The WantUBad dating site is a free way to fall into a ripping-off subscription trap and lose trust in online dating.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

WantUBad Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

If you are tempted by the offer of casual dates and something more with hot people in your age group, WantUBad dating is waiting for you. With a legal location in Cyprus, this website welcomes users from different parts of the world to have fun online. Its features include different types of digital messages. When you start checking, videos are probably most advertised by the WantUBad team.

The age of visitors is from twenty to thirty-five years old in the majority of cases. Other members who would like to try mature or senior dating won’t find the right dating pool within the network.

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With numerous requests to test the WantUBad membership, we analyzed each performance aspect. Firstly, even when you send messages, you can face issues. What comes next? Keep reading this review and follow the course of our investigation.

Review in Detail: Free Registration and Fake Services at WantUBad

There are several must-have aspects to find out about any portal for signing up for. The purpose of the WantUBad review is to show how this app can trick any average person with wrong details about the age, location, etc. of other members and the overall lacking privacy of visitors within the network. We will inform you about dangerous features on the WantUBad platform and why its subscription is only to rip you off. Onwards!

Free Registration at the WantUBad Dating Site

When future members of the community first access the WantUBad app, they will have to start the signing-in operation. The login details don’t drastically differ from what other online dating sites offer for their premium membership options. The fields to fill out include the following:

  • To be able to start this WantUBad review, we had to access this online dating website for casual dates and sex pleasures. First things first, we were to mention our interest in the opposite gender. “A man looking for a woman” and “a girl searching for a guy” are the two most popular options. However, this dating site also welcomes more combinations, including lesbian and gay couples. When the site is asked to show women’s profiles, they commonly coincide for male and female visitors.
  • Your age seems an important parameter. Underage men and women won’t be accepted (in theory only, unfortunately).
  • Prior to choosing your password, you have to provide a valid email address to sign up for the WantUBad site’s dating deals. We made a few trials with fake and non-existing addresses to check the online dating website’s security system right away. We received notifications about the inability to access this dating site in 50% of cases only.
  • Your password can be any, but we suggest you select secure ones. It will help you protect your profile at least a bit even on such non-trustworthy online dating sites as WantUBad.
  • Where do you live? This question seems important for the WantUBad team. It is a must-have field to fill in, so the free registration process can’t be completed. The purpose is to convince users of the possibility of real meetings with other members at their chosen locations.

Are you ready to join now? We weren’t but had to. As you see, this free registration form doesn’t contain standard fields like a username. You will be able to choose your username in the profile settings. Unfortunately, our further trials to chat with fellow members failed — we had to delete the cache in our browser for the network to start working.

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Fake Profiles and Photos of Beautiful Ladies on WantUBad

After signing up for free and choosing your subscription package, you can immediately send messages to any person in the app. What’s more, you get several notifications about in-chat attention from other members, who easily share their photos and videos with you. These accounts let registered individuals know the interlocutor’s username and location. Such details as login and password are kept under a high degree of privacy.

Of course, our experience wasn’t cloudless. The free registration process was the easiest part of interacting with this network. Then our team had to interact with operators but failed to get any valid answers and assistance. With no answer to why we got automated replies from random chats and even those we banned, we spent some time on WantUBad to see if there are any positive communication opportunities. During our two-week stay on the WantUBad portal, our experts didn’t manage to find real female accounts at all.

The Cost of Membership on the WantUBad App

What constantly amazes us about such online dating websites is how diligently their employees work to make an average person not start checking its policies in detail with pricing packages as an exception. Still, the WantUBad functionality and its cost remain a matter of confusion. The app itself shows one set of prices, while other portals reveal more details about its hidden charges. Please be attentive to finding trustworthy sources of information about this “underage” chatting website — there are also teams who don’t dive deeper into the topic and provide wrong data.

Here is what we found out during our WantUBad test:

  • There are no free packages. When discounted, its three-day trial will cost you a little more than three US dollars.
  • You will spend around thirty US dollars per month if you are lucky to gain the promotion.
  • The most saving packages come with subscribing for three and six months at WantUBad. Then you will spend just around fifty-five and forty-five cents per day in corresponding deals.

There are also extra expenditures on premium offers, which lets you increase your account visibility and rating in the search feed. Extra Security and Chataholic packages should have had a self-explanatory nature, but their efficiency turned out to be zero.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

When it comes to choosing your membership on any dating site, you should feel like signing a crucial and legally binding contract. Since a lot of people don’t, this leads to numerous troubles. Ill-minded companies like WantUBad get a chance to trick end users via its insufficient dating website. Their services are only empty words. They couldn’t even completely hide the truth about how scamming their functions are. Any person could’ve understood it, but long-read policies are skipped in almost 100% of cases. What’s more, WantUBad is one of those dating sites that use ambiguous phrases and hard-to-read typefaces to prevent attentive members from understanding the true value of the membership on the WantUBad site:

A transfer of your personal data to third parties will not take place without your consent, unless this is necessary for the provision of the service or for the performance of the contrary.” However, this promise means nothing since in the other place of their policies we find the following: “in order to prove your original consent, we may store your signing-up data for up to three years.

You acknowledge, agree, and consent to our data practices… You also understand that this is fantasy entertainment on the WantUBad site and that the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators.

We do not review Profile Pages to determine if they were created by an appropriate party, and we are not responsible for any unauthorized Account Pages that may appear on the site.

Source: https://www.wantubad.com/c3RhdGljUGFnZS90ZXJtc3dhbnR1YmFkLmNvbQ==

If you see a sexy account of a lady after choosing your membership type on the WantUBad site, you get no guarantee you will chat with a real woman. In several reviews, former users felt disappointed since it was also complicated to read the organization’s subscription conditions because of constant loading issues.

The Conclusion from Our WantUBad Review

All things considered, the WantUBad dating site is an insufficient chatting and hanging-out location for end users. Its visitors will freely offer their personal information as a source for further manipulative acts on the WantUBad domain — just remember stolen photos. We don’t recommend WantUBad to anyone.


  • The course of the WantUBad team’s advertising strategy is simple — they convince users that all the messages, photos, and fun on the domain will satisfy end users’ needs and communication goals of any person. On the contrary, the WantUBad story is about fooling people and trying to rip them off as much as possible via unfair terms and conditions.
  • WantUBad is an officially registered company, but it is impossible to check in practice. However, we could analyze the quality of photos and other information on the free-to-access portal. We had to deal with numerous mistreats and even bullying of customers from WantUBad employees (when we refused to continue chatting with them and send more information).
  • You can get a free account, and that’s it. After free registration, our team individually experienced several types of scams on the WantUBad portal — from stolen photos to ruined privacy because of fraudulent subscription conditions and bots when chatting with other members.

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