:

$5 for 1-day membership
$30 for 1-week membership
$100 for 1-month membership

We never saw scamming resources that take that much money for their services. Usually, they at least try to look real. But in the UnlimDate case, we can see that this site wants just to rip off you. To at least try chatting features, we had to leave on this site more than $15, which is too much for this low-quality service. And we couldn’t even start a conversation with the lady we liked the most. Our subscription was delivered, but chatting features were not available. This way, we think that you will not be blackmailed, but your money might be completely stolen.

What can website tell about its scam?

We decided to see what the website tells about their scamming methods. And they just proved our point about how poor they are in creating websites at all. If you think that they try to hide something, or try to mask their intentions, you are mistaken. They say directly:

Artificial intelligence can be used to expand the number of the actual activity of the website. By using our website you agree to the resulting risk of impersonation. Moreover, if you become a member and buy a premium subscription on our website, it will be renewed automatically.

Source: https://unlimdate.com/termsofuse
Try to think about what you did just read. This website is not only using Artificial intelligence to create a fake image of the work with this site, but also tells that they can do whatever they want with your money, and you will notice that only when your wallet will be completely empty.

All users who want to try some sex dating will only face staff members that will give no real experience. This is so pathetic. We have nothing to add about UnlimDate.

The Conclusion On UnlimDate

Talking about UnlimDate, we can see that this website put no effort into creating at least an appropriate image of a dating site. It just took the cheapest tools for it, took some free and stock photos of naked ladies, and gave users some overpriced subscriptions just to take their money.

In this review, we saw that this dating site only uses basic chat templates to scam common users. In our career of dating sites reviews, we rarely face such dishonest services.

This site is really dangerous. It will use your information to steal all you have, and even though we think that blackmailing on this site will not happen, we cannot guarantee that. Even registration on this scamming resource will be a horrible mistake. So read our reviews and find reliable dating chats that will give you pure and successful dating experience.

UnlimDate was a demanded website for us to review, so now, we want to answer the most interesting questions about what is UnlimDate.


  • UnlimDate is a scam site that provides the lowest quality of services and images. Even fake profiles on this site are made up using only free photos, which makes it easy to find the scamming nature of this dating site. There is no real chat and no single real member on UnlimDate.
  • UnlimDate is not a legitimate dating resource. This dating website is just focused on stealing money. Moreover, users who enter their real data while registering on this scam website may find their email inboxes fully spammed with threatening messages.
  • UnlimDate is definitely a scam site. Even looking through their privacy policy, you will find a huge number of red flags that prove the point that this site is fully fake. If you want to save your money, you should always avoid UnlimDate and other websites like it.

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