Poor scam services at high price rates are the signs of insufficient dating sites, and UsaBangPalace is on the list.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

UsaBangPalace Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Find dozens of open-minded individuals who are also seeking naughty thrill and pleasure. The Usa  Bang Palace website states that it will keep other members’ identities hidden and that it is completely private and protected. Sexting experiences are feasible here, but interested individuals will have to spend a lot of money to use phony accounts that are checked by operators to acquire what they really want.

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After free registration, we came across numerous photos of registered men and women in several sexual settings. The variety of sex-related and overall adult content impresses, so it is a sex chat for a reason. However, the answer about the quality of its services isn’t here yet. Keep on reading this review and check whether the Usa Bang Palace online dating website deserves glory and fame on the internet. Stay tuned!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at UsaBangPalace

When we comment on dating platforms, we mention what types of couples are welcome. In the case of Usa Bang Palace, enthusiasts can contact another straight person (not gays or lesbians), send posts, share links, photos, etc. If you are interested in other kinds of communication between sexes, it isn’t the right place anyway — no gays or lesbians are among its users.

On most dating sites, there are young users. The average age of the distinguished dating portal is around 25-30 years old, and female profiles belong to younger girls. You don’t have to use Google Search tools to seek data about the platform — details about paid subscriptions, registration, profiles, and so on are publicly available on the official page. 

After taking a glimpse at a brief summary about UsaBangPalace, what are your expectations? Feel free to share in the comment section below. We will proceed with this analysis meanwhile.

Registration at UsaBangPalace

It was a bit complicated to visit the analyzed platform since there are a few Usa Bang Palace urls. The free registration format is pretty analogous to what the competitors in the sex dating category offer and what login details they require. However, it is a medium length registration form on most dating sites. After you finish the basic steps, the site doesn’t initiate identity verification. Instead, it automatically forwards newly registered users to its pricing policy section, making them choose the right premium package.

With the help of Google Search tools, we analyzed what links people post and how they react to the medium length registration form complexity at the Usa Bang Palace dating portal. As expected, it was the least problematic experience. We checked the quality of login details we created and were about to discover the web design of the portal, but the scam attack took place immediately — we received a lot of spam messages from fake accounts and texts created by the company’s partners and sent to our email address.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

The dream to contact a real person will be possible only if you write a message to another male user. Otherwise, the probability to come across such individuals is drastically low. Because of the portal’s matchmaker algorithms, your regional searches (we tried it from different accounts, still the same) won’t be other members of the community rather fictitious profiles only.

You even don’t have to identify people interested in private chats. We received spam messages multiple times. Sadly, the basic level of communication and the lack of background knowledge among several users won’t let you enjoy the portal even a bit. The opportunity to access pictures and other accounts after paying won’t be interfered with by your browser.

If visitors want to identify people interested in regional searches and are not already subscribers of the website, they are not permitted to view the profiles of other members. Considering those accounts are fake, these tactics let create an illusion of a trustworthy fundamental level of confidentiality and privacy. On the Usa Bang Palace dating site, registered users don’t have any functional ability to hide their profile photographs, thus everybody may view them at their earliest convenience.

The Cost of Membership

Unlike absent identity verification, payment verification is required. To proceed with a chosen paid membership, we had to use 3D Secure to verify that transaction (we used Visa credit cards).

The number of tokens that dating sites provide for members differs from platform to platform. The Usa Bang Palace website is pretty standard from this perspective:

  • Like alternative dating sites, whether they are scam or not, the analyzed platform offers a promo package with ten credits for ten US dollars. You can always check your account balance and see whether you need more. The next purchase will increase the cost per message to one dollar seventy-five cents.
  • After the trial promotional period, users can take the most out of the biggest token package — two hundred credits for two hundred thirty US dollars.

However, we don’t recommend spending a penny at the Usa Bang Palace dating site. This platform is dangerous for non-attentive users. Its payments are non-recurring. No matter how hard you try, it wouldn’t be possible to get your funds reimbursed.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

We realize that not everyone who reads this will take our sincerest advice to heart, but at the absolute least, let’s think about getting acquainted with the Usa Bang Palace website’s policies before registering with them. What is subject to their restrictions is summarized below:

The website is designed to simulate realistic role playing by chatting with animators who are not identified separately for the entertainment of the user. This is not a dating site and physical meetings are not possible with the profiles.

I acknowledge that real time encounters with these fantasy (fictitious) profiles are not possible.

Even if you don’t read terms and conditions word by word, a general understanding of a particular site’s values will be useful undoubtedly. Whether you are a novice or a former user, these statements are your evidence to confirm that staying connected with Usa Bang Palace will lead to losing credits, failed communication experiences, and an inability to chat with hot women in real life.

The Conclusion from Our UsaBangPalace Review

Based on our research and test period spent as registered users of the Usa Bang Palace website, our thoughts are simple to track. Such a huge number of spam profiles, scam features, and expensive pricing packages for zero efficiencies and values for end users can’t and shouldn’t be tolerated. If you are still intrigued to join the Usa Bang Palace dating site to test, it is up to you whether it is really worth taking this risk. Our experts can’t consider such a solution a legit brand that cares for target audiences. If you want to take control over your dating life success, the Usa Bang Palace dating website won’t come in handy.

For more reviews and busted company analysis or to report spam profiles/companies, feel free to join our club. Good luck with secure and legit online dating sites!


  • People tend to share comments about experiences they like or dislike. As a site created as a sexting chat with lots of adult content, UsaBangPalace can’t help but attract attention of newcomers in the field. Our research has resulted in a simple conclusion: this portal is a total scam with fake profiles and without proper backup strategies to maintain end users’ cyber safety online.
  • The analyzed portal does have a simple landing page with a few hot photos, which indicates the need for user privacy and confidentiality. After registration, more problems appear to be obvious. The biggest of them is an overwhelming number of spam profiles. That’s why we don’t consider it a legit online dating solution.
  • This portal can be accessed from different browsers and gadgets, but it is badly adjusted to their multifaceted needs. The biggest issues with the Usa Bang Palace performance are spam messages, computer-generated texts, and fake chats. This lets us consider the website under consideration an absolute scam.

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