According to our review, X Swipes belongs to the category of insufficient dating sites with scams instead of premium memberships.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Xswipes Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Although the landing page looks like myriads of casual dating sites, X Swipes don’t relate to them. Instead, the distinguished online dating site is created to stay connected with your hottest and sexiest besties around the world. The X Swipes website has advanced search tools and provides a chance to meet local girls or even potential partners for more lasting hook-up relationships.

There are no explicit photos of member profiles on the website, so this stage of trial services isn’t offered. The platform lets you leave comments and get a premium membership subscription searching for VIP solutions and casual dating opportunities. At least, that is what the X Swipes dating site offers to any interested person.

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Our team was excited to verify the quality of the platform and compare it to other dating sites. Unfortunately, it is just another scam trap to make users search for credits and premium memberships along with trial subscriptions. Any person will be tempted to get acquainted with a hot babe nearby and exchange sex-related messages, but this website tricks users and doesn’t deserve any attention. Keep on reading this review to find out more details about its terrible performance in the sex dating category.

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at Xswipes

To have a clearer understanding of what hookup and casual dating sites are, we always register as real members of the community and use our login details to analyze free and fee-based services. Compared to other dating sites, this chat was one of the most expensive chats we have ever tested. That’s why users feel so depressed about its quality — they invest a lot to create their profiles and just get spam messages from fake accounts. Apart from getting to know feedback comments from real users, we also suggest paying attention to professional reviews from experienced parties like our team. You will get all the requested details gathered and analyzed in one place — no need to search for other expert websites.

Don’t fall for this site’s trial period immediately. Just try to check whether your first impression is similar to our conclusions. Let’s roll straight into the topic and see whether it is a never-to-come-true dream to meet someone real here! 

Registration at Xswipes

Proceeding with free registration at the Xswipes dating website, we couldn’t check all the required fields at once. Our team considers it another significant drawback of the analyzed domain to comment on, which prevents end users from understanding what policies they will have to stick to in order to review and use this chat. The list of steps to swipe for amazing fake chats on the platform includes the following:

  • First of all, you have to acknowledge the presence of infiltrated members (for more information about fake fantasy cuties, check the section below).
  • The next stage is to choose your username. The site limits its size to fifteen characters. Although there are no suggestions on what name to select, we don’t recommend choosing your real one. The reason for that is simple: the overall security of the X Swipes online dating platform is a doubtful matter. Considering how lacking their liabilities are, it is better to stay cautious. You will be able to see extra details about how the company doesn’t back up any sex-related messages and other content in the From the Terms and Conditions Section.
  • The same limit is valid for a chosen password. To increase your account’s safety, don’t use passwords that are already used to secure any other accounts and profiles you have.
  • To finish the signup procedure, please enter your email address. Only valid emails are accepted.

We didn’t find the process any difficult. However, for non-registered members of the community, it is complicated to explore what services are promoted at the X Swipes online dating website and how to stay connected with other users. In turn, we could check the brand’s policies, but we couldn’t glance at the value of profiles at all. Please note you are responsible to keep your login details safe.

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Fake Profiles of Awesome Members

The Xswipes dating site is pretty straightforward about its fake profiles. Right before registration, we had to agree that so-called fantasy cuties would contact us for entertainment and information purposes. To be able to review such hookup chats, our team always complies with their policies first. In this case, the site notifies its users right away that fictional hotties are affiliated accounts run by contract employees employed by the website and are offered for your amusement and to develop online pleasures.

However, while they also might communicate with subscribers to increase overall engagement, a real-life meeting or date will never take place. Such accounts with fake fantasy cuties are indicated by yellow stars.

Otherwise, the landing page is limited to describing the expected services in more detail. The Xswipes dating site promotes a hookup culture and lets enthusiasts access this world of hassle-free relationships after free registration.

However, you will find a lot of negative comments about other profiles that act like fake fantasy cuties as well. The conversation is well-played and always leads to requests for gifts, spending more time online, and so on. That’s why we find extremely annoying the inability to differentiate accounts controlled by operators and the profiles that belong to real members. This problem is typical for other casual dating sites as well.

