This is another insufficient dating chat for adult amusement. With WhatsFlirt chat and flirt, your experiences won’t be pleasing.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

WhatsFlirt Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

The Hit Performance B.V. company has established a platform to let people find their special someone on the go and meet new people. The fun flirt WhatsFlirt new users take the most of the mobile searches and flexibility. You can create a single profile for chat and flirt and write messages to other members right away.

Hit Performance B.V.
Craenakker 3, 5951CC Belfeld, the Netherlands
mainly, a contact form on the official WhatsFlirt chat and flirt website (users can also attach files of a maximum 4MB)

Our team decided to enrich our collection of reviews. Our opinion coincided with several amateur and professional reviews — it is a fake chat that rips customers off. Want to know more? Let’s get it started!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at WhatsFlirt

This fake page has regular news tickers and lets users meet new people on the website. Through its smartphone app, Hit Performance gives prospective registered members of the community the opportunity to utilize its chat’s central database network. The latter simplifies searching for an ideal partner. Due to the appliance of third-party data storage network, your online security is a less frightening matter, compared to analogous dating websites and chats. It is also a unifying feature of the domain, which enables users to stay connected with favorite profiles and contact them at their earliest convenience.

Registration at WhatsFlirt

The Whatsflirt chat and flirt app reviews free registration with a news ticker only, but further participating in chats (would they be fictional bios led by operators or from real members of the dating site), will cost you money. We could save time on free and fun flirt WhatsFlirt registration by signing up via Google. People can also use their Facebook pages or email addresses as tools for registration. If you chose free registration per email, Hit Performance will set a news ticker to check your age and sexual and related interests for women or men in apps.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

The WhatsFlirt chat and flirt app provides several textual message enhancements to contribute to the drive of online communication between men and women. According to former users’ reviews, they were tempted by advanced abilities to send in-message gifts and kisses, highlighting new contacts will fellow members.

The reason why we are convinced numerous user profiles on the site are fake is because of their behavioral patterns. It is untypical to get two dozen messages from different chat owners. The WhatsFlirt chat and flirt promise that a dialog window will be opened within a few minutes after registration. Real users don’t chat like that, avoid typical messages, and are glad to have offline meetings. The opposite style will define scam chat messages.

Taking into account that the biggest concern is caused by fictional accounts from operators who are simply having fun, users don’t have any tools to control their performance — WhatsFlirt chat and flirt services aren’t adjusted to solve issues between real users and fake profiles.

The Cost of Membership

The fee for paid Services must be paid in advance to Hit Performance and is collected in full by the payment method selected in the Order Process, such as credit card, direct debit, online banking, Paysafe Card, or PayPal. After successfully completing the Order Process, the coins will be credited to the customer account immediately, but at the latest after 2 hours.

For more detail on how to pay and start a flirt and chat with a woman, check the section below and the corresponding agreement on the WhatsFlirt chat and flirt dating site.

In turn, a standard procedure to buy credits is as follows:

  • After registration, people in no time to find special someone are asked to pick up a suitable payment method and transform their money into coin credits.
  • To buy credits, Male members pay to have a WhatsFlirt chat and flirt with women (although they are automatically contacted with fictional accounts by operators (can’t be deleted), and it doesn’t save time to get at least some of them deleted from your chat list). At the same time, coin credits will be required to cover the cost of kisses, gifts, and advanced communication channels.

The risk of being overcharged is high, but the phenomenon of stolen money from a woman and a man will be different. The core factor is that the majority of fictional profile fakes led by operators are female accounts. Such dating websites are not so dangerous for a woman, but it is simply because their percentage among real registered users is considerably smaller.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

This app reviews frequently miss the analysis of the brand’s policies. We have never done this type of mistake in analyzing flirt chats:

Hit Performance assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy and security of the data and content published or transmitted by other Users.

Hit Performance also assumes no liability for the correctness of the contents of the User profiles.

Source: https://www.whatsflirt.com/static/terms

Compared to other dating sites in our app reviews, their degree of scam isn’t attention-grabbing. They don’t highlight fictional profiles or other bright signs. This makes the platform even worse.

The Conclusion from Our WhatsFlirt Review

All in all, our reviews of fake apps and flirt chats have taught us one thing — it is a must to be attentive to detail. The WhatsFlirt chat is the bright sample when scams aren’t caught immediately. Our team doesn’t suggest using this fake chat for any needs.


  • Like flirt chat apps in our app reviews, this site is designed for casual dating and hassle-free communication. Our team detected scam signs (unauthorized fictional profiles), so we find it a scam service.
  • This dating app has slightly ambiguous policies, which means the brand can take advantage of users’ rights at any moment without them knowing. A lot of comments and our test as well prove bad experiences here.
  • Compared to scam websites, this dating app is more flexible and has a good design. Although it doesn’t inform about fictional profiles, they are present. Based on our research and customers’ reviews, we find this fake chat a scam.

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