The xxxfucktor.com review has confirmed our worst fears: we don’t recommend becoming a member of alternative dating sites that provide nothing but porn videos and photos to their users at sky-rocketing prices.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

General background of the xxxfucktor

Do you believe that it is possible to have a crush on someone on an affair dating site? People understand that most of them open up more easily during contact on a dating platform. The users can fill their profiles with important information and get to know someone’s background, interests and hobbies from the beginning of the affair dating. But what do you think about communication on the alternative dating sites?

Have you already visited site with adult videos and made contact there? It is a specific and sensitive topic for each person and part of the subject of our review. Many countries banned the dissemination of the porn materials, but sly operators of such adult dating platform try to avoid prohibitions and get a profit from this illegitimate activity.

The xxxfucktor presents its dating website, which can confess your spicy fantasies. Here the users seek for a sex partner.This dating site welcomes people with straight, gay and lesbian sexual orientation. We provide general information about the dating website owner in the following table.

Name of the Company
Country of incorporation
via Pobiette 11, Manno, 6928
Trade Register:
Support service

The owners of the company take care of their business. By the way, the Swiss banks are considered as the most protected banks, which don’t disclose the owners of the business. However, it is not an excuse for companies which run such a dirty business. The registration on the xxxfucktor scam website is a bad idea for you and other members, and we offer to read below why it is so.

The xxxfucktor service detailed review

Do you want to waste money and receive a lot of spam dating messages every day with inappropriate content from the bots of non-existent women? Do you want to enjoy scam porn site with illegal porn content? And don’t forget that it is not free content. You should pay a subscription for online dating here. Only one first message is free and then you become a victim of the vulgar bots, which will try to draw out your money for fake porn videos and chatting with operators on this dating site. So, let’s figure out the main scam issues of this alternative dating website.

Registration process on the xxxfucktor

The xxx fucktor landing page offers the users to sign in if they have already passed the verification process or to register a new account. If you want to become a member, you need to fill the online form and provide your following data to pass the identity verification and fake prevention on this dating site:

  • your gender;
  • your sexual orientation;
  • your birthday date;
  • your nickname (don’t provide your real name);
  • your working email address and password.

It sounds transparent and easy. But pay attention to the privacy matter, we want to highlight it also in our reviews. At first view, xxx fucktor privacy policy is not bad and has necessary provisions. It complies with the strictest data privacy regulation GDPR, and it is declared in their site rules. The xxxfucktor also confirms that its website provides anonymity and privacy to its members, but we don’t recommend trusting them and setting contact with other members there. Illegal dating business often doesn’t respect users’ rights.

The xxxfucktor offers its members free registration of an account on the landing page as a well-known honey trap. The website has fully responsive web design and several free features for the first time such as first dating private chats.

On the first step of registration, you will be requested to verify your account to avoid third-party fake accounts.

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Members fake profiles

A smart matchmaking algorithm of the average dating platform usually selects couples by personal matches and uses more specialized criteria. Fake profiles and bots are a serious threat for members of each dating site, as well as for platform that provides adult dating. But some scam dating services use this possibility to multiply their profit by matching algorithm with fake profiles.

Don’t you think that it is very convenient to lead people to pay for additional features by using xxxfucktor free fake dating accounts of beautiful and sexy women? You should detect bot mailings to avoid any future troubles. In our review, we highlight that it is better to stop using such a dating network before you will spend a lot of money by purchasing in-app options for viewing paid content and get an addiction. You should get to know the most common issues about fake profiles:

  • profile is almost empty, and its owner seems too strange;
  • the photos and other content of the profile seem to be perfect, but not real;
  • you come across the same text of messages and photos in account of other users;
  • conversations on a dating site are incoherent.

Be careful with the account that asks you to stay online constantly or purchase for them in-app items such as gifts or other additional options. Also be attentive if girls or boys will ask you to pay for their personal intimal videos and pictures. If you ask to meet one of such bots in person in any nearby location, you most likely will be refused because this profile is fake and you have started chatting with one of the dummy operators.

Fees of the site`s service

The xxxfucktor work starts with a free registration of a new profile. But after registration you will be offered with the following payable variants:

  • Trial membership: Trial VIP subscription for 3 days. This trial plan costs USD 4.99. If you don’t cancel it after 3 days, you will be automatically billed for a new payment for a new trial period.
  • Paid membership for 3 months after the trial period. It costs USD 125.40. It is also a recurring plan. If you do not stop it before the end of the paid period, you will be automatically enrolled when it ends.
  • VIP plan subscriptions for the following periods (each of them is also recurring plan):
3 months USD 90.00
6 months USD 138.00
12 months USD 180.00

If you want to stop payments, you need to cancel it. Xxxfucktor declares that it provides the members with anonymous payment methods. Such methods have a high level of anonymity and protect customers from extra leaks of data.

The xxxfucktor terms and conditions

We highly recommend that everyone reads the site terms and policies before registration of an account here.

Pay attention that the company that owns xxxfucktor is incorporated in Switzerland. It means that in case of any disputes against the company, you should submit the lawsuit to the one of the Swiss courts, where you have to hire local attorneys with the right to practice law and represent the client’s interest in courts.

Below you can find the most important provisions of the xxxfucktor site rules, where operators of the website refuse from the part of important responsibilities.

xxxfucktor cannot be held liable for the correctness or imprecision of the information and the content provided by Members and/or visitors of the site and/or the Member and consequences arising from them. Likewise, xxxFucktor cannot be held liable for the contents divulged by a Member that might breach the rights of one or more other Members or third parties.

Since xxxfucktor is not involved in communication between users, in case you have a disagreement with another user, you hereby release xxxFucktor from all claims and damages, direct or indirect, in any form or nature, known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, disclosed or not disclosed as a result of or connected with such cases.

Source: https://www.xxxfucktor.com/info/terms-conditions

Xxxfucktor website provides porn videos and pictures, and the main part of this content probably was obtained without legal basis. Moreover, in some countries dissemination of such content is forbidden. Also notice that for any disputes between users, the xxx fucktor is not responsible. It means that the main purpose of this website is to receive more money from its members by providing payable fake options.

The conclusion of our xxxfucktor.com review

Online dating is an amazing way to make new friends for single people. But what`s about finding a sex partner on the dating site? Special services, such as the xxxfucktor, offer this possibility. But we must warn you that this idea is not good. Based on our review of the xxxfucktor, we suspect such network in scam schemes, which is not legal. Hot content makes negative impact on the subconsciousness and force the users to purchase payable content or subscription more often.

Moreover, we should highlight that adult content is not legal in many countries. Be careful and don’t use such network and leave proof on such site. Left data and pictures can cause a big problem with privacy for any person in the future, if, for example, the database will be a proof for law enforcement authorities’ investigation.


  • The xxxfucktor is an alternative online dating website, which provides the possibility to send and receive messages with adult content. The registration on the website is free, but free features are paid indeed, as for the use of its options you must buy a subscription.
  • Porn sites are illegal in most countries of the world, but some countries of Europe don’t prohibit it, as well as the U.S. and Canada. The issue of the legality of such online services is predetermined by the locations of users, who have a possibility to visit such websites.
  • We have detected the scam schemes with the purpose to draw out money from members by forcing them to purchase payable subscriptions. Xxx fucktor uses previously registered fake profiles of non-existent users for this.

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