The results of YamVoo review prove it is a scam site without any real dating feature.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who Is Responsible For The Work Of YamVoo?

YamVoo is a dating site that is aimed at working with men and women from the US. The first image might show the difference in categories, but in fact, they don’t matter. This is just a scam site that has no fair dating features at all. But who created it?
You can find the company that created it using the following contact details:

Company Name
Arnaze Online Limited.
Company location
12 Mount Havelock, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2QG
Phone number
Email address
[email protected]

But don’t even try to reach this scam company with these details. It is impossible to send them a report or a common message with a question. YamVoo is nothing but a scam platform for people looking for some dating. Other members here are just an image which is hidden in a huge number of fake profiles. Reaching this company is as impossible as reaching members on this scam dating site. Why do we describe it like that? Well, let’s talk more about the functions of this dating site.

Starting The YamVoo Review: What Is Wrong With This Site?

When we first appeared on YamVoo front page, we noticed that this is not a classical dating website. It looked like some sort of teenagers’ website with a lot of bright colors and happy faces. In fact, we saw nothing in common with dating here.

What was really suspicious, YamVoo had no links to their Privacy Policy or other important things. We couldn’t even contact them, which made it barely impossible to learn at least something about this scam dating site. But our review experience gave us enough options to find the information about this platform.

Their front page didn’t create the image that there are potential matches here. No single man will think that this website will let them meet singles.
And after a full examination of this landing page, we decided to register on this website. Let’s talk more about their free features, registration process, fake profiles, the appearance of other members, and incredibly high prices.

Registration process on YamVoo

Free registration here will come as the only free feature on the website. This is because it is just baiting users to join this fake resource. And including the fact of how fake this website is, we were surprised by the overcomplicated registration process. They want you to tell:

  • Username;
  • Email;
  • Password;
  • Sex;
  • Preferences;
  • 3 levels of information about yourself;
  • Sex fetishes;
  • Photo;
  • Location.

As you can see, pretty much information is needed to proceed. For the majority of dating websites, knowing that much about their members will be pretty harmful to anonymity. Anyone will be able to identify you. And that is not a solution when you came to meet beautiful singles. But we decided to move forward with our YamVoo review and explore their fake profiles.

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Fake profiles on YamVoo

YamVoo surprised us. The fake profiles of other members here were just unbearable. We could easily recognize that this site is full of bots run by some operator. This is because all the profiles are not only of the lowest quality, but contain a lot of stock photos we saw on other scam dating sites.

A lot of these photos contain nudity. That was pretty disturbing, due to the fact that the interface of YamVoo looks like something for teenagers. But there was one more fact that made us shocked while our review. The messages of these bots. Usually, operators don’t pay attention to the uniqueness of their messages and use bots without much efficiency.

But on this website, we had to buy their overpriced subscription to see messages. This is just ridiculous! The website doesn’t even give something interesting to scam people. This is a great example of the poor implementation of bots. No single option to scam any real person. But fine, there is always a chance that this is just a high-level service to meet singles, so we decided to buy their subscription to get a YamVoo membership.

How much to pay for YamVoo services?

The prices of YamVoo subscriptions are enormous. Buying their membership will be not only a mistake but a great hit on your wallet. So what about their prices?

The packages are the following:

$36 for 1-month membership;
$87 for 3 months of membership. You will have to pay $29 per month for a subscription.
$216 for 12 months of membership. You will have to pay $18 per month for a subscription.

As you can see, the prices here are high. This is because all the features on the website are not free. They made it to rip you off completely. And buying their 1-month membership, we paid not $36, but $50! This is just a complete scam!

And guess what? The messages contained only naked photos and asked us to send our naked images. It was so awful.

After we told them that we would never send them a free photo and that we would like to have a real-life meeting, the website deleted our account. We couldn’t sign in again, and we couldn’t register a new account using our IP address. That was horrible. When YamVoo realized that we would not become their blackmail victims, they just deleted our account.

But that was not a surprise. We realized that all member here are not real from the very beginning. Even their front page screamed that there will be nothing enjoyable on this site. Every single profile they advertise will focus on sending you fake flirt messages. No chatting here is available. Even talking to your matches will be hard, because you will find here plenty of sexual messages, but not something real.

Even more, we couldn’t even see message previews before paying. This is the first such case in our reviews’ history. All the fake women here want to learn locations of customers. And that led us to their privacy policy.

How does the website justify its scam?

It is essential for our review to learn more about the work of YamVoo. This scam site is nothing but a complete fraud that will only provide its members with fake services. But the insolence of the operators on this website is horrible, and they use their bots to leech at least something from you. So we decided to dive deeper into the work of this scam resource, to see what they tell about their scam. And we were not surprised.

YamVoo says:

By using this Website you acknowledge that any User profiles, messages and communication may not be genuine[…]

From time to time, the Company employees (or employees of its parent or affiliated companies) may create test dating profiles for the purpose of checking and testing the functionality of our Website and Service to improve the quality and user experience for its Users.

As you can see, the website informs you that you will be interacting with fictitious profiles not real members. This is how this site justifies the scam. Would you like to join them after this?

The Conclusion About YamVoo

The conclusion about the YamVoo site is simple. This is just a fake dating platform that chose the unbelievable insole method of scamming users. They just believe that people will pay money for chatting with bots.

Employees here are only focused on giving new people a course of chatting with fake profiles to rip them off with the subscription they cannot cancel. The profiles here are mingled, and their operators have no idea how to connect with people. There is no way to meet like minded singles or flirty singles, because any single woman, any single member here is just operated by website’s employees that give you a real course with fake conversations.

In fact, if we were not experts, and if we were not completing our review, we would have never paid something to these scammers. Their fake subscription is not only overpriced, but gives literally nothing. Being a member of this website is impossible!

So if you would like to experience some real dating, read our reviews, and avoid websites like YamVoo. You will never meet at least one single real person here, and you will never get something pleasant with such scamming websites.


  • YamVoo is a scam dating site that has nothing in common with real dating features. The work of this platform is based on leeching money from other people in order to steal everything they have in their bank accounts.
  • YamVoo is not a legitimate resource. The site doesn’t give you an opportunity to keep your anonymity and focuses on the creation of a fake dating image. Moreover, this website is not only stealing money but blackmailing users that visit it.
  • YamVoo is a complete scam. This website has nothing in common with real dating experience and aims at scamming regular Internet users. Giving false promises about real dating, this site only steals the money and personal data of its clients. There is no way to report about your stolen funds.

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