WildHotMilfs review: read our review to learn more about this insufficient scam dating site.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

WildHotMilfs: Who Created This Scam Site?

WildHotMilfs claims to be a dating site for mature and senior dating focused on sexual relationships. Even the name of it supports this thesis. Nonetheless, this is just a combination of lies that has nothing fair in its work.

Talking more about the contact data of the service, we can see that it is some sort of no-name company, which has no other projects behin it. You can try to reach the creator company using the following data:

Company name
Bestsocial LTD
Company address
Email address
[email protected]
Phone number
+33 9 71 08 12 81

None of these pieces of information will lead you to a chat with people who scammed you. This is because the only goal of this dating website is to just steal your money and forget about you.

But we reviewed this site to give you the clearest image of why it is just a scam service.

The Detailed Review Of WildHotMilfs: Discussing All The Processes

Starting with the landing page, we can see that they did even spend an hour or two to make something look nice. However, the laggy construction of this scam site leaves no chance to experience its proper work.

Even scrolling down will cause the landing page to start loading for, probably, a minute, which is just ridiculous! You will never find here any sort of information, except their privacy policy and the registration window. Thank God, these are the only gaps we need to have on a landing page for our review.

So now, let’s talk about the free registration process here, fake profiles of other members, horrible payment solutions, and extremely high prices. Onwards!

The registration process on WildHotMilfs

The Wild Hot Milfs free registration process looks oversimplified. This is the case when the website doesn’t care about you at all. You just have to tell:

  • Your location;
  • Your email address;
  • Your password;
  • Preferences.

Only 4 fields that you can just leave as they were by default. It is just funny. And each of these 4 fields comes as a separate browser page, which makes the website download for too long. We couldn’t imagine how much patience new users should have to register on Wild Hot Milfs.
In fact, at one point, we were ready to give up on this review. But when we finally managed to complete the registration, we were shocked by how fake the profiles here are.

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Fake profiles of women on WildHotMilfs

When we first visited the website, we saw that there are a lot of profiles there. At first, we were even surprised that they looked nice, but scrolling a little bit down, we saw that there are a lot of naked women.

Age range is not an option here, so you will only see women the website shows you. No option to search for members. Clicking on any of these profiles will show that they have poorly made-up nicknames and that their photos are stolen from some social networks.

After a brief examination of the profiles here, we saw that these bots started spamming us with a lot of sexual messages. They were sending nudes, asking for our phone number, and wanted to meet personally to have sex. And each second of waiting made them mad. It was a real spam attack. Wild Hot Milfs wanted us to pay immediately to reach their fake users.

So we decided to see what the prices here are to reach these so-called real women. Let’s talk about their paid membership more.

How much to pay to get scammed by WildHotMilfs?

When you visit their page with payments, you will see that there are no trial plans, there are no credits or coins. You only have to buy their overpriced membership.
The prices are the following:

1-Month subscription costs $36;
3-Months subscription costs $60;
6-Months subscription costs $95.

As usual, the most expensive plan is a real bargain. But don’t think that buying the cheapest one will make you safe. We wanted to pay $36 for this scam site, but it took about $70! Our review turned into an extremely expensive report. But reading the comments from former users, we could see that such subscription rip off is pretty common here.

And we received nothing! These bots just ignored our messages and told us that they will continue talking only after we send them some intimate content. In our opinion, it will be used to blackmail us.

What does WildHotMilfs tell about its scam?

WildHotMilfs doesn’t even try to hide its true intentions. This scam site is only focused on making you pay for its insufficient dating features, and shows that if you get scammed on their site, you become the only one guilty. Just read what they tell:

We assume no responsibility or liability for disclosure of any of your information due to errors in transmission, unauthorized third party access, or other causes beyond our reasonable control.

Source: https://wildhotmilfs.com/

Something about “reasonable control.” They fully control the website, and control all these fake profiles. This is why WildHotMilfs will be not only too expensive to use but might be also really dangerous.

The Conclusion About WildHotMilfs

The conclusion on WildHotMilfs is rather simple. This is just a common scamming site that has nothing in common with real and fair dating. This resource is just awful. All its elements are poor, the prices are too high, their paid membership is really useless, and all the women here are just fake.

So if you would like to date safely and find a reliable service for your chatting, you should read more reviews and comments. It will save you time, money, and dignity.


  • WildHotMilfs is a scam dating website aimed at stealing money from users who would like to start a chat with beautiful milfs. The services on this website are made in a way to sell you their fake membership. This dating platform is only focused on stealing money and personal details of common dating community members.
  • WildHotMilfs is a project created by Knowledge Gate, which is aimed at the creation of scam dating platforms. This website will never give you a proper experience of dating milfs and comes as another example of Internet scam services.
  • Wild Hot Milfs is definetely a scam site that has only fake chats and fictional accounts of other members. This website is only aimed at the creation of a false image o proper dating, while the main goal is to steal contact details and money from users who join it.

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