The Violate Dates site appears to offer insufficient dating services only, which lets us consider it a scam site.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Violetdates Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Every person who has enrolled in this best dating site can take full advantage of the online dating portal, find the specific match they’re seeking, and spend their time with genuine pleasure and excitement. A worldwide communication tool called VioletDates seeks to facilitate conversation between individuals from various nations. Without regard to distance, this chat is a gorgeous online location to stay tuned and get a new friend met.

Interested men and women gain immediate access to the account database after registering with the Violet Dates dating site. Visitors can initiate an interactive chat with anyone they like.

Even yet, having exclusive chat sessions wouldn’t be all that fascinating, right? This insufficient dating website company also provides other opportunities to diversify your experiences, like gift delivery, to promote a more exciting digital conversation, so be sure to check all of them out. Any issues users may have regarding utilizing the system can be answered by experienced customer support representatives, who are on duty around the clock.

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We were tempted to find out about another excellent chat for online communication. Unfortunately, our hopes broke after we tested this fake site. Advertised as a casual dating platform, it is just aimed at letting other members buy expensive subscriptions and avoid interactions in real life. Lots of accounts of women are created for informational and entertainment purposes. Our team can’t help but desire to prove why the Violet Dates fake chat is a bad consideration for any man and woman. Keep on reading this review for more detail!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at Violetdates

Neither our team nor other members will feel safe and secure here and enjoy online communication after they discover what professional financial scams might happen here. Even if you create a very expensive report, its efficiency will be minimal — the analyzed fake chat isn’t interested in reviewing spam notifications since such acts and behaviors are justified here.

You will meet negative comments about the Violet Dates website on the internet, but it is the best opportunity to find out why the decision to send messages and date someone here is a highway to hell. Let’s get straight into the topic!

Free Registration at Violetdates

The landing page has a sleek and delicate design, especially unlike other dating sites in the sex dating category. You are free to register and adjust your profile settings, but further details about other members of the community won’t be accessible to review without extra charges. If you are interested in how much this scam will cost you, check the Cost of Membership section below.

According to the negative reviews and comments from former users, which are widespread on the internet, there are no issues or specific details about creating a new profile. We also didn’t face any difficulties. Here is what we needed to sign up for this fake chat:

  • Any internet user is requested to choose their gender on the landing page. Since there is no opportunity to select whom they are looking for, the selection of straight relationships is done by default.
  • You have to enter your name, email address, and password. The latter should contain no less than eight characters. Contrary to other dating sites, there are no tips about what name should be selected (there are platforms that suggest preferring nicknames at once).

This company comments on negative reviews from former users only trying to show how wrong customers are and how much support representatives on the landing page are willing to help. Our experts tried to reach out to them with disputes and average questions to see  how they work. So far, we have just seen non-informative and basic response templates.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

We decided to test dating websites search tools on the Violate Dates landing page and found out about their limited functionality. All and the same fake profiles are displayed first on the feed. Our team believes that this strategy is preferred to ensure more customers will be hooked up by scam operators of the dating website.

According to the Violet Dates company, this landing page is created to rigorously review every person before allowing them to join the community. Users’ access is authorized only after their identity and history are confirmed and approved. This is executed thanks to regional partners of the provider. Such accounts have the so-called “Validated member” designation. That’s how the Violet Dates dating website fools men and women interested in love online.

We had to send messages to several members of the fake chat, but they turned out to be just pretenders under the cover of beautiful ladies’ profiles. This is simple to track once you try to chat with those women using different test profiles and profile pictures. Such members frequently use a shy-girl card and ask their interlocutors to get to know each other better before any physical contact can be established.

Taking into account that we also received numerous identical and even copypasted messages, it won’t be wrong to assume those messages are computer-generated or are templates the Violetdates website’s operators use.

The Cost of Membership

After registration, members need to verify their ability to pay — otherwise, they won’t get a chance to leave a comment or send messages. We couldn’t contact its expensive support at all. It is not that their services are fee-based, but their precious time is so valuable that they never reply to incoming inquiries. Unfortunately, one of our test accounts was overcharged (the difference was low, but still). On fake dating sites, no matter how much you write about money-related issues, the problem will be unsolved. 

The distinguished fake chat offers two pricing policies — time-dependent and action-related:

  • In the first case, you pay the Violet Dates site for a gold subscription after registration (namely, to get access to extra offers in the VIP section).
  • In the second scenario, you pay for credits to buy messages and send them to other women.

This diversified payment strategy becomes more and more popular among scam dating sites. Members who aren’t registered don’t have access to their pricing packages. This dating platform accepts online payments via credit cards — no alternative cards like debit and gift certificates are legit. What’s more, payments are processed by third parties. The problem of extra fees and overcharges is possible.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

This review shows how fake dating and sending messages with spam scams are pre-determined by the Violet Dates company’s policies and liabilities. Please check some extracts of their terms below:

Our maximum liability or responsibility to you is to replenish the Credits lost and only in a limited number of cases.

We reserve the right to reject any username or to terminate your username and give such username to another Member of the Service at our sole discretion, and without any liability to you.

Any statement that may be posted… is for informational and entertainment purposes only… VioletDates… disclaims any and all liability relating to your reliance on the statements or other information offered or provided within or through the Service.

To date a woman isn’t as simple as it might be in real life, especially when you are a registered member of the Violetdates fake chat. If you desire to protect your casual dating experience, it is better to stay cautious in advance.

The Conclusion from Our Violetdates Review

Online dating sites like Violet Dates are extremely dangerous. They don’t just offer total scam services. This insufficient dating website commonly makes members lose their hope and trust in such offers, even when they are legal. A lot of individuals find love online and then transfer it in real life, and this path is then unavailable for users of scam casual dating sites and victims of impulsive and toxic behavior of fake profiles’ users.


  • The Violet Dates website shares multiple advertisements, promising end users long-term and casual communication with any person around the world. It is designed to break any boundaries between the countries. Unfortunately, it is another sample of a total scam, where fake profiles contact other members pursuing monetary rewards through psychological pressure and manipulative behavior. A lot of details are covered by allusive descriptions on the website with long lists of rules to prevent a clear and immediate understanding of what is going on here.
  • The Violet Dates dating website seems a casual dating website for any person at first — no “screaming” signs of scams and fake profiles are detected. However, there is a big number of negative reviews about this service provider. After having acquainted with their policies, we can clearly state that the offer to register for free leads to a greater rip-off subscription trap. Users are forced to purchase credits by different means, and the Violet Dates website provides zero customer support to its registered members.
  • You won’t be ripped off immediately. As practice shows, there are no issues with registration and the first subscription. This fake chat doesn’t track the flow and activities of its online accounts, which enables women (namely, hired professionals or computer-generated mechanisms) to trick men by sending messages and offering meetings in real life without face-to-face communication and physical contact. The majority of created accounts for women are fake and established for so-called entertainment purposes.

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