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WomenWithSecrets Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

One of the biggest competitors to online dating sites with mail order brides is a chat online with adult content. Such dating websites are commonly characterized as members of the sex dating category. WomenWithSecrets will be the main hero of our today’s analysis. Created by Meteor Interactive B.V., it was designed for entertainment purposes and fun. Along with welcoming straight ladies and gentlemen older than eighteen years old, it is one of the worst samples of scam platforms that steal customer money and send computer-generated replies as excuses.

Meteor Interactive B.V.
Savvannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, the Netherlands, CC: 75034782
Emails are preferred.
[email protected]

Instead of calling it the WomenWithSecrets online dating site, we would’ve rather named it the Operators With Secrets fake chat. Its experts are always searching for new ways how to scam end users through spam messages and fantasy profiles. Our conclusion about the nature of the WomenWithSecrets chat services is based on thorough research of this dating world and detailed tests about its performance and efficiency. It is high time to share the results of these reviews. We are curious to see whether you will have the same trust rating in Meteor Interactive B.V. afterward. Let’s get it started!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at WomenWithSecrets

We are convinced that a typical company can create adult content for entertainment purposes without discovering fictional contact — you can confirm that by checking our reviews of prestigious platforms or simply by utilizing Google Search tools. Here is what our research will tell you about Women With Secrets.

Registration at WomenWithSecrets

The signup procedure is simple and prompt. Although the interface is unique, the basic steps of all the sites of the brand are the same.

  • We could hide our identity on the domain. We chose a random location, date of birth, and login details to register an account.
  • The only exception relates to the hosting concepts of the company’s web server itself — valid accounts will be created with real email addresses only. Otherwise, wrong data won’t be noticed. The pre-registration security on other websites is stricter usually.

This procedure is free and provides immediate access to the online chat. The only identity verification that might take place happens behind the scenes — the company hires operators, so they basically check how suitable this or that candidate is for the position.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

Frankly speaking, you will find more useful information and connections even on such overcrowded platforms as Facebook than on this chat. Its operators simply do their job to scam people, and their messages aren’t just fake and spam — we have seen so many similar thoughts about enticing men to spend more credits that this traffic seems boring.

People create accounts here to find gorgeous ladies nearby, but Google Search tools will be more specific and really pay attention to your location, unlike the analyzed domain. Fictional profiles can’t boast of having new features — details coincide with what other websites perform illegitimately. We are convinced your list of contacts is more valuable.

The Cost of Membership

When interested parties search for the right partner, a lot of them don’t care about how much money they will spend in the long run. Online dating is about enjoying the process of dating as well. After you registrar and create an account with secure login details, you are forwarded to the pricing page. Here are the main options after signup:

  • Instead of a trial period, we had to purchase the promo package — sixteen credits per sixty cents.
  • Apart from the discount offer, the least expensive deal comes for the most gorgeous package — three hundred US dollars with a dollar per message.
  • Compared to other pages from this brand, it is one of the most luxurious offers. For instance, you will have to pay almost three US dollars per message in the package of seven credits.

We hardly believe that our anonymity can be guaranteed by this domain. So it is a miracle our experts haven’t faced any issues with providing our credit card details or other financial problems. It is terrifying to analyze comments from real users and see how miserable the scam policy of WomenWithSecrets is.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Simply put, this fake company is the only God on the stage. They don’t care whether visitors will notice their phishing approach or not because they protect themselves in advance by refusing all the liabilities and responsibilities. One of the problems we come across in user comments is that they don’t explore the data this section provides. That’s why we decided to prepare a brief yet meaningful internet-based report to ensure your server history won’t contain this website address:

… in its sole discretion without advance notice or liability may immediately suspend or terminate the availability of the Service and/or Content (and any elements and features of them), in whole or in part, for any reason… without advance notice or liability.

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment service and that the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators.

We do not conduct background or criminal record checks on users, or verify their identity.

Your access to this information on the official page might be slightly restricted if you have a bad traffic and internet connection (another reason to check our review instead of tons of pages at the domain). The browser choice doesn’t matter.

The Conclusion from Our WomenWithSecrets Review

There are solutions that come for free and are way more secure and reliable. You will be able to date gorgeous women or have with-no-string relationships if you like. We advise enthusiasts not to jump into consideration and create a list of beneficial dating options that don’t compromise your sensitive data.

When it comes to the analyzed fake internet chat, our opinion is solid — fantasy entertainment services that scam their fans can’t be authorized as valid within our company.


  • The distinguished platform on browsers and servers is established to attract people of various sexual passions and help them find an ideal partner nearby. That’s why your location is verified during the registration procedure. This malware website prefers different tricks to scam end users. The web page is bright and attractive, with promising photos of charming and sexy women.
  • Interactions on legit dating sites are smooth and flawless. After we checked the terms and conditions of this chat, we can’t help but consider it a dangerous platform for novice and experienced users because of its threats to your online security and mental health. Communication with fictional chats can be stressful (adults don’t desire to talk to barbies, you know), and experienced stress can negatively influence the daily life of real customers.
  • It might be hard to take a look at dating sites’ designs and define whether they are scams or not. Women With Secrets seems like a nice platform until you start digging deeper and deeper. Potential issues are related to your confidentiality, financial, and cyber security. Trying to contact operators or customer support representatives is annoying, and they will still be unable to solve your problems — they are active in running fictional accounts and forcing registered members to buy more credits. It is a real scam.

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