On the analyzed platform, there are no options to report suspicious or fake accounts. The website has two separate sections — e-check support and customer service. The latter is inaccessible, while the first link will lead to a third-party solution, namely, WTSeticket.com.

The Cost of Membership

Compared to other casual dating sites, the functionality of the X Swipes premium membership is definitely more varied. Before paying a penny, interested adults have to explore the range of features and confirm they are the right choice for them at an established cost. We must admit that it will cost you a lot to discover the beauty and passion of the online dating world with X Swipes.

After registration, our team wasn’t happy to find out that a trial period is another subscription trap to rip off its users. You don’t have to pay for each sex-entertaining message sent, but that doesn’t mean a registered man or woman will be able to spare funds:

  • Members of the sex dating domain search for and find premium membership details online — they can choose one of the recurring plans they like. The trial plan requires more than $200 just for the three-day use period. The further month of support and backup in the standard package will cost over $900.
  • A premium membership plan is a bit less expensive, but the price rates are still insanely extreme. You will be asked to cover the fee of almost $790, $1315, and 1840 per month, three months, and six months of subscription.

There are additional VIP abilities to pay for if a person desires to get premium dating opportunities at this scam dating website. For example, on huge dating sites, it is commonly a big challenge to get adequate attention from fellow members. So users can be included in the Priority Listing on this website at an extra charge, increasing their search engine efficiency too. Besides, adding other members to the block list or getting more advanced match-making recommendations will also cost a lot for end users.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Our reviews always include this analysis. It is one of the most important pages of dating sites, regardless of whether they stand up for hook up relationships or support casual dating. Online communication is based on certain rules and requirements, and the distinguished website carefully mentions that their liabilities are cut off, avoiding the use of this word at all.

The X Swipes online dating site’s messages are really ambiguous. On the one hand, its operators promise all the information will be stored and protected by widely recognized commercial and security standards, including SSL protocols. On the other hand, its moderators make us understand that sending insufficiently secured data is completely unsafe on the internet. They let its users know immediately that they are unable to guarantee the confidentiality of any content the fans of the platform send:

You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users, both on and off the site.

Under no circumstance will Company be liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect… arising out of or relating to the conduct of You or anyone else in connection with the use of the Service, including bodily injury, emotional distress… resulting from communications or meetings with other users and Fantasy Cuties.

Source: https://www.xswipes.com/?wm_login=admin&ps=s&page=terms&from=s4

Feel free to discover and review the world of scams of the W Swipes operators — just pay attention to the site’s trial features and comments on their liabilities and responsibilities.

The Conclusion from Our Xswipes Review

We can’t help but mention this site’s spam messages and extremely expensive trial period plans just to contact a person on the domain. You will hardly ever meet a real person after utilizing these features — there are more advantageous hook and casual dating websites in the world that present true subscriptions for singles who want to meet their ideal person. For more exclusive information and reviews about such reputable substitutions to X Swipes dating sites, don’t hesitate to check our other reviews. Don’t fall into subscription traps of scam platforms — reduce the number of overwhelming rip-off spam and scam operators in your surrounding.


  • This platform claims to be a good choice for any person who is interested in passionate communication and conversations with the opposite sex. You can contact a person through the chat 24/7. However, we find it a must to mention that there is an ever-increasing number of negative reviews, showing the inability of registered members to contact operators and check issues with their trial plan or other features of casual dating search filters, etc. We find it an insufficient solution for a single person who lives in the USA.
  • This service isn’t designed for commercial purposes, but its entertainment isn’t as innocent as it seems. Users won’t be able to date other members — the major part of the singles are scam user profiles with fake bios and ill-minded intentions.
  • The analyzed domain puts all the responsibility on end users and doesn’t satisfy the requests of registered members at all. For instance, refund inquiries won’t be successful, and we didn’t receive an expected reply during our conversation. Our team finds this online dating solution a scam service with lots of fake user profiles (including unmarked and non-listed fictional characters), spam messages, and rip-off pricing packages.

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